Vettel & Schumacher the big losers


The qualification in the analysis

Saturday in Barcelona is coming to an end and we say goodbye to today. The race starts tomorrow at 15.00, and we will of course be there again tomorrow with a new ticker for you.

Finally, the reference to our great video analysis of qualifying follows. Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll talked about the following topics for about an hour:

– Schumacher: Another clear defeat against Magnussen
– Vettel: Aston Martin also comes with a B version
– Leclerc & Verstappen: Dramatic battle for pole
– Bottas, McLaren & Alonso
– Mercedes: Do not cover the right window
– Long-term update: Ferrari has risen!
– Questions from channel members from live chat

Have fun with it and see you tomorrow!


Warning to Haas pilots

This would also decide the day’s last open case: Magnussen and Schumacher were each given a warning to stroll around in qualifying. So they can keep their starting places.

However, the case itself is quite complex, as the stewards noticed as many as 55 violations in the qualification. You can find out exactly why only the Haas drivers were examined in the somewhat longer explanation:

“During the qualifying exercise, there were 55 violations by 18 drivers of the Race Director’s Event Notes (point 4) regarding the minimum time between SC1 and SC2. Stewards reviewed each case and the majority of the cases were the result of drivers following another driver, who were also on the road, and as each driver tried to create a hole for the previous driver, they gradually slowed down until a ‘train’ of drivers exceeded the minimum time. “

“But on the five occasions where these ‘trains’ developed during the qualifying period, the driver of car 47, Mick Schumacher, and the driver of car 20, Kevin Magnussen, were the first, or almost the first, out of pits due to their garage location, and were therefore able to control their speed without having to worry about cars in front of them. “

“Furthermore, the stewards found that in general, the cars that did not follow the Race Director’s Event Note followed these two cars. The procedure required by the note is relatively new and was introduced during this season and has not included a penalty up to this. However, for the above reasons, the stewards state that the failure of these drivers to comply with the instructions was more under their control than any other driver. “

“As the procedure is new and in view of the fact that other drivers have actually violated the instruction, but not to this extent, the stewards issue a warning to the drivers concerned. The stewards note that further violations may result in increased penalties not only for these drivers. but for any competitor who commits a similar breach in the future. “


Norris is not quite in shape

Yesterday you could see that the Briton did not really look fit in PK. He has now confirmed that. “Honestly, I was not feeling well all weekend,” he reveals, clarifying, “It’s not COVID.” He rather struggles with hay fever.

He just is not feeling well, sleeping poorly and his “energy levels” are worse than they have been for a long time. That may explain why he suffered his first qualifying defeat against Ricciardo today.

Let’s cross our fingers that tomorrow will be a little better.


Sainz still without a chance

0: 5 in the race duel, in the qualifying duel now 0: 6 against Leclerc. Sainz is the only rider in the field who has not yet been able to win a single one of those team-internal duels against his teammate.

“I think it’s a little more tricky and snapper than last year’s car,” Sainz says when asked about his problems, explaining: “That’s probably one of the reasons I’m not quite at this level yet.”

His full statement is here!


Finally the first points for Schumacher?

Will it finally work tomorrow and we can delete Mick from our photo series again? “I do not want to shout it up, so I would rather not say anything about it,” the German himself smiles when asked about it.

Sky expert Timo Glock is more optimistic, explaining that Schumacher “did a really good job and got the most out of what he had available with the few laps in FP3. There will be points tomorrow!”

Photo gallery: Top 10: Formula 1 drivers with the most starts without points


live stream

Do not forget: In a little over half an hour, Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll will report live on the YouTube channel with the big analysis of the qualification in Barcelona. The following topics are planned:

– Schumacher: Another clear defeat against Magnussen
– Vettel: Aston Martin also comes with a B version
– Leclerc & Verstappen: Dramatic battle for pole
– Bottas, McLaren & Alonso
– Mercedes: Do not cover the right window
– Long-term update: Ferrari has risen!
– Questions from channel members from live chat


Leclerc admits mistakes

The Monegasker does not blame the car for his spin in the first Q3 race. “It was a good lap, but I pushed in turn 14 and lost the rear end,” he admits, adding, “I locked the rear wheels a little so I went a little too far.”

