tennis | French Open: Tennis pro Mies before the French Open: “Paris is a magical place”

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As one of the favorites for the title, the best German doubles Andreas Mies and Kevin Krawietz will compete at the French Open. In an interview, Mies from Cologne explains what makes doubles so appealing and how the two found each other.

sports show: Mr. Mies, the French Open starts again. What does the Paris tournament mean to you personally?

Andreas Mies: A lot. We have won the tournament twice before, which is our biggest highlight so far in our career. We won surprisingly in 2019, no one had really expected it, including us. We just landed in the field. Then we could even defend the title. I am very happy to return to this magical place.

Andreas Mies: “I am very happy to return to this magical place”

21/5/2022 at 10:46

sports show: Last year, they were out for about seven months due to a knee injury. Her partner Kevin Krawietz had to look for a replacement. Did you have something like jealousy when you had to see it from a distance?

Bad: I do not think any of us are jealous. We also agreed in advance who could be an alternative for Kevin as long as I can not play. And he has found a really good partner in Horia Tecau. Both played a fantastic season and qualified for the World Cup. At the end of the year, when I was healthy again, we even played against each other, which was really weird.

Andreas Mies: “We are not jealous”

21/5/2022 at 10:46

sports show: Did you feel insecure or even afraid that Kevin Krawietz might choose someone else even if you were healthy again?

Bad: I would be lying if I said I did not think about it at all. What would Kevin have done if he had won the French Open and maybe Wimbledon with Horia? Would he then have stuck to his decision to continue playing with me? Would he have preferred him after all? But we agreed in advance, and I have always assumed that. But I rate Kevin as a guy who keeps his word and keeps playing with me. And so it was.

sports show: Can you describe what makes your collaboration successful?

Bad: It’s been a few years since we’ve played together. For the first time at the 2017 Challenger tournament in Meerbusch, it worked out fantastic right away. We won and it was also very good on a human level. We just complement each other really well. We always describe ourselves as fire and ice. He is the ice, I am the fire. I try to push him, he reassures me with his relaxed manner. In the meantime, he has also become a really good friend.

Andreas Mies (r) and Kevin Krawietz with the double trophy in the French Open 2020

Photo: picture alliance / Antonio Borga

sports show: So is this twice as much as an employment relationship?

Bad: There are already doubles who have such a business relationship. Who only meet for training or fight and have nothing to do with each other anymore. It’s different with us and I also think it’s important for a very successful doubles team that you understand each other and are friends. You do not have to be best friends and do everything. But it helps, precisely because one can help each other in difficult situations and maybe also talk about other things.

sports show: How do you find the right partner for you?

Bad: At this point, 2017, we tried many different partners. We both knew each other from the tournaments and had already played against each other in singles and doubles. And then we said, let’s try it for a week. But of course you also look at the rankings with whom you enter the tournaments. And then we worked our way up from the Challenger tournaments to the highest ATP level and Grand Slams.

Andreas Mies: “It worked really well right away”

21/5/2022 at 10:46

sports show: What is the attraction of doubles?

Bad: It’s very spectacular to play doubles. I really like this team spirit. And that you are not alone. You can celebrate titles together and maybe easier to digest defeats. A shared grief is a halved grief. You always have someone to train with, travel with. Because it can sometimes get a little lonely on the trip when you are alone on the go for weeks.

Andreas Mies: “It’s very spectacular to play doubles”

21/5/2022 at 10:46

sports show: In the double competitions, one can get the impression that there are two types of participants: Those who specialize in it. And those who seem to meet on a whim. Why can these communities of opportunity still succeed?

Bad: It happens all the time. But the well-established team will win in the long run. But it also has to do with the scoring system with ‘No ad’ – that is, a crucial point of 40, both without a benefit rule. And with the Champions Tiebreak (each point counts up to ten, editor’s note) in the third set. Then even mixed teams can sometimes win because it happens so fast.

sports show: Do good solo players make a difference?

Bad: The whole thing is very close, often deciding only one or two points. Because you are used to it, you are trying to gain an advantage. But the good individual players also have such a high quality that they can dominate some doubles with their shots.

sports show: Are singles players so much better quality than double specialists like you?

Bad: I would not say that. Double is almost another sport. The individual players bring their strengths into the opening of the game in terms of serve and return. They may not be quite as good at nets because they do not train as much and do not need it as often as the doubles players. Opening the game is pretty much the most important thing in doubles as well. These are very fast, short rallies. Server, return, first salvo, a reaction salvo. It often makes the difference.

Andreas Mies: “Double is a different sport”

21/5/2022 at 10:46

sports show: What are your plans for the tournament in Paris?

Bad: Rafael Nadal demonstrated in singles that more than two titles are possible. We are in good shape at the moment and have a good chance of reaching far again.

The interview was conducted by Jörg Strohschein.


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