Games, venues, kick-off times fixed: How the relegation in Lower Bavaria works

The last regular game day has been played, and now the “Most Beautiful Football Season of the Year” begins – the relegation to the district class starts on Wednesday, the deciding matches for the state and district leagues start on Thursday, and the district league carousel starts on Saturday.

In the knights of the state league, a true biscuit was drawn by the Bavarian Football Association: FC Künzing meets as runners-up in the district league east 1. FC Passau in two knockout duels in the relegation group Middle East. The first stage takes place on Thursday at 16.00 in Künzing, the second stage on Sunday at 16.00 in the Passau Stadium with three rivers. The game is played according to “European Cup mode” (the away rule).

In the second match of this regional four-man team, SV Sulzbach / Donau (deputy district league Oberpfalz Süd) and the state league giant Spvgg Lam face each other. Here the opponent of the winner from the duel Künzing / Passau is determined. Only the winner of this “final” (first and second match) qualifies for the Landesliga season 2022/23. In the middle-south group, on Thursday and Sunday there will be a comparison between FC Dingolfing (deputy district league west) and TV Aiglsbach (relegant state league southwest). The winner then plays against the winner of the match between TSV Aindling (Swabia North League) and ASV Dachau (Oberbayern North League).

to the national league

Middle East group/ First match 1st round Thursday at 16: FC Künzing – 1.FC Passau, SV Sulzbach / Donau – Spvgg Lam (second match Sunday at 16).

Central-South group/ First match 1st round Thursday at 16: FC Dingolfing – TV Aiglsbach, TSV Aindling – ASV Dachau (second match Sunday at 16).

to the district league

The development on the last match day in the state leagues has a lasting effect on the relegation to the district league. Because VfB Straubing managed to save the game directly, there are now four seats available in the district’s upper house, as district match director Richard Sedlmaier confirms. That means: The winners of the first round on Thursday are definitely in the district league. If one or even two lower Bavarians book a ticket to the state league in the relegation, five or six district league places can even be allocated. The pairings were drawn on Sunday night by district chairman Harald Haase, Richard Sedlmaier and “Lucky Fairy” Marco Achmüller (FIFA referee):

Game 1: SV Neuhausen (Vice KL Straubing) – TSV Mauth (Relegant District League East) Thursday (14.00 or 17.00) in Schöfweg.

Game 2: DJK Vornbach (Vice KL Passau) – TV Freyung (Relegant District League East) Thursday (14.00 or 17.00) in Hutthurm.

Game 3: TV Schierling (Vize KL Donau / Laaber) – DJK-SV Altdorf (Relegant District League West) Thursday (14.00 or 17.00) in Rottenburg.

Game 4: TuS Walburgskirchen (Vize KL Isar / Rott) – TSV Vilsbiburg (Relegant District League West) Thursday (14.00 or 17.00) in Brass.

Round 2: (Sunday 29 May – scheduled for 14.00 or 17.00)
Game 5: Winner Game 1 – Winner Game 2
Game 6: Winning Game 3 – Winning Game 4

To the district league

The two Eastern League relegates (Eberhardsberg and Motzing) argue with the six runners-up in two regional groups of four for three or four district league places. In the “West”, the three district league relegates play for two or three places with the five district class runners-up. The matches in the 1st round (losers are district classifiers / all matches scheduled for Saturday):

Group Straubing / Deggendorf (Saturday 28 May)
Match 1: SV Arnbruck (vice KK Regen) – SV Deggenau (vice KK Deggendorf) 17.00 in Sankt Engelmar.
Game 2: SV Motzing (Relegenat KL Straubing) – SC Rain (Vice KK Straubing) 17.00 in Kirchroth.

2nd round (Date: Thursday 2 June – 6.30 pm)
Winning game 1 – winning game 2

Group Bayerwald / Passau (Saturday 28 May)
Match 1: SG Hartkirchen / Pocking – DJK Eberhardsberg (Relegant KL Passau) 14.00 in Fürstenzell
Match 2: SV Riedlhütte (vice KK Freyung) – FC Obernzell-Erlau (vice KK Passau) 17.00 in Prague.

