New dance studio with family charm

Birkenwerder.While some young people need a break after school, dance and movement therapist Doreen Dixon has been disciplined around her goals from a young age. “I started dancing when I was 14,” she says. After school, she trained as a hotel manager before starting her own business at the age of 17.

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From then on, Doreen Dixon worked as a personal trainer, giving courses in gyms and dance schools and teaching hip hop and street dance to hundreds of children and youth. She danced in theatrical performances and took classes in progressive muscle relaxation.

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She’s had a hard time

With all this experience under her belt, Doreen Dixon took the next big step in 2019. She opened her first dance studio in Berlin-Karow. Then of all times came the Corona. Doreen Dixon had hired several dance teachers and coaches. Together, they did everything they could to continue training children and young people who already suffered the most from the restrictions.

“The dance school was closed, we stood outside for hours in the winter, with icy hands and feet, to be able to dance with the children despite Corona,” says the 25-year-old. “It was a very trying time.” Many of the hired coaches ended up retiring. The young dance teacher also had to bridge a certain amount of time with other activities.

“I went to the Ruppiner Clinic as a dance therapist, was at Lebenshilfe in Oranienburg and even helped in day care and even cooked for the children,” says Doreen Dixon. All these experiences have enriched her. Knowledge in marketing and accounting from her hotel education also helps. “I’m good at organizing things. “Even if something goes wrong, I do not despair.”

She wants to fill a gap with her offer

Finally, a new beginning followed with a move from Berlin to Nassenheide. The search for a new place for a dance school began. “The offer in Oberhavel is not yet as extensive as in the big city,” Doreen Dixon has stated. With her offers, she can close gaps.

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There were several places to choose from, including Hennigsdorf. But no space could come close to the charm of the studio in Birkenwerder, which needed renovation. The dance school opens on June 4 on Clara-Zetkin-Straße 17. There has previously been a gym with sauna.

Former students now hold courses themselves

Doreen Dixon and her many helpers have been working in the 280-square-foot basement for six weeks now. She gets a lot of support from former dance students who are now young adults and expresses their gratitude to their former coach through their commitment.

“I did a lot for them, drove to championships with them and always had an open ear. It’s just nice to know that they now also like to help me build something new, “says the young founder. Some of her former students now also have to hold courses in the new dance school themselves.

Opening is June 4th

“Everything is a little more familiar here than at big dance schools,” she explains. The dancer has also welcomed the small town of Birkenwerder. “I think we’ll be having a great time here. I’m really looking forward to the students.” Not only children and young people will learn modern dance styles in the dance studio “Modernstylez”.

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“Of course, adults are also welcome, without any specific age limit.” Doreen Dixon says she has received inquiries from women who wanted to know if they were not too old for street dancing after they were over 30. “It is so unfortunate that many do not dare. And when you are 30, you are still young, ”she emphasizes. She will make the premises available to physiotherapists and day care institutions when there are no courses in the morning.

No direct courses can be booked yet. All interested parties can initially register for several workshops on the opening day on 4 June. There are still seats available.

Info: Contact and registration at [email protected]

By Wiebke Wollek

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