The Ducks’ first AFL and season victory

Historic first AFL victory for Ducks in Maxglan: The Ducks defeated Project Spielberg Graz Giants in front of a home crowd 35:20leading already after three quarters of an hour 29: 7.

Crucially, the Ducks’ attack was back to normal and led by QB Kris Dentonwho was involved in all five Salzburg touchdowns (2 rushing, 3 passes), brought a total of 35 points to the scoreboard.
Remarkably, the only 19-year-old was running back Noel Bernsteinerwho added 186 offensive yards and ended his performance with a receiving touchdown.

The Giants seemed surprised at Salzburg’s strength even after the match, their head coach Doug Adkins said he was in shock. Salzburg had previously brought the Vikings and Rangers to the brink of defeat.

Votes after the match:

Salzburg’s chairman Christine Gappmayer: “I was shaking until the last second because we were close so often this year and could not reward ourselves in the end. Everything was right today, a fantastic audience, a lively Ducks team and glorious sunshine. ”

The other’s head coach Nick Johansen: “Now we have 24 hours where we just want to think about this game and enjoy the success, after which we focus on the next opponent.”

Doug Adkinshead coach Graz Giants: “To be honest, I’m in shock. We came here to win. The Ducks defense played well, their offense made some strong plays.”

Austrian Football League WEEK 2 (supplement)

Salzburg Ducks (1-5) vs. Graz Giants (1-4) 35:20
(7: 7/8: 0/14: 0/6: 13)
SAT 21 May 2022 at 14.00 · Max Aicher Stadium Salzburg
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Graz Giants: J. Schütz TD, Komeyli TD, Mangge TD, F. Kager 2PAT
Salzburg Ducks: Kanyinda TD, Denton 2TD, Bernsteiner TD, Reuter TD, Niebler 3PAT, security

Game report from the giants’ point of view

The Salzburg Ducks win the Cion Toss and start their attack. With some effort they got the first touchdown in the first drive with a pass from QB Denton to Kanyinda, PAT was also good.

However, the Giants immediately followed and equalized to 7: 7 with a touchdown by Johannes Schütz and the converted PAT.

Giants Defense then held on and forced a turnover on downs. Unfortunately, the attack could not complete their drive successfully, and this was followed by a failed punt attempt by Christopher Mangge, who was tackled in end zone safety and thus 7: 9 to the Ducks.

They immediately followed up with a touchdown by QB Denton. The giants blocked the ducks’ PAT attempts. The Giants’ efforts to get points on the scoreboard before the break were in vain – with only a second left on the clock, Tyrone Williams threw a 46-yard pass to Johannes Schütz, who unfortunately was tackled at the 1-yard line (break score: 7:15).

The Giants started the second half with their offensive, which was brought under control by the Ducks Defense and had to score.

The Ducks then fought their way slowly but steadily through the Grazer defense and were rewarded with a touchdown by Bernsteiner – 7:22.

Giants offense could not continue to write. The Ducks responded again in the next drive with a touchdown by Reuter – 7:29.

There was a drive by the Giants, which was characterized by a penalty kick, but which also ended with points – a strong run by Raphael Komeyli-Birjandi into the goal zone and the converted PAT by Kager led to 14:29. The Ducks responded promptly with another touchdown from QB Denton. The Giants were able to block PAT – 14:35.

A pass from Tyrone Williams into the goal zone for Christopher Mangge shortens the Giants to 20:35 – the two point conversion was not good. The subsequent side kick from the Giants also did not want to succeed – the resulting “drive” of the Ducks ran out of time – the end result was 20:35.

The Salzburg Ducks win their first game of the season.

“I’m a little shocked when I come to the fight to win. The Ducks played a good game, a solid game.” – Doug Adkins main advisor.

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