Also a member of the fitness center – and do not know why?

ISLANDkay, guys, gyms. It is said that ten million Germans are members of such establishments. Me too. Not just once, but again and again. It’s like smoking, you can break the habit a dozen times, but you still can not get rid of it. It’s similar to fitness studios, you may know it: The studio at the other end of town announces an open day with completely unique, sensationally cheap, never-ending specials. And of course: you have to do something for your fitness. Personal goal? Well, no bikini figure, despite all the fashion diversity: a bikini does not suit me, it does not have to be a six-pack, but it does Suitable for fun Definitely because imagine there is a place full of funlet’s say Jogi Löw celebrates his name day, we are invited but not fit enough!

So go to open day, let yourself be chatted by a young lady with a fluttering bikini figure, sign a contract with all the extras, 24 months, sauna and protein shake included, you do not have to save on fitness. Go there once a week after, and then again, treadmills, ergometers, tractors.

After two weeks still no bikini figure, not even a sixpack. Of course, the desire is gone, the air is out, lack of motivation, as any competitive athlete knows. Tried a few more offers in the studio, yoga and other distortion courses with a meditation background that might lead some people to the ensemble Cirque du Soleil, but only to a physiotherapeutic practice for me. At least that is it. The rest: twenty-three months pay for nothing, and so do an estimated 9.5 million other German fitness members.

Also? fitness break. How long? Until the next open day with spectacular, unprecedented super special offers. Same procedure: 24 months with all accessories. So I’ve been through all kinds of studies over time. All. From the iron-hard ones in the backyard, with heavy limousines in front of the door and big boys behind them, to the Bildungsretiree studio, where it does not smell of sweat, but of professor titles, where there is no music, no sauna, no. courses, no bikini figure, not even yoga. My current studio has been closed for a long time. Because of Corona. It does not matter, I’m not there anymore anyway. I do not know if it will ever reopen. All I know is that I still have thirteen months on the contract.

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