The Rostock Seawolves are champions of the 2nd Basketball Bundesliga ProA

After the basketball players from Rostock Seawolves have already made the promotion ready, they also won the ProA championship 2021/2022

May 21, 2022

Rostock Seawolves are champions of the 2nd Basketball Bundesliga ProA (Photo: Simon Engelbert | Photogroove)

The Rostock Seawolves are ProA champions in the 2021/2022 season. In an exciting series of finals, the Tigers Tübingen and Rostock Seawolves fought two exciting duels for the championship.

First quarter (16:22):

The fight started intensely, but at times quite hectic. Both teams made several mistakes, so after three minutes, the Tigers were only ahead 2-0. It would take exactly four minutes before the guests could place the first throw in the Tübingen basket. A tight start quarter developed. Rostock’s Nijal Pearson played very well and gave the visitors the lead for the first time in the 7th minute. Ryan Mikesell responded with a successful three-pointer to 13:12. The manager switched hands back and forth. At the end of the quarter, the Tigers allowed themselves a few mistakes, which the guests ruthlessly exploited. In the 9th minute, the home team was suddenly behind at 14:20 – the rhythm was now lost. A little later, with a deficit of 16:22 seen from Tübingen’s point of view, the first interruption started.

Second quarter (31:16):

The second quarter actually started quite well from Tübingen’s point of view when Gianni Otto was fouled in a three-point attempt. Unfortunately, he lowered only one of the free throws to go, which meant that the deficit could not be significantly reduced (11th minute). In general, the first two minutes were wild on both sides. Ball losses, lost shoes and several interruptions did not allow the game to flow properly. Rostockers already had 4 team violations on their account after two minutes (12th minute). The highlight was a technical foul against Till Gloger, which was also a kind of initial spark for the Tigers. The hosts used the tense atmosphere in the stands at Paul-Horn-Arena to run 12: 0 at the start of the period before Carter from Rostock scored a free kick to 28:23 (15th minute). Shortly afterwards, Pearson from Rostock was injured under his own basket and had to leave the pitch after a long break. The break had done the Tigers good. Till-Joscha Jönke and Erol Ersek increased the lead to seven points (33:26, 16th minute). The 8-point surface from the first match was almost leveled. Shortly afterwards, “old champion” Yuri Suchowerskij announced the good news for all of Tübingen with the score 37:29: “From now on it is 0: 0” (17th minute). Two absolute Tigers highlights were to follow before the break: First, Joanic Grüttner-Bacoul and Bakary Dibba created a good mood with a rushing spawning-oop for 17 seconds before Otto shot the proverbial bird and fired a bow lamp with the siren from his own half 47:38 in the Rostock curve.

Third quarter (12:20):

The 3rd quarter also started briskly. Mateo Seric responded with two points from Pearson with a three-pointer to 50:40 – but he also got an error to flop. The next twelve points, however, went to the visitors – Theis scored six of them from distance. In this phase, the Tigers did not want to succeed offensively at all, at times the Tigers seemed to be cheating. After 26 minutes, it was suddenly 50:52 – the Tigers had a time-out. But the misfortune continued to cling to the tigers’ paws. After Jansson’s speech, Mikesell’s three-point attempt looked through the Rostock trap, but eventually the ball changed its mind and rolled out again. By this time, the Tigers had already gone seven minutes without scoring a goal. The gruesome series then ended Bakary Dibba in the 28th minute. First, he equalized 52:52, shortly after, Keppeler increased from distance to 55:52. Now it was suddenly the Rostock team that made many mistakes. Mikesell’s point to 57:52 (29th) now forced Rostock to take a time-out. The highlight at the end of the neighborhood belonged to the guests this time. Despite a mistake, Tyler Nelson scored from long range and ended his four-point game on the line a little later. The final quarter of the season started with a narrow lead of 59:58.

Fourth quarter:

Rostock got off to a better start in the last section and took the lead with 62:59 (31st minute). The long season was clearly noticeable for both teams. Each break was used to breathe. It was a close battle, but the first-leg loan seemed to paralyze the Tigers. There were no easy points anymore and the Tigers had lost their carelessness in the second quarter and clearly tensed up. Individual actions marked the offensive game, which all too rarely succeeded. Four minutes before the end of the season, it was 66:69. 35 seconds before the end, Mikesell actually put the Tigers ahead again (75:74). But the Rostock Seawolves were able to crown their season with the finishing touch!

Danny Jansson (Coach Tigers Tübingen): “In my 42 years of life, I was always a competitor. I have already won a few silver medals, but mostly discarded them right away. Today I looked at my team and decided to wear the medal with pride. ”

Statistics game 2:

16:22 | 31:16 | 12:20 | 18:20

Tigers Tuebingen:

Ryan Mikesell (26), Daniel Keppeler (12), Mateo Seric (11), Timo Lanmüller (6), Gianni Otto (6), Erol Ersek (5), Till-Joscha Jönke (5), Bakary Dibba (4), Isaiah Crawley (2), Aatu Kivimäki, Daniel Zacek,

Rostock Seawolves:

Tyler Nelson (19), Nijal Pearson (12), Jose Gabriel de Oliviera (11), Till Gloger (10), Chris Carter (8), Sid-Marlon Theis (8), Jordan Roland (4), Brad Loesing (4 )), Michael Jost (2), Robert Montgomery, Savante Schmundt

The road to the final:

Both clubs battled a neck-and-neck race for the lead in the standings throughout the main round. Only on the last day did the Tigers win Tübingen, thanks to the Rostock Seawolves’ defeat against PS Karlsruhe LIONS, and started the playoffs as the champions of the main round. On the way to the final, they had to stand against Eisbären Bremerhaven (3: 1) and last year’s second place, Bayer Giants Leverkusen (3: 0). Until the final, the Tigers lost only one playoff game (against Eisbären Bremerhaven).

With their defeat on the final day of the main round, the Rostock Seawolves had the supposedly tougher fate on their way to the final. Their second place meant they would be on the same playoff tree side as third-placed Medipolis SC Jena. Baskets from Jena had the same goal as SEAWOLVES: promotion to BBL. In a consistently exciting series, SEAWOLVES then won in match four with 77:76 against Medipolis SC Jena. And celebrated the entrance to the final and the associated sporting promotion right in a foreign hall.

In the first round of the final, SEAWOLVES won in front of their home crowd with 81:73. However, the quarterly results reveal how close the game was most of the time. (20:22 | 20: 9 | 20:20 | 21:22)

With their participation in the final, both finalists acquire the sporting promotion right, whereby only the Rostock Seawolves have submitted a license application to easyCredit-BBL.

The Barmer 2nd Basketball Bundesliga congratulates the Rostock Seawolves on their ProA championship title and thanks both teams for the exciting and fantastic season.

Source: Barmer 2. Basketball Bundesliga, photo: Simon Engelbert | fotorille

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