Renting in big cities: what should entrepreneurs consider?

The right choice of location

Choosing a location is not easy due to the many decision criteria. Many things need to be “united”, and in the end it is usually not possible to make a decision without compromise. Nevertheless, it should be considered as early as possible what functions the commercial property should entail and what can be completely dispensed with.

Tip: Create structure with a mind map. In this way, the individual criteria for the upcoming office property can be clearly visualized and provided with comments, which can then be categorized and prioritized with different colors.

Potential office properties can already be filtered to a preset using the following criteria to determine the location:

The location: must it be representative in order to act as a galleon figure, or is the infrastructure – for example the proximity to the motorway – crucial?

– Rental price: Depending on the budget, the potential locations can be narrowed. Of course, an office in a top location has its price.

– Transport connections: Customers, employees, visitors: A modern company expects a good connection to public transport.

– Surroundings: Is there a canteen / restaurants, shops or fitness center near the property? This definitely increases employee satisfaction.

Renting an office in Berlin is likely to meet all of these criteria as long as the rental price is within budget.

Requirements for an office property

An important criterion for the office premises is a sufficiently calculated area for the employees. There are also usually requirements for modern building technology. Depending on the business activity, the technical building material (TGA) may also have a special position. A start-up in the tech industry will depend on a modern technical infrastructure, while an established company with a great image and direct customer contact will pay more attention to design and the aesthetic aspect when choosing an office.

Other important features when choosing an office property are:

– Sanitary installations

– Presence of showers (employees who come to work by bike will appreciate it)

– Technical building equipment (TGA) gas, water, electrical / electrical installations

– Telephone and internet connections

– Meeting rooms, break and living rooms, kitchen

– Flexible room design options for project teams

ample parking

Adequate storage space, including for documents

Comparison with the legal requirements from the Workplace Executive Order

Types of office properties – overview

An office property can be divided into different categories based on its design:

– Individual office

– Open office

– Attic and studio

– office space

– Office building

– Office complex

With regard to the office concept, a distinction can be made between the following:

– Individual office

– Multi-person office

– Open office

– Combination office

The number of employees is of great importance for the type of office property. When planning, it is important that a workplace and extra space is calculated for personal work requirements (special work equipment, documents, etc.) for each employee.
In open office landscapes, one should pay attention to retreat corners and suitable places for one-on-one conversations. Adequate capacity for conference and meeting rooms should also be taken into account when making early decisions.

Do not forget: The Workplace Order (ArbStättV)

It is also important to comply with the legal requirements for the workplace. Adherence to these is the duty of every business.
For example, the workplace executive order describes the minimum requirements for the dimensions of a workplace. A minimum area of ​​eight to ten square meters is specified for individual offices. In open office landscapes, the minimum area must be 12 to 15 square meters per. workplace due to the increased noise level. So it might be worth taking a closer look at ArbStättV.


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