Separation from Marco Rose does not put BVB in a good light

Updated on 21/05/2022 at 10:57

With the separation from Marco Rose, Borussia Dortmund has once again demonstrated structural problems. BVB is now facing a change in the coaching position – again.

When the rumor on Thursday night leaked out that a group of elephants consisting of Hans-Joachim Watzke, Michael Zorc, Sebastian Kehl, Matthias Sammer, Marco Rose and his adviser met at the BVB office, it raised an eyebrow.

Friday afternoon the bomb actually exploded: Borussia Dortmund parted ways with Marco Rose, Alexander Zickler and Rene Maric and are again looking for a coach.

Rose and BVB: not a fair chance

According to reports, it was a decision by both sides, as banal as it sometimes sounds in the football clubs’ press releases. Rose demanded complete confidence from the BVB management – apparently the Dortmund bosses could not or would not comply with this request one hundred percent. From the point of view of Roses and the club management, these are understandable decisions.

It is no surprise that Rheinlanddamm could not be happy with the season. In particular, the poor performance in the Cup and Champions League did not live up to expectations. In that regard, it is understandable that the club management wanted to leave other options open in case of a messy start to next season.

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Rose, on the other hand, was entitled to ask himself if he would put himself in a situation where he started the new season with the sword of Damocles over his head.

One must admit, however, to Rose that the circumstances surrounding his tenure were not easy. Especially the incredible accident with injuries torpedoed the playful progress as a team tremendously. He also took over the same unbalanced and unfortunately overpaid and unmotivated squad that Lucien Favre failed before him.

This is precisely why the previous signings (Karim Adeyemi, Niklas Süle and Nico Schlotterbeck) seemed to indicate that Rose now has the player material he needs to implement his game idea. What he obviously did not get: time. So one can rightly ask oneself whether Rose had a fair chance in Dortmund.

Edin Terzic: emergency solution, or finally a long-term plan?

In any case, the behavior of Watzke, Zorc, and Kehl does not reflect well on their strategic planning. Basically, since the end of the Klopp era, there has been more or less talk of a change in Dortmund. The result: six coaches in seven years. This record is more appropriate for the unloved blue and white neighbors than for a club that formulates demands on itself somewhere between the championship and the KO round of the Champions League. Sometimes the players do not really fit the preferred system (Rose), sometimes the system does not even fit the club (Favre).

What’s next? The signs point to Edin Terzic. Here, too, one may ask oneself whether this solution is only the most obvious at first glance. It would be a solution that, above all, makes emotional sense. The furious second half of 2021 under Terzic has triggered something like euphoria in the BVB community for years, despite empty stadiums. But what is often overlooked is that there was a lot at stake at the time. How could it be otherwise when the squad only has structural construction sites that belong to the club’s management.

Just igniting a certain atmosphere in and around the club will not be enough to survive the hard everyday life in the league. As much as one wishes for Borussia Terzic, doubts about his experience with this task are justified. However, this assessment may stand or fall with the commitment of an appropriate assistant coach. In Dortmund, it should be well known that in a successful coaching duo, the tactical and playful impulses can sometimes come from the second row.

Ten championships in a row means an impressive record in German football. FC Bayern Munich is causing boredom at the top of the Bundesliga. In 2011 and 2012, he was teased and driven by his longtime rival from Dortmund. (Teaser image: image alliance / GES sports photo) © DAZN

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