The critique of Luka Doncic is completely misplaced

Despite the next 40-point game, there was at least a little criticism of Luka Doncic after the loss in game 3 against the Warriors. This is not understandable. Certain issues just can’t be solved in Dallas Golden State, meanwhile have other concerns. Insight into Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals.

1. Dallas Mavericks: Criticism of Luka Doncic is absurd

After the third defeat in a row against the Warriors, several statistics appeared on social networks, which should at least begin to indicate that a large part of the blame could be found in Luka Doncic. To put this in context: He had just played his eighth playoff game with at least 40 points (though 21 of them came in the final quarter when it was too late).

The numbers given: With Doncic on the field, the net rating against the Warriors is -18 in 79 minutes (from-rating: 112.0; def-rating: 130), without him the value shoots up to +36.7 in 26 minutes (Off- Rating: 136.7; Def-Rating: 100). In addition, six of Doncic’s eight games with 40 points were lost, most recently four in a row. Only Rick Barry can boast of a similarly long streak.

After the match, Doncic was, as usual, self-critical: “I played really badly in the first three quarters. It’s my fault.” He then referred to the aspect that all critics should keep in mind: “I am only 23 men. I still learn a lot. After the season, whenever it is, I will look back and learn a lot. It is my first conference final. None expected us here. The Warriors play great, everyone knows their role. “

Additionally, the numbers – though Doncic tends to take a heavy throw for many and sometimes make the wrong decision – can be explained: His minutes largely match those of Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins, the best warriors in the series so far. In the minutes against Thompson, Green plus the reserves, Dallas looked much better and there was also extensive garbage time in Game 1.

And most importantly: Doncic can hardly be blamed for the Mavericks not hitting a charging door from a distance in games 1 (22.9 percent, 11/48) and 3. Again and again the Slovenian found the open shooter in the early stages of last night , again and again the ball hit the ring. While he still got 4/9 threes, his colleagues, with few exceptions, did nothing at all. The negative examples: Maxi Kleber (0/5) and Reggie Bullock (0/7).

To put the defeats on a young man who led his team into the conference final without a clear second and put up 31.4 points, 94 rebounds and 6.5 assists with nearly 47 percent from the field is absurd. Doncics coach Jason Kidd also made it clear that the current playoff game for Dallas was “just the beginning of our journey”: “It’s cool to experience it, but it’s not the end.”

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