Confusion at the “Ninja Warrior Germany Allstars” final

Updated on 23/05/2022 at 08:09

In the latest issue of “Ninja Warrior Germany Allstars”, one of the candidates creates confusion. He triggers the buzzer several times in the first few rounds – and still ends up in the last two.

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What happens when the best athletes from all “Ninja Warrior Germany” relays compete against each other? As a spectator, your mouth will fall open from the first second. There is no time to breathe here. Because after a few preliminary rounds, the time has come: The last athletes compete against each other in the last show of “Ninja Warrior Germany Allstars”, until there are only two candidates left – the last of these two wins 50,000 euros.

The first pair brings together two of the best athletes. René Casselly, circus artist, winner of last season of “Ninja Warrior Germany” and recently also in the current season of “Let’s Dance”, will compete against Lukas Kilian, called “Clucky Luke”. The two do not give each other anything, they are just below the entire course until Casselly makes a mistake on the last team before the last wall. Hanging on his arms, Kilian looks briefly over, accelerates and is the first to cross the finish line.

Muscle man vs teenager

The next duel could not be more odd. On the one hand the muscular Dominique Karlin, shirtless, on the other the skinny Max Görner, who surprised everyone at the age of 18 this season of “Ninja Warrior Germany Allstars”.

Dominique Karlin (left) takes on Max Görner in round 1 of the final.


But here, too, the duel is in balance again. In fact, Görner manages to climb the steep surface as the first attempt. But right at this last obstacle, Karlin catches up and falls to the buzzer – but Görner hits it first and is a full 14 hundredths faster.

Not all participants do so well. Tobias Planger slipped from the sandbag into the water at first, “Super Mario” Christian Balkheimer did not do much better. Then he comments, “For the next few months, I’m just lying in bed and can’t move.” Simon Knitter even hits his head and comes out of the water covered in blood.

Dramatic slippage

In round two, the field continues to thin out. For example, 18-year-old Max Görner has to admit defeat to Lukas Kilian – he’s just too strong. Next year, both may face even more competition. RTL lowers the age of the contestants to “Ninja Warrior Germany” to 16 years.

It will be dramatic in the duel between Benjamin Schmidt-Markur and Sladjan Djulabic. The former slips off the mat at an obstacle, his foot comes near the water and he is out. Later, the camera will show that it was not his shoes that touched the water, but the mat. The other participants advise and send him on to the next round. What one or the other will regret later.

“The Endless Ladder to Heaven” costs strength

Third round is about strength and speed. The last remaining candidates should be in “The Endless Ladder to Heaven”. A chute where they raise themselves up, hanging on a pole. The two candidates who go furthest are in the finals. Lukas Kilian is the first – and almost reaches the end: 35 steps. Shortly before, he slips away, but then admits, “I still had the strength.” Other participants have significantly more problems. “Speedy Gonzales” Benjamin Grams suddenly no longer lives up to his nickname. With each movement, he looks very closely to see if his rod is properly engaged. Already at 20 steps he falls. His comment afterwards: “I’m more into racing. Maybe I should train cloud side.”

“Sladi” creates confusion again

So did Stefanie Noppinger, the last woman in the competition. It gives a more convincing performance. She balances herself up to 25 steps – and tears off her hard skin in the process. Nevertheless, there is a great consolation. As “Last Woman Standing”, she raises 25,000 euros. She can buy a lot of plasters for that.

Benjamin Schmidt-Markurt is one of the last participants. At the bottom of the “endless ladder to heaven” he laughs confidently – and then rattles up the obstacle like a sewing machine. But at 20 steps, he runs out of breath. He somehow manages to reach 29 steps – and would be in the final against Lukas Kilian. If it were not for Sladjan Djulabic.

He has no chance against “Clucky Luke”.

Button at the “endless ladder to heaven” creates “Sladi” confusion. He starts, gets caught, slides down, stops one step lower, the buzzer continues – and he continues. All the way to the top, up to 35 steps. After a bit of confusion, it was quite clear: Everything is fine, he is not out, the siren went off for no reason, he is in the final. And Benjamin Schmidt-Markurt looks pretty sour.

“Power Tower”.


But there is a little bit of justice in the end. The whole ladder to the sky cost Sladjan Djulabic too much effort. On “Power Tower”, a combination of stairs, climbing steps and jumps, where he competes against Lukas Kilian, he has no chance. “Clucky Luke” stands out quickly and sticks to it. This year he wins the season of “Ninja Warrior Germany Allstars”, can look forward to 50,000 euros and his title – until next year, when he will compete against new and old acquaintances.

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