Marie Nasemann, Mia Florentine Weiss, Pia Mechler, Mascha Efrosinina and several other power women enjoy yoga treats at Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach

EThe stars love yoga, but the yoga mat is much more than a hip accessory. VIPs all over the world swear by it to stay physically and mentally in shape and healthy. And not only in Hollywood, but also on Tegernsee!

Yoga fans were in early May 2022 in “Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach“At the right address. Hotel owner Korbinian Kohler had to again “Yoga retreat“loaded. For six days, participants were given the opportunity to practice yoga under the guidance of star yoga teacher Zsuzsanna VillanyiYoga – and could calm down, escape from everyday life and become one with themselves again.

A welcome break and at the same time a pampering time for body and soul, which was also very popular among the celebrities.

The VIPs had traveled from all over Germany and even from New York. Women in power from the most diverse areas of society: This time, participants included models and former GNTM participants Marie Nasemannmodels Marlies Pfeifhoferthe Berlin-based concept and performance artist Mia Florence Weiss (her “Love Hate sculptures” were shown in over 20 cities, including the Munich Siegestor), the German actress living in the United States Pia Mechler (starring alongside Patrick Dempsey in the Sky series Devils), the Ukrainian presenter Maria “Masha” Efrosinina (more than two million followers on Instagram), who recently had to flee his homeland, the German-American curator, author and gallery owner Yasha Young (opened the “Urban Nation Museum of Urban Contemporary Art” in Berlin in 2017), beauty expert and “Skin influencer” Hanna Schumi (founder of the first German beauty podcast “Preserved Conversations”) and Tanya Roosfounder of the travel platform “Nectar & Pulse”.

No matter how different the guests were, one thing unites them all: the love of yoga!

Mia Florentine Weiss, Masha Efrosinina @ Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort in Weissach / Rottach-Egern (© Photo: Bachmair Weissach)
(l.) Yoga teacher Zsuzsanna Villanyi, Marie Nasemann,
(right 🙂 Mia Florentine Weiss, Masha Efrosinina @ Weissach Spa & Resort in Weissach / Rottach-Egern

to Marie Nasemann, who came from Berlin, the yoga retreat was just something to take a deep breath and turn off for a few hours. She became a mother for the second time only seven months ago, her firstborn is two years old. She had taken her little daughter to Tegernsee: while the mother was practicing yoga, a nanny looked after the child: “This is my first time here at the yoga retreat and also here at the hotelsaid Marie Nasemann. “Our first mother-daughter vacation. We have been to the North Sea together before, but it was work. ”

She feels very comfortable on Tegernsee: “I know the area well here, for my grandparents used to visit Uon leave. I love yoga but have now taken a longer yoga break because of the baby. This is the perfect reboot. I am so excited that I have decided to do yoga once or twice a week back in Berlin. “

Yoga retreat also for expectant mothers. artist Mia Florentine Weiss expecting her second child: “In the fall,” as she put it. She came especially from the capital to Tegernsee. She is a regular guest at “Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach” and also at the yoga retreats there: “I love yoga and the area here because I’m originally from Bavaria. I have been practicing yoga for a very long time, for about 20 years. Yoga is something very special here. ‘Moments on Tegernsee last longer, it’s written everywhere here, and it’s really the case. Here you are in harmony with nature, with the mountains and you can break wonderfully out of the “big city bubble”. I am currently planning a tour of my work across the US and Europe, which is quite stressful. The yoga retreat here was perfect for relaxing. And it was also great to network with incredibly cool women.

This was my first yoga retreat heresaid Model Marlies Pfeifhoferand it was great even though I was only able to attend for three days due to time pressure. Here I became aware of how good yoga is for body and soul and how relaxed you feel afterwards. Here at the hotel you always feel like royalty. Especially the Japanese-inspired spa is to die for and I am a big fan of the cuisine here. Next time I will be there all week, because unfortunately I do not come to yoga regularly in everyday life. “

Zsuzsanna Villanyi, Mia Florentine Weiss, Marie Nasemann @ Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort in Weissach / Rottach-Egern (© Photo: Bachmair Weissach)
Zsuzsanna Villanyi, Mia Florentine Weiss, Marie Nasemann @ Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort in Weissach / Rottach-Egern

She came especially from New York: Pia Mechler. The German actress, born in Darmstadt, now lives with her family in the Big Apple and is making an international career. Since 2020, she has been seen in a continuous lead role alongside Patrick Dempsey in the Sky series “Devils”.

