Drama in Hamburg: tears at HSV

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Decisive: 2-0 to Hertha BSC against Hamburg. © IMAGO / district photo

Hamburger SV loses the second relegation match against Hertha BSC and thus misses the Bundesliga return again. Played in ticker to read.

  • Bundesliga relegation: Hamburger SV – Hertha BSC 0: 2 (0: 1)
  • Of HSV loses the second half and missed the climb again.
  • Match winner in Volksparkstadion: Marvin Plattenhardt prepares one goal and scores the other himself.
  • To second leg in the ticker to read.

Hamburger SV – Hertha BSC 0: 2 (0: 1)

HSV Lineup: Heuer Fernandes – Heyer (84th Gyamerah), Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim – Meffert, Reis, Rohr (58th Vagnoman) – Jatta (74th Kaufmann), Glatzel, Kittel
Hertha Lineup: Christensen – Pekarik, Boyata, Kempf, Plattenhardt (81. Björkan) – Tousart, Ascacibar, S. Serdar (85. Stark), K.-P. Boateng (Darida 89), Jovetic – Belfodil (Maolida 82)
Porte: 0-1 Boyata (4th), 0-2 Plattenhardt (63rd)

+++ Update LIVE TICKER +++

Update from May 23 at. 22.50: Conclusion: Hertha BSC have just avoided relegation from the Bundesliga for the seventh time, while Hamburger SV will remain second class in the coming season. The Berliners coached by Felix Magath on Monday night won the second match of the relegation in HSV in Volkspark 2-0 (1-0) and offset the disappointing 0-1 from the first match at the Olympic Stadium.

In front of 55,000 spectators, Hamburg Arena gave Dedryck Boyata the lead in the 4th minute; after Marvin Plattenhardt’s free kick (63rd), the Berliners and their savior Magath were able to celebrate staying in the class.

Bundesliga relegation: HSV loses the second match and misses relegation again

90 minutes + 6: The game is over! Hertha wins 2-0 at HSV and thus decides the relegation.

90 minutes + 6: yellow-red card against Tousart. The Frenchman must get off the field.

90 min + 3: HSV runs but does not really get to the end position. Will Hamburg be in the 2nd division?

90 minutes: Six minutes added time.

89 minutes: Change at Hertha: Now Boateng can go down. Darida is new to him.

88 minutes: Magath lets Boateng do it. The veteran is again mobilizing all his force reserves.

Goals in relegation: Hertha at HSV.
Goals in relegation: Hertha at HSV. © IMAGO / Ulrich Hufnagel

Relegation: Hamburger SV vs. Hertha BSC in the live ticker – change after change

85 minutes: Change at Hertha: Magath brings Stark to Serdar and does something for the defensive again.

84 minutes: Change in Hamburg: Gyamerah for Heyer.

82 minutes: Change at Hertha: Maolida replaces the completely exhausted Belfodil.

81 minutes: Change at Hertha: Bjorkan for Plattenhardt.

80 minutes: Huge chance for HSV! The ball comes through to Glatzel, whose shot is blocked by Serdar. Time is running out in Hamburg.

77 minutes: Plattenhardt needs treatment. The audience whistles to him. The Berliners take their time on stage.

74 minutes: Change in Hamburg: Kaufmann is allowed to run for Jatta. HSV needs ideas now.

73 minutes: Jovetic with the chance. He walks one-on-one against Heuer Fernandes, who blocks his shot with his chest.

70 minutes: So far, Plattenhardt would have been the match winner with an assist and an own goal. Can HSV come back and force an extension with a goal?

66 min: Uhhhhhhh … fireworks are flying out of the Hertha block. Referee Aytekin interrupts the game briefly, then it continues.

Relegation: Hamburger SV against Hertha BSC in the live ticker – Plattenhardt with 2-0

63 minutes: Goal! Hamburger SV – Hertha BSC 0: 2, goal scorer: Plattenhardt. Is that the preliminary decision? Plattenhardt rounds a free kick from the half of the field to the farthest corner, and it fits perfectly. Goalkeeper Heuer Fernandes does not look good on stage either.

61 minutes: Chance! After a cross ball from the left, Jatta hits the ball into the box across the six-yard box. Glatzel is blocked as he tries to head the ball.

58 minutes: Change in Hamburg: Vagnoman replaces Rohr in midfield.

54 minutes: Good chance for Berlin. Plattenhardt just pulls from the left. Heuer Fernandes dives into the corner and fends off the powerful shot.

52 minutes: Glatzel takes a corner kick. The goalkeeper has no access yet. Can he improve?

Relegation: Hamburger SV against Hertha BSC in the live ticker – HSV comes out of the cabin well

49 minutes: HSV comes out of the cabin much better. The Hamburgers are now really putting pressure on and accepting every single duel. It arouses cheers among the audience.

47 minutes: Tousart is through the six-yard field. Heuer Fernandes can high five to the front. But the flag is up – offside.

47 minutes: No changes on both sides. There is a pyro in both fan blocks.

46 minutes: It continues in Hamburg! The relegation is completely open again after the Berlin tour.

Relegation: Hamburger SV vs. Hertha BSC in the live ticker – Berlin leads in second match

45 minutes + 1: Break in Hamburg! Hertha leads 1-0. If it stays that way, it goes on overtime.

44 minutes: Fierce discussions. Jatta puts Jovetic on the outer line – right in front of the Hertha bank, which is jumping up collectively. But Judge Aytekin also has this scene under control.

42 minutes: It’s back and forth now. Both teams are looking for the path to the goal. There is so much at stake here today.

