Werder Bremen Bundesliga transfers: How Ole Werner gets newcomers!

Bremen – The pictures and impressions from last Sunday – they still have an influence on Ole Werner. In any case, the coach of SV Werder Bremen has not yet come to terms with what happened after the perfect promotion to the Bundesliga at the Weser Stadium and later at the Osterdeich. “I have not really come down yet,” the 34-year-old admitted on Thursday – saying: “It will take a while before I fully understand what was going on. People everywhere! There was not a meter of land to be seen.”

An entire city celebrated in green and white. “Being there is something unique for everyone,” excited Ole Wernerjust after increase however, is already facing the next big challenge. This applies to the new squad the first year after Bundesliga– to plan the return. This should also be an ongoing topic during Werner’s holiday in Sardinia. “My phone will stay on for the next few weeks, at least a few hours a day. We have a lot to do,” he said. Coachas in transfer planning from Werder Bremen a special role.

Coach Ole Werner plays a special role in Werder Bremen’s transfer planning

In Amos Pieper is the first newcomer after Bundesligaincrease already fixed. On Wednesday, Werder announced the signing of the 24-year-old central defender, who is coming on a free transfer from Arminia Bielefeld – and his decision for Bremen specifically due to Ole Werner have met. “The conversation with Ole was very important for the player,” said sports director Frank Baumann DeichStube. Pieper also reported a “very, very good feeling” that the exchange with the coach gave him. “I show the players how I imagine Werder football, and explain to them how I rate them. It’s about showing the players a perspective for the future, “he said Coach from Werder Bremenbut whose work begins much earlier.

Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner on squad planning: “With the exception of the goalkeeper position, we look at all parts of the team”

For sports director Baumann and head of professional football Clemens Fritz, he creates precise position profiles that register where and in what form Werner sees a need for reinforcements. There will probably be a lot of paperwork for this summer because: “With the exception of the goalkeeper position, we are looking at all parts of the team,” revealed Ole Werner. Although he has troop a “certain framework of players who have already proven their quality in the first division”. And yet should be in defense, midfield and attack as possible player there “really are reinforcements for us”. Of increase On the one hand, it makes relocations in this category necessary in the first place, because after all, Werder would like to be able to keep up with the upper house. On the other hand, it can be used as a strong argument to attract players from Werder Bremen to convince. “Of course it opens increase certain doors in terms of staff, ”stressed Werner, who relies heavily on chief analyst Tom Cichon’s expertise when looking for new players.

If Baumann and Fritz Werner have presented a list of suitable candidates based on his job profiles, the coach will take them player under the magnifying glass together with Cichon. “As the interface to the coaching staff, Tom often has the first look at it,” he explained Ole Werner. Of course, these processes are not carved in stone. Sometimes I also hear that a player no longer has to be happy with his club and throw his name in the ring, Werner said. Personal relationships play for him Coach from Werder Bremen it does not matter.

On the contrary: in Werner’s eyes, it can be quite problematic player to have with whom one has a common past. “Sometimes it’s not such a happy situation for the player,” he stressed Ole Werner. The impression that the desired player is playing coaches being, could become a problem for a professional. Both in front of the players and in public. For comparison: Werner’s predecessor, Markus Beginning, was at Werder Bremen put a different focus and in Nicolai Rapp, Marvin Ducksch and Lars Lukas Mai gathered three of his ex-players around him last summer.

Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner on his return to the Bundesliga: “Of course, promotion opens certain doors in terms of staff”

How exactly Bremen troop whatever it looks like in the end, does itself at one point Ole Werner No illusions: Werder’s role will change in the new year compared to the season in the second division. “It’s no secret that we will meet teams with better players,” he said Coach. “And yet we must continue to stand for our identity, which we have built with great effort. In other words, for attacking football, where you do not hide Bundesliga is often in the role of outsider, which is not a problem for Werner: “We certainly do not want 65 percent of ball possession every week, sometimes maybe only 40 or 45 percent. But there has to be a lot in it Werder Bremen put. We want to be true to ourselves as often as possible. “

The interpersonal, the great cohesion in troopwhat made the team strong in the 2nd league should also be in Bundesliga be preserved. “It will be important because you know there will be nothing to celebrate for a week or two,” he said Ole Werner. In this respect, it may not be at all bad that the pictures of the ascent Werder Bremen and Werner still has a strong impact – may become a support after annoying defeats in the future. (dco)

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