Despite the footage, she also reached Tegernsee Yasha Young. She is a curator, author and gallery owner and opened the “Urban Nation Museum of Urban Contemporary Art” in Berlin in 2017. She commutes between New York, Berlin and Munich.

Before returning to New York, she enjoyed the yoga retreat at Tegernsee to recharge her batteries: “It’s my first time here and it was perfect for me to turn off, recharge and finally have a moment to myself again‘sighed Yasha.

I’m curating “Superbloom Festival” at the Olympic Park in Munich on September 3rd and 4th, and I’m already making preparations. I’m a yoga teacher myself, not a practitioner, but I do a lot of yoga in New York. The retreat here was like a paradise: surrounded by greenery and with birdsong.

The alarm clock rang early in the morning. At eight in the morning, the program started each day with an hour and a half yoga session. Afterwards, there was an extensive and healthy breakfast in the resort’s pavilion, from 16.00 to 17.30 yoga was again on the program. Occasionally there was time and opportunity to be pampered with massage etc. in the spa.

Proper nutrition during the retreat was also part of it: the ladies were pampered with a predominantly vegetarian or vegan menu in the hotel’s own “Gasthof zur Weissach”, in the Japanese “Mizu Sushi Bar” and in the “Clubhaus Bachmair Weissach” with Levante vegetable creations pampered.

The Ukrainian speaker Maria “Masha” Efrosinina enjoyed the hotel with his kids and was there for dinner in the evening: “I do not do yoga, only Pilates. I’m here because I was a guest at a conference here in Tegernsee on the subject of Ukraine.

hotel owner Corbinian Kohler was pleased with the power of women: “Yoga has a long tradition with us and has long been an important part of our Bachmair Weissach world‘”he explained.

There is no better place for yoga than in a spa and wellness environment, and the magnificent mountains and lake do the rest. Not just since the onset of the pandemic, but amplified by it, I have observed a large and growing need for offers that people can use to counteract their mental and psychological tensions in a healing way.“, Says Korbinian Kohler, who studied philosophy. “At the yoga retreat, guests under professional guidance not only find mental relaxation from everyday life, but are also guided to reflection and deceleration thanks to body and meditation techniques.

Yoga teacher Zsuzsanna Villanyi, artist Mia Florentine Weiss, Marie Nasemann @ Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort in Weissach / Rottach-Egern (© Photo: Bachmair Weissach)
Yoga teacher Zsuzsanna Villanyi, artist Mia Florentine Weiss, Marie Nasemann @ Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort in Weissach / Rottach-Egern

The crowd of guests was young, hip and fit. You do not have to be a contortionist, particularly flexible, or a yoga pro to attend a yoga retreat. Beginners and beginners who have not yet gained any experience in the field are also welcome to the retreats, e.g. Yoga teacher Zsuzsanna Villanyi stressed out.

This she brought to the participants in the yoga sessions “Jivamukti” yoga with all its essential components closer – also sore muscles included. “Many people find it difficult to get into a “flow” and find harmony in everyday life. A yoga retreat is perfect for getting involved in yourself and your body and for calming down.

Who could not be there this time: Next week “Yoga Retreat” in the Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach with a yoga teacher Steph Jaksch takes place from 20 to 25 November 2022 in the Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach.

More information can be found at:

T .: Andrea Vodermayr, Photos: Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort


Hotel Bachmair Weissach is located directly on Lake Tegernsee, 60 km from Munich city center, 98 km from the international airport and 2 km from the nearest train station.

Seehotel is easy to reach from Munich by car. Coming from Munich and Salzburg, leave the A8 at the Holzkirchen exit. Then take the 318 federal road in the direction of Tegernsee / Achensee.

Shortly before Rottach-Egern, the B318 joins the B307, which leads to the left to Rottach-Egern and to the right in the direction of Austria / Achensee.

Shortly before the junction you have already reached your destination, on the right you can already see Bachmair Weissach together with the new Mizu Sushi Bar.

There are hourly links with the BOB Bayerische Oberland Bahn from Munich Central Station to Tegernsee Station.

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