Formula 1 live ticker: Mercedes comeback or just flash in the pot?

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Wolff: Has halved the deficit

Even at Mercedes, by the way, they know that they have not yet solved all the problems. “We saw another big step over the weekend. We’ve probably halved the distance to the leaders,” said Toto Wolff.

However, the team manager emphasizes that there is still a lot of work ahead of the team “to be ahead in the middle of the match.” But it is positive that the car is now understood “step by step”.

You know better and better, “what we need to do to bring performance back to the car,” Wolff says. But one thing is clear to him: Even after Barcelona, ​​Mercedes is still behind the leaders.


Formula 1 wants to group races by region

In it, Formula 1 flew from Imola to Miami and back to Barcelona in Europe. The sequence Baku-Canada-Silverstone seems to be “sensible”. All not particularly sustainable.

But that should change in the future! Formula 1 plans to group more races by region from 2023 to improve its sustainability. It would also be cheaper for the teams.

All information is here!


Albon: Undercarriage damage

Of course, we will also solve this. Yesterday, Albon already suspected that his car was damaged because his tires had deteriorated to an unusual extent. So he finished last, long after.

Now he reveals that his Williams suffered injuries to the undercarriage early in the race. That explains its poor performance. However, we do not know where the damage came from.


Horner has Mercedes on the bill

We’re back to our big topic this morning. Christian Horner says of Mercedes: “They certainly took a step forward, but we still beat them by many seconds.”

“Both of our cars were able to overtake the leading Mercedes,” he also recalls. “I’ve been saying all season that it’s only a matter of time before they go to … [WM-]struggle, ”Horner emphasizes.

And in Barcelona, ​​Mercedes took “a big step” forward. But no more (yet).


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Reason for failure at Zhou

Of course, we want to submit this as soon as possible. Alfa Romeo is “not quite sure yet” what caused the problem, but: “We know it had something to do with the cooling system,” says Xevi Pujolar.

“We had to park the car to avoid damage to the power unit,” he explains. So it remains the same: Alfa Romeo is pretty fast this year. But the reliability could – to put it mildly – be a bit better …


Slept well?

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Mercedes comeback or just flash in the pan?

This question arises after Barcelona, ​​where Mercedes showed their strongest performance of the season and Russell was even able to gather a few kilometers in the lead. But have we really seen the “rebirth” of the Silver Arrows?

“First of all, I would like to congratulate them because they have recovered and improved the speed of their car,” Ferrari team manager Mattia Binotto told Sky. However, he also classifies the Barcelona result somewhat.

“They were missing seven tenths on the qualifying round,” he recalls – and that over a “short distance”, according to Binotto. “[Im Rennen] they were 30 seconds or more behind Red Bull, “the team manager adds.

Without a failure, it could even have been “maybe 40 seconds or more for Charles,” Binotto emphasizes, calculating: “40 seconds in 66 laps is still six or seven tenths. [pro Runde]. “

It is a “significant” deficit. “It’s like Ferrari last year,” says Binotto. And as you know, Scuderia could not play a role in the World Cup match …

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After Barcelona is before Monaco

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our Formula 1 live ticker. The GP in Barcelona is behind us, but we do not have much time to breathe! The seventh race of the season continues in Monaco this weekend. Therefore, we do not want to waste any time here in the ticker and get started right away.

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