WFV Cup final against SSV Ulm 1846: Stuttgarter Kickers move into the DFB Cup – football

When the penalty shootout was won, there were no stops for the Kickers. Photo: Press photo Baumann / Hansjürgen Britsch

With ten men, Stuttgarter Kickers saved themselves in a penalty shootout against SSV Ulm 1846 – and won 5: 4. When goalkeeper Ramon Castellucci saves Adrian Beck’s last ball, the cheers in the blue camp know no bounds.

It was more than exciting, very intense, extremely fighting – and finally the penalty shootout in front of the atmospheric record audience of 7300 spectators at the Gazi Stadium WFV Cup final decided: Football Oberliga Stuttgarter Kickers beat the regional league and defending champion SSV Ulm 1846, rewarded for a match performance – and moves into the DFB Cup. It was an explosion of emotion as goalkeeper Ramon Castellucci saved the crucial ball from Ulm’s Adrian Beck. Previously, all nine shooters were successful. “We gave everything and rewarded ourselves with a penalty shootout,” Kickers coach Mustafa Ünal said. What does this mean in the fight for promotion? “It’s nice that we can go into the last three games with a title,” Ünal said. “It can release energy,” added sports director Marc Stein. However, the Blues can not win direct promotion in a duel with SGV Freiberg on their own.

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For a long time, the cup final was a largely equal duel at eye level, where the Kickers surpassed themselves and saved themselves with ten men in penalty kick competition. They were also unlucky three minutes before the end of regular time when Kevin Dicklhuber fell in the penalty area but the penalty whistle did not come. On the other hand, luck and skill were crucial in the 120th minute: Castellucci quickly deflected a header from Beck, who switched to second division 1. FC Heidenheim in the new season.

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Referee Timo Lämmle issued a total of ten yellow cards, seven to Kickers and three to Ulm, plus a red card in the 98th minute to Kickers striker Mohamed Baroudi, who was provoked by opponent Philipp Maier and committed an assault. The referee was then sharply criticized by Ulm’s coach Thomas Wörle: “He had not managed to bring a clear line into the game.” The former VfB youth player even accused the Kickers of deliberately attacking injured Ulm players harshly. He alluded to the scene when SSV captain Johannes Reichert left the field after a Dicklhuber error in the first half with a presumably broken leg. had to.

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Shortly after the break, the referee interrupted the game for almost eight minutes because both fan camps were burning pyrotechnics. Eventually, however, everything remained peaceful. And the Blues euphorically celebrated their third WFV Cup victory after 2005 and 2006, where they also defeated Ulm on penalty kicks in Kirchheim.

penalty kick

1: 0 Tunjic, 1: 1 Jann, 2: 1 Kammerbauer, 2: 2 Geyer, 3: 2 Kolbe, 3: 3 Maier, 4: 3 Dicklhuber, 4: 4 Wahling, 5: 4 Zagaria, Castellucci stops from Beck.


Stuttgart kickers Castellucci – Riedinger, Zagaria, Kolbe, Kammerbauer – Blank (96 Polauke), Campagna, Colic (86 Tunjic) – Braig (90 Eroglu), Dicklhuber, Riehle (82 Baroudi).

SSV Ulm 1846 Heimann – Allgeier, Geyer, Reichert (26. Guarino), Heilig – Maier, Kiefer (111. Klostermann) – Rochelt (85. Benko), Beck, Jann – Harres (85. Wahling).

judging Timo Laemmle (Rommelshausen).

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Duel SGV Freiberg vs. Stuttgarter Kickers

remaining program
May 25, at 19: FC Nottingen – Kickers

May 28, 15.30: Kickers – SV Oberachern, 15.30: SGV – FV Lörrach-Brombach

June 4, 15.30: SF Dorfmerkingen – Kickers, 15.30: FC Nottingen – SGV

promotion round
June 8 (19.00): Participants in the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg (SGV Freiberg or Stuttgarter Kickers) – participants in the Hessen League (SG Barockstadt Fulda-Lehnerz or Eintracht Stadtallendorf).

In case of victory, representatives of Baden-Württemberg, so on

June 11 (14.00): Participants Hesse – participants Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz / Saar (Wormatia Worms or Eintracht Trier) and June 14 (19.00): Participants Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar – participants Baden-Württemberg.

In case of a draw or defeat, representatives of Baden-Württemberg in the first game, then on

June 11 (14.00): participants from Rhineland-Palatinate / Saarland – participants from Baden-Württemberg and June 14 (19.00): participants from Hesse – participants from Rhineland-Palatinate / Saar. One of the three clubs enters the regional league. (teacher)

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