Red Bull “clearly” the fastest car


Hamilton: That was why he wanted to give up

Do you remember the radio message at the very beginning when Hamilton was about to retire? The record holder explains that he felt reminded of the race in Saudi Arabia.

There he was almost stuck in the field and ended up with difficulty as the tenth. “I thought it would be impossible to get points again,” said Hamilton, who therefore preferred to protect the engine for the future.

“But the team said, ‘No, you’re driving on P8.’ I could not understand it at first, and I thought they must be super optimistic.” Eventually it got even better with P5!


Bottas: The race was a little too far …

P6 is of course a good result, but in the end the Finn was eaten up by Sainz and Hamilton. “We took a small risk with the strategy today,” he explains. The last period was “very long”.

“But eventually it was too long. Eventually the tires shrank,” he admits. “But we tried,” said Bottas, who is not unhappy as “Best of the rest.” “We tried something else and it did not work.”

In the end, though, the risk was “minimal” because another strategy would not have made it worse.


Alonso: P9 is ‘almost like a victory’

Still in the points all the way from behind. “Of course I’m very happy,” the Spaniard said after his home run, explaining: “It’s the goal every weekend to get in the points.”

After qualifying, you knew it would be “very difficult” today. Therefore, the P9 feels “almost like a victory” today. He hopes to be able to start a small series now.

As a reminder: Alonso had previously gone without points in four races in a row. Maybe his season starts in earnest with today’s race …


Perez: I would have won by three stops

The Mexican is not only upset about the stable order – but also about the strategy. “Today it was clear that three stops were better. If I had gone in that direction, I would have won the race,” he is sure.

As a reminder: he made two stops, his teammate three. “It went well for Max. We will discuss that. But we did not know which strategy would be the best,” he admits.

In the end, it was mostly misfortune for him. “It’s still a good team result,” he says, but stresses again: “We need to clarify a few things internally, but there’s nothing I’m worried about.”


Schumacher: “In the end, you are always smarter”

There were also no points for the other German in the field on P14. Eventually, his tires gave way. “In the end, one is always wiser afterwards,” said Schumacher, who is not happy with his strategy.

“After a very good first half, our hopes were very high,” he admits. He was in P6 at the time. “But then, after the second and third rounds, the feeling began: Oh, it could be hard …”

He therefore has to keep waiting for his first championship point.


Vettel: Flawless race on P11

The ungrateful eleventh place in the end. Vettel explains to ‘Sky’: “Of course it’s a shame we can not take anything with us except the eleventh place. I have no points.” But he was actually quite happy with his run.

“Today was okay, but of course, as expected, it was very difficult to cope with the tires. We did better than most, but it did not do us any good,” he shrugs.

All in all, it was a flawless race, which is why he was “satisfied so far”. “I have had worse races and was completely ahead. So in that respect one can be satisfied,” said the German.


Would Leclerc have won easily?

Christian Horner is not so sure. “I think it would have been a very interesting match in the second half of the race,” said the Red Bull team manager at ‘Sky’. So he thinks Ferrari could have been challenged.

About the other opponent, Mercedes, he says: “They are returning to this championship. I have said since the first race that they are a very strong team.” Barcelona was “a very big step” for Mercedes.

“We are not underestimating our rivals,” he says. The fight at the top will be even closer from now on.


Sainz: The car was badly damaged

“It was not our day,” the Spaniard shrugged after P4. In the end, it was actually a good injury limitation for him, for he reports that the Ferrari was quite damaged after his spin.

The car felt very different after his ride and he slid around a lot. By the way: With the result, Red Bull and Verstappen not only took the lead in the drivers’ world championship.

The Bulls have also overtaken Ferrari with the double victory.


Marko: “Max was the faster”

The Austrian commented on the stable order in ‘ORF’, which Perez was not entirely happy with. “The two were on different strategies. It was clear that Checo could not finish his set of tires,” he explains.

“So it was very clear that Max was faster,” he justifies the decision, adding: “Because of Max’s DRS error, we switched to three stops because we saw that otherwise we could not get past Russell.”

“And there were two stops planned with Checo, and then eventually we gave him the soft tires so he could drive the fastest lap,” Marko says. It worked, by the way, the Mexican was able to secure the bonus point.

By the way, Marko is not mad at Perez. “That he does not immediately say: ‘Yes, thank you, I want to wave to him …’ Otherwise he would not be a real racing driver,” Marko shows understanding.


Wolff is annoyed at Magnussen

Lots of praise for Hamilton from the team manager. In return, Wolff is less impressed by the Haas pilot. There was no penalty for touching Hamilton, but the Austrian still has little understanding.

Curve 4 is “simply not a curve where you’re trying to get around,” Wolff says angrily, adding: “Above all, it’s not his race.” Because Mercedes was significantly faster today than Haas.

The crash was “probably avoided,” Wolff said. In the end, the touch also deprived Magnussen of all chances to score points.


Wolff: Water leak at Hamilton

Of course, we will solve that too: the Mercedes team boss explains to ‘Sky’ that a water leak slowed down Hamilton in the end. It was not even clear whether the Briton would finish at all.

At Russell, the problem with the overheated car was different. In the end, he did not need to spend as much speed as his teammate.


Russell: It was hard work …

The Briton shines after P3, but admits it was “very hard”. “I gave everything to keep Max behind me. He did an amazing job,” he praises, explaining that he is “proud” of the entire team’s work.

However, he had problems with an overheated car – an old Mercedes problem. The bottom line is that he is happy with the points. And he was also going to collect a few miles in the lead today!


Verstappen: The wind was to blame

“I suddenly got a lot of tailwinds,” says the Dutchman about his departure, explaining: “I just lost my tail and flew away.” Then his DRS did not work properly and he got stuck.

“But we got ahead thanks to the strategy and were able to run our own race,” he says contentedly. His conclusion: “Hard start, but a good end!”


Today’s official driver …

… has, by the way, become Hamilton. Mercedes tells him on the radio that he was the fastest man on the track today. After his contact in the beginning, he was 50 seconds behind the winner Verstappen, in the end only 40.

Of course, times are not comparable because Verstappen was off the field once and both had different strategies. Nevertheless, a strong race by the record champion!


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Verstappen sets a personal record

It was the third victory in a row for the Dutchman. He has matched his personal record from 2021, where he won at Le Castellet and the two Spielberg races.

So for the first time ever, he wins on three different courses in a row. And the lead in the World Cup is also a “bonus”!

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