Yoga in the morning: For these reasons, early exercise is worthwhile

There are days in life when everything just goes wrong. The coffee in the morning lands on the white blouse, an important presentation hangs and then the fridge breaks. On days like these, there are only two things that help me: laughing at it and yoga – although I first have to do yoga to get enough distance to be able to laugh at it afterwards.

But the thing about yoga is that it helps shake off stress. But if you practice prevention, it works twice as well. So in this article I will tell you why Yoga in the morning must try to show you the most important exercises for it.

All about yoga in the morning:

What is yoga?

Yoga has a long tradition. It was about 2000 years ago as part of the Indian health system Ayurveda developed. Today, people around the world practice it amidst the ever-increasing hype surrounding mindfulness and stress reduction.

Literally translated, yoga means “connection”. Appropriately, the goal of yoga practice is that Body, mind and soul form a harmonious unity. This idea is based on the assumption that the mind and body influence each other. If the psyche suffers, so does the body and vice versa. If you take care of both, you will not only stay healthy but also happy.

To achieve that, you go inside special physical positions (asanas)deep yoga stretches and Breathing exercises (pranayamas). In yoga, movements and breathing are brought into harmony. What reads here very spiritually has in practice not only proven through hundreds of yearsbut is also being scientifically confirmed in more and more studies.

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Why yoga is worth it in the morning

In order for yoga to be able to develop its full effect, it should not only be practiced acutely after stressful days. It’s better if you Practice yoga regularly and preventively. Yoga is especially good in the morning. Practicing yoga before a grueling day prepares you for it. Instead of straining your stress and tension and then shaking it off later, you keep both in check. Why yoga in the morning is also worthwhile:

  • yoga prevents back pain and tension. Here you can read how to get rid of tension in the neck, and what back exercises are worth doing at home.
  • It stretches muscles, tendons and ligaments and thereby preventing injuries.
  • who practices yoga strengthens its immune system. Here you can find out which home remedies also help strengthen your immune system.
  • That tightens the whole body and gives one upright position. Read here why it is so important to sit upright.
  • Yoga relaxes and relieves stress: On the one hand, it is because endorphins are generally released during sports. But it is also due to controlled and conscious breathing. When we are stressed, we breathe faster and more superficially. When you learn to breathe deeply and calmly, you come down and relax your breathing muscles.
  • Yoga increases inner peace, serenity and concentration.

5 exercises for yoga in the morning

In short: Yoga in the morning helps that you are completely with yourself and that nothing can confuse you so easily. Does that sound more than tempting? Then we have five exercises for you that you can try as part of your morning routine:

1. The triangles

The triangle, also known as Trikonasana, is a standing yoga pose that occurs primarily in hatha yoga. Make a side stretch and open the chest. When you do, your will Organs gently massaged and you strengthen your muscles – especially in the back, abdomen and buttocks.

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Here’s how it is done: Stand in a straddling position and let your hands hang down. Now lift one arm over your head and twist your upper body up. Hold this stretch for a few seconds.

2. The tree

This exercise for yoga in the morning is one of the absolute basics and promotes above all yours balance and your concentration. Your whole body muscles are also strengthened.

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Here’s how it is done: Stand upright at the beginning of your mat. Move your weight to your right leg and lift your arms above your head. Place your palms together and build tension in your arms. Now slowly lift your left leg and place your sole on your right inner thigh. Focus on one point in the room and balance for at least a minute before switching sides. During yoga in the morning, you can mentally review your goals for the day.


This yoga exercise is also called Vira Bhadrasana. It requires body tension and endurance and training especially your buttocks and quadriceps. Of the three possible variations, I present the first to you here.

This is what another variant of the warrior looks like. Photo: imago images / addictive stock

Here’s how it is done: Stand in a sloping position and extend your arms to shoulder height. Rotate your right foot so that you point it straight ahead. The right hind foot stands across and presses firmly into the mat. Now sit low by bending your left leg. Your left knee should not go past your toes. Keep your back straight and tense throughout your body.

4. Camel

The Ustrasana exercise, also known as the camel, primarily stretches your spine, chest and abdominal muscles and strengthens your bottom and thighs. It is ideal for yoga in the morning as it makes yours stimulates the cycle and gives you stability for the day.

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Here’s how it is done: Kneel on your mat so that your thighs and calves form a 90 degree angle. Keep the pelvis straight and do not strain. Now go into a hollow back and bend the upper body backwards. Grasp your heels with your hands. If you also want to feel the stretch in your calves, press your toes into the mat.

5th table

This asana is particularly suitable for training and stabilizing the arms, shoulders, torso, pelvic floor and lumbar region. In this plank position, also called Purvottanasana, you mainly stretch the front of your body and stimulate your hormonal system. An exercise that must not be missing in your morning routine!

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Here’s how it is done: Sit on your mat with long legs and put your hands behind you. Now press your heels into the mat and lift your buttocks off the floor. Push yourself into an inverted plank, pausing at the point where your body forms a straight line.

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