Keego water bottle in the test: no more plastic aftertaste?

By Sebastian Priggemeier

Squeeze, drink and get angry over the drink’s bland plastic aroma – this is how it works with normal plastic drinking bottles. Especially in the summer when it is hot outside. With the Keego bottle, the problem should be a thing of the past, at least the inventors of the bottle promise. Lukas Angst and Bernd Deussen have developed a drinking bottle that is coated with titanium on the inside. The highlight: The Keego drinking bottle can be squeezed despite the metal interior, is lightweight – and the taste of plastic reportedly has no chance. Sounds interesting, but how good is the Titan trick really? We tested the Keego drinking bottle in everyday life.

Several years of development work have gone into the Keego drinking bottle

  • Drinking bottles made of stainless steel are heavy and tasteless,
  • Plastic bottles are light, but they give off a plastic taste to the water.

The Keego founders have set themselves the goal of combining the benefits of both types of bottles into one product – successfully because Keego drinking can is now in the fourth version on the market, but whether there will be an agreement in the VOX broadcast “Lion’s den” enough?

More than three years of development work went into the product, which is also reflected in the price: the 750-milliliter bottle costs between 40 and 45 euros on the internet. Normal plastic drinking bottles are available from 10 to 15 euros. But they also did not win any design and innovation awards, as did the smart Keego bottle.

Benefits of Keego in an instant:
✅ Easy to clean thanks to the non-stick properties of titanium
✅ Coating is designed to protect the beverage from plastic, BPA, plasticizers and phthalates
✅ Weight: almost 90 grams
✅ Available in 5 color variants

Keego unboxing: The first impression

The Keego drinking bottle also comes with a removable silicone mouthpiece and cap to ensure no spillage on the go

© RTL / Priggemeier

The bottle looks stylish on product photos – and the unboxing shows that the look is just as smart in reality. Purist design, matte surface. An eye-catcher. Keego is practically the iPhone among drinking bottles.

The shape of the bottle is fully geared to work. An absolute lightweight that with its 86 grams weighs less than a chocolate bar (usually weighs 100 grams). Grooves in the upper third provide a better grip, which is useful when cycling or with sweaty hands in the gym.

The packaging is also puristically designed: a narrow box with a Keego imprint and a cardboard insert for the bottle. Plastic is only used where it is really necessary, for example for hygiene reasons. thumbs up for it. Care and cleaning instructions for the bottle are in the carton.

The cleaning seems to be simple: Fill with water, shake, empty – refill. The inner titanium coating is said to have non-stick properties so residues and mold do not have a chance, even without the use of harsh cleaners.

The Keego drinking bottle in an everyday test

Keego drinking can

The Keego drinking bottle has a metal coating, yet it is sticky and light.

© RTL / Priggemeier

Yes, she looks stylish. And yes, the bottle is light. But does it keep what the manufacturers promise? Does the water from the bottle really taste like pure water? Despite the heat?

We did the test – know what it felt like 30 degrees in an outdoor fitness park in Cologne.
The test procedure: push-ups, squats, pull-ups and a refreshing sip from the bottle every now and then.

Everyone knows the typical plastic bottle taste. Artificial. A little outdated. A little musty. In it Keego drinking can this disgusting effect does not occur. Not even after 30 minutes on the sunny sports field. However, the water heats up over time. And it also spoils the taste. Could an insulating coating not have been used directly?

What remains is the good feeling of not having swallowed microplastics or other harmful substances along with the lukewarm water. At least that’s the Keego’s big promise. Without a laboratory, we were not able to test whether the titanium coating is actually impermeable to BPA and phthalates. The everyday test was about handling the bottle and the taste of the water.

Our verdict on the Keego drinking bottle

The Keego drinking bottle can be squeezed

Squeeze test passed: Keego can be squeezed like a normal plastic drinking bottle (despite the metal coating).

© RTL / Priggemeier

Who is the titanium drinking bottle recommended for?
Anyone who does cardio on the bike or in the gym several times a week and appreciates pure drink taste will get something for their money with the Keego drinking bottle. It is not ideal as a bottle for the commuter backpack or school bag because the lid is quite loose.

In the end lies Keego in hand like a conventional fitness drinking bottle made of plastic – which is good, because this plastic classic is unsurpassed light and practically indestructible. Yes, the water quickly tastes old and artificial from classic drinking bottles. An impression that is partly reinforced by the fact that the liquid gets hot. And that’s exactly what happens to drinks in the Keego bottle.

It would be desirable if the Keego drinking bottle also had insulating properties – so cold water really stays cold, even on longer trips or workouts. But this is certainly a challenge for materials scientists and thus a matter for the Keego founders’ next round of development.

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