Relegation: HSV hopes for blue promotion madness against Hertha

Is it really the last day that HSV is listed as a 2nd division team? Will the club return to the Bundesliga exactly 1473 days after relegation? The tension before the relegation’s second match against Hertha BSC (Monday at 20.30, live ticker on can hardly be increased. More than 50,000 HSV fans want to carry their team to the finish line in Volkspark and thus to promotion.

You still have the pictures in your head. Fans’ ovations during and after 1-0 in Berlin, the cheers, the hope, all that. Last Thursday, about 20,000 burgers celebrated the penultimate step toward promotion with their pros. They will now put the last one together in Volksparken on Monday.

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Is HSV ready to crown its season? A season where he was almost hopelessly behind in early April. Which he still turned around with five wins at the end of the league. And who now should have total triumph and the end of the second division nightmare that lasted four years for the proud club.

HSV coach Tim Walter firmly believes in promotion

Tim Walter is firmly convinced of that. The HSV coach is still bubbling with confidence, he has for weeks been able to transform tensions, especially on the outside, into pure expectation like no other. “You saw throughout the season what the boys are capable of, what situations they had to deal with, and how they came out stronger from any situation,” he said Sunday. “It shows our enthusiasm, our courage and that we really believe in what we do.”

A verdict that will also be needed on Monday. For Felix Magath – HSV club legend and currently at the same time the club’s biggest opponent – expects a nervous bang in the hamburgers. “We are out at the moment,” said Hertha’s coach. “We can only win. Now the situation is reversed compared to the first stage. Now the pressure is on HSV, no longer on us. Therefore, I see the situation as better and I think we have a good chance to turn the match around. “

HSV legend Magath will win in Volkspark

It should be something along the lines of the last trick for the 68-year-old, who abounds with his club in the abyss. Magath is dependent on the opponent’s nervousness and a changed midfield, where Santiago Ascacíbar (25), who was suspended in the first match, had to defend, and Kevin-Prince Boateng (35) in front had to ensure order and more aggression.

While Magath mentions the two stars by name as saviors, HSV trusts the collective – on the pitch and in the ranks. A few days ago, the Supporters umbrella organization encouraged all supporters to come to the match dressed in blue. That way, all the fans – minus the approximately 6,000 Hertha fans – would give a gigantic uniform picture.

So HSV Hertha want to crack again

All towards Hertha. This is how Magath’s desire for Hamburg’s weak nerves should splinter on the fan wall – and give way to a blue intoxication. “I have often said that pressure is a privilege,” Walter explained, and it almost seemed as if he was emphasizing his sentences particularly clearly, so that the message also reached the Berliners. “We’re playing for something and we’ve put ourselves in that position. It feels like we’ve had finals since the start of the season.”

The last one gets up Monday night, from 8:30 p.m. Then all words are smoke and mirrors. “The cards are on the table,” sums up Hertha’s sports director Fredi Bobic. “There’s only this one match left.”

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At least 90 minutes, maybe 120. Under certain circumstances, even the penalty shootout must decide. In the end, the HSV family would not care – as long as they wake up in the morning and can look forward to the new Bundesliga season.

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