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On Monday night, HSV Hertha BSC welcomes the second relegation match at their home ground Volksparkstadion. Following the 1-0 victory in the first match in Berlin, promotion to the Bundesliga is within reach of Hamburg.

Jonas Meffert and the relegation is so far not a success story. The 27-year-old has twice missed promotion to the Bundesliga despite good starting points. In 2015, Meffert lost the second match with Karlsruhe after a 1-1 draw at HSV 1-2 after extra time, last year was 1-0 in Cologne followed by a bitter 5-1 defeat with Holstein Kiel.

Now Meffert is back in the lead with HSV in the relegation, but the midfielder does not want to hear about a déjà vu before the second match on Monday night (20.30 in NDR Livecenter): “It can not be compared. in general. It was with Kiel then 1-0 in Cologne happy. FC had many good chances. It’s a different situation this time. “

Ex-goalkeeper Golz sees HSV in an advantage

In fact: After the extremely strong final sprint in the second division with five wins in a row, HSV caught up with a deficit of seven points and managed the third place in the table, which was hardly considered possible at the beginning of April. Hertha, on the other hand, seemed already saved and slipped down the relegation zone on the final day of the Bundesliga match. “The trend is your friend,” former HSV goalkeeper Richard Golz looks on The NDR interview gave Hamburg an advantage: “You could see in the first match that Hertha had a lot to lose and that it was a strain on the players. They seemed very paralyzed to me.”

“I wish Felix Magath was successful, but not against HSV.”
Former HSV goalkeeper Richard Golz

Hertha coach Felix Magath disagrees and sees the situation psychologically in favor of the Berliners: “At the moment we are out and can only win. Now HSV have something to lose,” explained the 68-year-old, for whom the relegation duels are for. just like European cup tournaments feel: “There are so many examples in football of catching up after the first match.”

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39 years ago, Felix Magath Hamburger SV shot into football Olympus. As Hertha coach, he will spoil “his” HSV’s long-awaited return to the Bundesliga. more

HSV coach Walter: “We are convinced of ourselves”

The pressure Magath put on HSV was gladly accepted by his co-coach. “Pressure is a privilege. We work to survive in such situations,” HSV coach Tim Walter said on Sunday. His team has “felt weeks of finals” and is therefore confident and optimistic: “Everyone knows that we are totally focused on the game and feel incredibly excited. You saw what the boys are capable of. We are brave and convinced of us . “

“Everyone in the club is bursting with energy and we will bring it on the field tomorrow.”
HSV coach Tim Walter

Nevertheless, the 46-year-old warned against too much euphoria: “There is no time to think of a ‘what if?’ We are only halfway there and we will continue on Monday. ” After the first stage, it was important “to regenerate and regain power”. Walter is also dependent on the support of the fans in the sold-out Volksparkstadion: “We managed to emotionalize everyone and get them involved. Now we want to make the fans and the city happy.”

Jatta, Meffert and Vuskovic probably operational

The ailing trio Bakéry Jatta, Jonas Meffert and Mario Vuskovic grab Walter in the vat: “We manage it all individually so we can compete with the best possible team.” Spectators should not watch a cautious tactical HSV: “Absolutely not! Everyone who knows us and has seen our season knows exactly that we are trying to play football, it does not matter who. We will play as bravely as the coach expects us” , said Meffert, hoping the relegation will finally be a success story for him on third try.

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Hamburger SV players celebrate Ludovit Reis' goal (3rd from left) to 1-0 at Hertha BSC © IMAGO / Revierfoto

The decision will be made on Monday night in Volksparkstadion. Information and background information in the news blog on NDR.de. more

Police officers in front of Hamburger Volksparkstadion.  © Witters

5,700 guest fans from Berlin are expected on Monday. Hamburg police classified about 500 of them as violent. more

HSV's Miro Muheim and Ludovit Reis (from left) cheer on Reis' goal to 1-0 at Hertha BSC © Witters

After winning the relegation battle at Hertha BSC, the Hamburgers are just a step away from returning to the Bundesliga. more

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