Estoril, Round 2: Fantastic Rea defeats Ducati / Superbike World Championship

With an incredible final lap in race 2 of the 2022 World Superbike Championship in Estoril, Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) toppled the already winning appearance Álvaro Bautista (Ducati).

The starting grid for the second round of the Superbike World Championship in Estoril corresponded to the result of the Superpole Race in the first three rows. The front row thus consisted of Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki), Toprak Razgatlioglu (Yamaha) and Álvaro Bautista (Ducati). In row 2 were Iker Lecuona (Honda), Andrea Locatelli (Yamaha) and Alex Lowes (Kawasaki). Third row starts with BMW driver Scott Redding. From 10th place on the grid, the Superpole ranking is used.

Four riders missed the second main race due to injuries: Michael van der Mark (BMW), Philipp Öttl (Go Eleven Ducati), Garrett Gerloff (GRT Yamaha) and Lucas Mahias (Kawasaki Puccetti). The German’s Ducati was ruled by Xavi Fores.

The rain clouds that caused a turbulent second race of the Supersport World Championship had not disappeared. At the start of the race, however, the track was completely dry and except for a few falls, it stayed that way. The first row of the grille decided in favor of the soft SCX racing tires.

At the front, the expected three-way battle developed between Rea, Razgatlioglu and Bautista, in which Alex Lowes (Kawasaki) briefly participated. The three exceptional talents showed a great race, the last lap tore the spectators from the chairs.

Bautista led the race most of the time, but Rea also took the lead on several occasions. With the fastest lap of the race, the Northern Irishman drove into the rear wheel of the fast Ducati pilot on the penultimate lap. Rea needed two tries before he was able to surpass the Spaniard. At the finish line, the Kawasaki rider was 0.2 seconds ahead of Bautista. Razgatlioglu fell in the final laps and finished in third place, 4 seconds left. In fourth place, Lowes achieved his best result of the season.

Andrea Locatelli (Yamaha) finished fifth and battled the attacks of Iker Lecuona (Honda) in a half race that had to settle for a sixth place with only 0.077s.

The best BMW again brought Scott Redding into goal. The Englishman was at times in the top six, but dropped back to 11th place as the race progressed.

Marvin Fritz (Yamaha) missed the points in 17th place.

This is how the race went:

Start: Razgatlioglu in front of Rea and Locatelli in the first corner. Bautista at 4, Lecuona at 5. Marvin Fritz 14.

Round 1: Rea leads ahead of Razgatlioglu, Bautista and Lecuona. Rescue in 8th place.

Round 2: Top 3 within 0.5 seconds. Lower with the fastest lap of the race in 1: 37.222 min. fourth. Rescue consisted of 10th place.

Round 3: The first raindrops fall! Razgatlioglu (2nd) makes no attempt to attack Rea. Lowes was faster again in 1: 37.039 and passed Bautista in 3rd place.

4th round: Rea, Razgatlioglu and Lowes within 0.141 s. Lecuona sixth, Redding tenth. Fritz in 15th place.

Round 5: A gap of one second between Bautista (4th) and Locatelli (5th).

Round 6: Isaac Vinales (Kawasaki) drops to a 19th place.

Round 7: Razgatlioglu on the brake past Rea in the lead. The Yamaha rider sets the fastest lap in 1: 37.022 minutes.

Round 8: Razgatlioglu, Rea, Lowes and Bautista within 0.6 s. Lowers the fastest in 1: 36.978 s.

Round 9: Fritz (15th) makes Ponsson (16th) breathe in the neck.

Round 10: Bautista snatches 3rd place from Lowes on straight. Locatelli (5th) is already 2.4 seconds behind. Rescue in ninth place already loses 8.5 seconds.

Round 11: Bautista overtakes Razgatlioglu and Rea on just to run race 2 for the first time.

Round 12: Rea pushes past Bautista back into the lead. Lowes collects Razgatlioglu on the brake, but the Turk immediately hits back.

Round 13: The 4 best already 3 seconds ahead of Locatelli (4th), 4 seconds ahead of Lecuona (5th) and 10 seconds ahead of Redding (10th).

Round 14: The lead changes several times between Bautista and Rea. Razgatlioglu (3rd) holds back suspiciously.

Round 15: Bautista 0.2 s ahead of Rea and 0.6 s ahead of Razgatlioglu. Lowes (4th) must be demolished. Lecuona (6th) catches up with Locatelli (5th). Fritz at 17 with connection up to 15th place.

Round 16: Lecuona (6th) on the back wheel of Locatelli (5th).

Round 17: Rea with the fastest round personally, but Bautista is still a bit faster.

Round 18: Bautista slowly pulls Rea and Razgatlioglu away. Rescue (10 ‘) under pressure from Fores (11’).

Round 19: Bautista 0.4 s ahead of Rea and 1.5 s ahead of Razgatlioglu. Fores takes 10th place from Redding (11th)

Round 20: Rea does not let go and keeps the pressure on Bautista with the fastest lap in 1: 36.949 min.

Last round: Rea wins ahead of Bautista and Razgatlioglu. Fritz den 17.

Result Superbike World Championship: Estoril, race 2
position driver motorcycle time
1. Jonathan Rea Kawasaki
2. Alvaro Bautista Ducati + 0.194 sec
3. Toprak Razgatlioglu Yamaha + 4,350
4. Alex Lowes Kawasaki + 7,125
5. Andrea Locatelli Yamaha + 8,232
6. Iker Lecuona Honda + 8,309
7. Axel Bassani Ducati + 10,865
8. Michael Rinaldi Ducati + 16,082
9. Xavi Vierge Honda + 18,292
10 Xavi Fores Ducati + 18,412
11. Scott Redding bmw + 19,758
12. Loris Baz bmw + 25,193
13. Kohta Nozane Yamaha + 27,753
14 Eugene Laverty bmw + 38,391
15 Luca Bernardi Ducati + 38,424
16 Christopher Ponsson Yamaha + 41,541
17 MarvinFritz Yamaha + 42,555
18 Leandro Mercado Honda + 49,775
19 Hafiz Syahrin Honda + 51,353
20 Oliver King Kawasaki > 1 min
out Isaac Vinales Kawasaki

Status Superbike World Championship 2022 after 9 of 36 races
position driver motorcycle Points
1. Alvaro Bautista Ducati 161
2. Jonathan Rea Kawasaki 144
3. Toprak Razgatlioglu Yamaha 109
4. Andrea Locatelli Yamaha 84
5. Iker Lecuona Honda 76
6. Michael Rinaldi Ducati 60
7. Alex Lowes Kawasaki 54
8. Xavi Vierge Honda 48
9. Axel Bassani Ducati 43
10 Loris Baz bmw 38
11. Scott Redding bmw 35
12. Garrett Gerloff Yamaha 25
13. Philipp Oettl Ducati 15
14 Lucas Mahias Kawasaki 14
15 Eugene Laverty bmw 13
16 Xavi Fores Ducati 12
17 Michael van der Mark bmw 11
18 Luca Bernardi Ducati 10
19 Ilya Mikhalchik bmw 9
20 Roberto Tamburini Yamaha 9
21 Christopher Ponsson Yamaha 8
22 Kohta Nozane Yamaha 5
23 Leon Haslam Kawasaki 3
24 Leandro Mercado Honda 1

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