39 minutes: Huge chance for Hertha! Belfodil asserts itself on baseline and plays on Tousart. But the Frenchman gets the ball in the back, so he shoots it well over the crossbar.

35 minutes: Vuskovic returns to the field – to the applause of fans. But the young Croatian does not drive really smoothly.

Relegation: Hamburger SV vs. Hertha BSC in the live ticker – Vuskovic to be treated

32 minutes: Vuskovic bends bitterly. He needs treatment and claps his hands in front of his face. It does not look very good.

High tension: The Bundesliga relegation between HSV and Hertha.
High tension: The Bundesliga relegation between HSV and Hertha. © IMAGO / Matthias Koch

30 minutes: Judge Aytekin marks his line. After a foul, Boateng receives a yellow card. The veteran complains – in vain.

Relegation: Hamburger SV vs. Hertha BSC in the live ticker – the Berliners are better in the match

27 minutes: Now comes HSV. Corner kick from the right. Boyata must clear against Jatta. The hamburgers seem more present.

23 minutes: Hertha wins a series of duels in the middle. HSV has not come up with much yet. It’s not enough in such an important game.

20 minutes: Next dangerous post from Berlin in the field. Boyata is almost back on second post. Even in this situation, HSV was not awake.

14 minutes: Hertha continues to press. That very high pressure is not good enough for the burgers. The Berliners, on the other hand, seem transformed. Which trainer war horse Felix Magath probably gave you on the road …

11 minutes: Hamburg defends itself. Cross in front of the six-yard box. But: The Hanseatic League is not yet bringing their goal scorer Glatzel into play.

8 minutes: HSV collects something and pushes the Berliners into their half. The home team certainly had a completely different vision.

Relegation: Hamburger SV vs. Hertha BSC in the live ticker – early lead for Berlin

4 minutes: Goal! Hamburger SV – Hertha BSC 0: 1, goal scorer: Boyata. Uhhhhhh … the party crasses from the capital. After a corner kick, Boyata is completely free to head the ball. The defender heads into the far corner. Heuer Fernandes has no chance to defend. The result of the first leg is balanced.

3 minutes: Hertha starts fresh and with high pressure. The Berliners are early and far ahead.

Min.2, what a great atmosphere for Hamburg. The 57,000 spectators really get off. There was also an impressive choreo.

Min.1, It’s clear to see that Hamburg is in the second division.

Update from May 23 at. 20.25: HSV manager Jonas Boldt speaks at 1 p.m. “The cabin is full, the whole town is on fire. We were already written off five matches ago,” he says. The expectation for this match is palpable.

Update from May 23 at. 20.10: “We want to try everything,” explains HSV coach Tim Walter with a view to today’s promotion thriller. Walter has coached the Hanseatic League for almost a year.

After just one point from three games, the Hamburgers seemed to be out of the battle for promotion. But then HSV won its last five games of the season and jumped to third place.

Relegation: Hamburger SV vs. Hertha BSC in the live ticker – Magath sees pressure on HSV

Update from May 23 at. 19.55: Felix Magath speaks at 1 p.m. “The pressure is on HSV,” the warhorse trainer says, “I’m convinced we’ll turn it around in the 90 minutes.”

Update from May 23 at. 19.45: Sergej Barbarez is also looking forward to the match. “Hamburg need these big football nights. Four years in the 2nd division is a disaster for our city and our club – this time must end today.” that they stay in somehow, so that they get up somehow. But to be honest, there was only hope, and that’s actually the worst. “

Relegation: Hamburger SV vs. Hertha BSC in live ticker – Magath is addicted to Boateng

Update from May 23 at. 19.30: The lineups for both teams are here. Felix Magath trusts Kevin Prince Boateng. Jatta, Glatzel and Kittel storm against HSV.

Update from May 23 at. 18.55: Felix Magath does not feel any pressure before the second relegation battle. “Now HSV is the one who has something to lose. Now the pressure is on HSV, on the players and no longer on us,” said the Hertha coach and former HSV professional before the match in Volksparkstadion.

Relegation: Hamburger SV vs. Hertha BSC in the live ticker – who will play in the Bundesliga next year?

First report from 23 May: Munich / Hamburg – Hertha BSC has had a disappointing season. In the last few weeks, the Berliners have played away the relegation that they thought was safe. On the last day of the match, VfB Stuttgart overtook the Bundesliga table in time of persuasion. After which Hertha had to move down. In Berlin, there was also a defeat in the first half (0: 1) against HSV.

At 20.30 on Monday evening in Hamburg there is another stage. It will be a high-risk game, accompanied by a large police presence. According to picture fears a space attack after the end of the match – from two sides if HSV wins.

As the report says, there are about 500 violent Hertha supporters in the Hanseatic city. Hundreds from the capital and units from other federal states support Hamburg police that evening.

Hamburger SV against Hertha BSC in the live ticker: Berlin is under a lot of pressure

After four years in the second division, the supporters from Hamburg and the whole club long for a return to the Bundesliga. “We will do everything we can to make all the fans and the city happy,” coach Tim Walter said before the match on Monday night, with Hertha BSC under far more pressure. After a messy season in many ways.

In the video: HSV coach Walter went before the relegation battle’s second match – “Pressure is a privilege”

“I am convinced that the boys will enter this match with a certain amount of anger,” said Berlin’s sports director Fredi Bobic. His professionals could win passion if “they are a little angry at themselves,” the former striker continued.

Follow the second match in the Bundesliga relegation tonight from 20.30 here in the live ticker. (pm)

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