The race in Barcelona is now live!


No study

The stewards rate the contact as a racing accident, there is no investigation. Right decision. There was also some contact between Perez and Russell, so it flew away a bit. But both could continue.

Hamilton, meanwhile, is no longer in the mood, he suggests keeping the engine and giving up. The Mercedes may have been badly damaged. Schumacher has lost a position to Bottas. Vettel is in P13.


Hamilton comes back

The media does not matter either: Hamilton had a contact with Magnussen and falls back. tire damage. Sainz messed up the start and dropped back to P5. That leads Leclerc ahead of Verstappen, Russell and Perez.

Schumacher got off to a good start and is in P6 ahead of Bottas!



A quick look at the starting tires for all 20 riders. And then 19 of the 20 motorists chose the soft tires. Only Hamilton starts in the media. So at Mercedes you gamble a bit.

In the beginning, the media should be a clear disadvantage. Maybe there is speculation about a safety car later in the race.


Open the session sticker now!

It finally starts in ten minutes! As always, now is the time to open our session sticker with Norman Fischer at the same time. Only there is the complete reporting, here we limit ourselves to the most important information, pictures and voices.

Incidentally, all drivers agree that the start will play a key role right from the start. Because overtaking is traditionally difficult in Barcelona. The tension is rising!


Horner: Tires worry me more!

The team manager explains to ‘Sky’ that he is not worried about the back wing. The work was only a “precautionary measure”. The tires would make him more worried.

He also assumes that today’s victory will be about tire handling.


It was close …

Since you’ve been exhausted all the time at Red Bull! Verstappen drove out at 14.29 a few seconds before the pit lane closed. It was very close …

In any case, all 20 drivers managed in the starting field. Let’s see if DRS works for the world champion.


Pretty hot …

As previously announced, today is the hottest day of the weekend. The air temperature right now is 36.3 degrees, the asphalt glows with 48.8 degrees. It will be 66 strenuous laps – for the driver and above all for the material …



We asked if we had readers who were on the route themselves. Shivan contacted us and reported: “I can confirm that it is total chaos. I have never experienced anything like this on any track before …”

On Friday, the return journey from the route to Barcelona took about 3.5 hours, “as the entire station was crowded with fans.” It also took three hours yesterday with the shuttle bus.

“It was total chaos, as well as the food and drink stands. I’m excited about how soon we will be back after the race today, it will not be less chaotic,” he writes. We cross our fingers!

Meanwhile, the pit lane has opened. The pilots now have until kl. 14.30 to get to the starting grid.

Vettel in front of Barcelona GP: “Have to drive with your head”

Sebastian Vettel explains what will be important in the Barcelona GP.


Marko does not expect any problems

“We know what the cause is,” says the Austrian at ‘Sky’ regarding the DRS problem at Verstappen. However, he assumes that the problem can be solved for the race.

As for the race, he explains that there are “several candidates to win” – including Red Bull, of course. Ultimately, tire control will be important. It could be two or three stops.


Norris is not feeling well

The Brit has not been well all weekend. Even today, he does not look fit at all. He will participate in the race. But he even revealed yesterday that he is not 100 percent.

We will definitely have that in the back of our minds.

14:00 clock


Incidentally: Not only at Verstappen were parts changed before the race. Such smaller jobs are actually the order of the day on Sundays. Here is the overview from Barcelona for all technology enthusiasts:


Still working at Red Bull

Still having problems with DRS? We see that the Verstappen car is still working on the rear wing. An observer from the FIA ​​is also present to ensure that the parc ferme rules are not violated.

Of course, it is not ideal to have to work on the car an hour before starting. As a reminder: The pit lane opens at 2.20pm – in just over half an hour.


Is the series breaking?

Hamilton has won all five races in Barcelona since 2017! Is this series breaking today? Not unlikely at least, because the record champion first starts the race from P6 and still does not feel very comfortable in the car.

For Red Bull, it would be the first victory since Verstappen’s sensational success in 2016. The last Ferrari victory in Barcelona was even longer: In 2013, Alonso triumphed for Scuderia.

Theoretically, a Spaniard could win for Ferrari again today …



For the sake of completeness: It’s not going to rain in Barcelona today either. In fact, today is actually the hottest day of the entire weekend! Let’s see how fast the tires tighten afterwards …

1:18 p.m.

Bottas aggressive

The driving parade is already underway on the track. There, Bottas reveals that he will attack “at least” one of the Mercedes drivers today. As a reminder, he qualified as seventh and was therefore “Best of the rest.”

But it should not be easy. For Mercedes is also looking ahead today. Russell even assumes you could have a chance on the podium today …


live stream

Less than two hours to the start of the race and as promised we quickly give the start time for today’s analysis. From kl. 20.30 Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll report live on YouTube channel!

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