The playgrounds have been upgraded

Something new for Mailinger Aue: A climbing facility is to be built here – like this one in the Peyerl playground. Photo: Kaczynski

By Sabine Kaczynski

Ingolstadt – Chairman Dominik Nadler was able to announce good news at the meeting of the district committee (BZA) Mailing: An extra swing and a climbing net must be purchased for 5 to 13 year olds – similar to the one in the Peyerl playground – per. the playground in Mailinger Aue. The former existing skating rink and a cabin will give way to the new attractions. The 2,000 euros required for this come from the participant budget for 2022. The municipality also complies with the desire to buy vandal-proof sun loungers for Mailinger Aue – various models are presented here by the garden department and locations are determined during a site visit with BZA.

The park area in front of the primary school is being upgraded by the garden department with a flowering area, an insect hotel and changing flowers on the Mariensäule, the 5000 euros required for this are financed by household remnants. The playground on Käthe-Kruse-Straße will not only be made more beautiful with new play equipment and a similar mud area, but will also be made more accessible for the disabled.

Nadler also informed that a sidewalk will be built on Limesstraße in the area of ​​the eastern bridge ramp, the cost of 60,000 euros will be borne by the city and can not be distributed. A required no-parking zone on Marienstrasse has already been installed. On the other hand, a desired parking ban on Limesstrasse was rejected – the city did not see the need for this for a number of reasons.

There was also a lack of understanding in light of the building authority’s statement on the fairgrounds, which Nadler described as “missing the topic” because the essential issues were not addressed. A new application must now clarify the problem of electricity and water connections, wastewater and temporary lighting. Nadler stressed that the application is urgent in light of the 150th anniversary of the local fire department coming next year.

The city’s proposal that BZA should open negotiations on the necessary access to public transport from the south to the Interparken with the Eichstätt district and the municipality of Großmehring, in whose area this access is located, met with astonishment among members. The committee is not authorized to do this and will therefore ask the city of Ingolstadt again to contact the relevant authorities. City councilor Brigitte Mader, who attended the meeting and sits on INVG’s board, promised to take care of the matter.

BZA then began planning the participant budget for 2023. Nearly three-quarters of the 40,000 euros available were unanimously set aside for the following projects: Mailinger Aue to receive a teqball facility (5,000 euros), a bench each for the playground on Eibenstrasse and for the boules court to be purchased (2,500 euros each), four rubbish bins (4000 euros) will be installed in different places. In addition, Mailinger Aue must receive a fixed fireplace (4000 euros), the basketball hoop on the hockey field must be moved (4000 euros) and a so-called “pizza bucket” must be set up for the empty boxes. at Marienplatz (1500 euros). Another item that will become an annual part of participatory budgeting in a similar form is heat adaptation measures, which will primarily be used for shading playgrounds in 2023 (5000 euros).

BZA’s ranks proposed installing a fountain on the school’s meadow, and visitors complained about the malfunctioning outdoor speaker system at the Ostfriedhof and the massive noise pollution caused by the Gunvor trains, which were loud almost every hour when crossing the bike path, even at night whistling. BZA Chairman Nadler promised to try to clarify or remedy both concerns.


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