2nd round (Date: Thursday 2 June – 6.30 pm)
Winning game 1 – winning game 2

Group Kelheim / Landshut (Saturday 28 May)
Match 1: SV Ettenkofen or TSV Tiefenbach (Relegant KL Donau / Laaber / Sportsdomstolens verd awaiting) – SV Oberglaim (Vice KK Landshut) – 17.00 in Pattendorf.
Camp 2: SC Buch (Relegant KL Donau / Laaber) – SV Ihrlerstein (Vice KK Kelheim) – 14.00 in Walkertshofen.

2nd round (Date: Thursday 2 June – 6.30 pm)
Winning game 1 – winning game 2

Group Dingolfing / Pfarrkirchen (Saturday 28 May)
Match 1: ESV Mitterskirchen (Relegant KL Isar / Rott) – SG Malgersdorf / Ruhstorf (Vice KK Dingolfing) – 17.00 in Falkenberg.
Game 2: DJK-TSV Dietfurt (vice KK Pfarrkirchen) – SV Mengkofen (vice KK Mallersdorf) – 14.00 in Haberskirchen.

2nd round (Date: Thursday 2 June – 6.30 pm)
Winning game 1 – winning game 2

For the circle class

The four East District Class Legends knock out five or six District Class seats with twelve A-Class runners-up in four regional groups. In the Western District, nine district-class relegants and seven A-Class runners-up are vying for six to seven seats. The drawn pairs in the 1st round (losers are A-class / all matches on Wednesday or Thursday):

Straubing group
Game 1: Spvgg Aicha / D. (Vice A-Plattling) – ESV Haselbach (Vice A-Viechtach) – Wednesday, 6.30pm in Irlbach.
Game 2: Spvgg Straubing (Vice A-Straubing / Book II) – Croatia Straubing (Vice A-Straubing / Book I) – Thursday at 17 in Alburg.

The Deggendorf Group
Game 1: Spvgg Schweinhütt (vice A-Regen) – SG Innernzell / Schöfweg II (relegant KK Deggendorf) – Wednesday, 18.30 in Kirchberg iW
Match 2: DJK-SV St. Oswald (Relegant KK Freyung) – TSV Hengersberg (Vice A-Deggendorf) – Thursday at 2 pm in Zenting.

Regen / Freyung group
Camp 1: FC Salzweg II (Vice A-Passau II) – DJK-SV Schaibing (Vice Passau I) – Wednesday, 6.30 pm in Oberdiendorf
Game 2: SG Breitenberg / Sonnen (vice A-Freyung) – SV Neukirchen vW II (vice A-Eging) – Thursday, 17.00 in Büchlberg

Passau group
Match 1: 1.FC Passau II (Relegant KK Passau) – STV Ering (Vice A-Pocking) – Wednesday, 6.30 pm in Ruhstorf.
Camp 2: SV Tettenweis (Vice A-Vilshofen) – SV Würding (Relegant KK Pocking) – Thursday, 17.00 in Rotthalmünster.

Kelheim group
Camp 1: SG Adlhausen / Langquaid II (Relegant KK Kelheim) – VfR Laberweinting (Vice A-Mallersdorf) – Wednesday, 6.30pm in Klaeham
Camp 2: SG Großmuß / Hausen (relegation KK Kelheim) – SF Essing (vice A-Kelheim) – Thursday, 14.00 in Lengfeld.

Landshut group
Match 1: TSV Rapid Vilsheim (Relegant KK Landshut) – SC Bruckberg (Vice A-Landshut) – Wednesday, 6.30 pm in Ast
Game 2: SV Neuhausen (Relegant District Class Landshut) – TV Mileshofen (Vice A-Mainburg) – Thursday, 17.00 in Leibersdorf.

Dingolf group
Game 1: Fortuna Dingolfing (Relegant KK Dingolfing) – TV Reisbach (Vize A-Landau) – Wednesday, 18.30 in Marklkofen.
Camp 2: SV Wendelskirchen (relegant KK Dingolfing) – SC Postau (relegant KK Mallersdorf) – Thursday at 14.00 in Ohu / Ahrain.

group of parish churches
Match 1: TSV Triftern (Relegant KK Pfarrkirchen) – TSG Postmünster (Vice A-Eggenfelden) – Wednesday, 6.30 pm in Bad Birnbach.
Match 2: SSV Eggenfelden II (Relegant KK Pfarrkirchen) – SG Johannesbrunn / Binabiburg II (Vice A-Vilsbiburg) – Thursday, 14.00 in Geratskirchen.

2nd round scheduled for Saturday / Sunday the 28th / 29th. Able to

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