His complete statements after pole can be found here!


Pirelli: The fastest way is to make two stops

Are there really three stops tomorrow? Pirelli will not rule it out, but at least on paper, two stops are the fastest, according to the Italians. Medium-Medium-Soft is the best option.

Medium-soft-soft is a bit slower. A top plug with all three connections is also possible, but the hard tire is so slow that it should be avoided, at least on paper.

So could be exciting if we really see some different flavors tomorrow!


Ricciardo: First win against Norris

After it was 0: 5 from the Australian’s point of view in the internal qualifying duel, he was able to overtake Norris for the first time today. “It was a pretty good session,” he says contentedly after P9.

“I love Q3. That was our goal,” he explains. However, he was also lucky, because if Norris had not had his time canceled in Q2, the Briton would at least have been faster there.

Not surprisingly, Norris speaks of a “frustrating” end to his day, which actually started “promisingly”. For in FT3 he was still “Best of the Rest” in a seventh place.

In the cockpit, he had the feeling of being within the track limits. “But unfortunately it was not me,” he admits. That was the end of his qualification. “We had a good pace in the car,” he says angrily.

After all: he starts on P11 just behind the points. Counters are certainly still there.


Bottas: Not on P7 without updates

The upgrades on the Alfa Romeo seem to be working. Bottas explains after P7: “I’m satisfied, the lap was good. I do not think we would have been number seven today without the upgrades.”

The new parts are probably “as good as expected,” he says contentedly. As a starting point, the route in Barcelona does not go so well with the C42. He feels much more comfortable in slow turns.

In any case, it is “good” that the updates work. However, teammate Zhou finished 15th and last in Q2. It will be much harder for him tomorrow with points.


Good for Aston Martin

Do you remember the uncertain release of Stroll vs. Norris? Aston Martin now has to shell out 5,000 euros for this. Here is the verdict in brief:

“The team leader for car 18 admitted that the team accidentally released car 18 in the path to car 4, creating an uncertain release.”

Means: Aston Martin has admitted the mistake.


AlphaTauri: Q3 was not present today

P13 and P14 for Tsunoda and Gasly, who previously missed FT3. “I think we got the most out of the car today,” says the Japanese, emphasizing, “So I have to be happy with that.”

“We’re really struggling with the pace here in Barcelona – especially compared to Miami,” he admits. Teammate Gasly also confirms that there were difficulties “all weekend”.

“We lack pace on this course,” he agrees, explaining that “something else” was tried to qualify. “But it did not work out,” he shrugs.

It will probably also be difficult to finish in points tomorrow.


What exactly do the event notes say?

Point 4 literally says:

“Laps during qualifying and reconnaissance laps To ensure that cars are not driven unnecessarily slowly during all laps of qualifying sessions or during reconnaissance laps, when the pit lane is opened for the race, drivers must stay for the maximum time set by the FIA ​​between Safety Car- the lines shown on the pitlane map. “

Roughly speaking, this means that at no point in qualifying can drivers spend more than 1:31 minutes between the two safety car lines. Apparently, both Haas drivers were tooting just a little too much.


Schumacher threatens trouble

Something else could come: Both Schumacher and teammate Magnussen were quoted as the stewards. Both are said to have run impermissibly slow in qualifying. Here is the reasoning in its entirety:

“Alleged violation of Article 12.2.1 (i) of the International Sports Code and non-compliance with the race director’s competition remarks (point 4 of document 34); driving unnecessarily slow during qualifying.”

19:15 they have to explain themselves to the race stewards. Of course we keep an eye on it!


Perez: Problems all weekend

The Mexican was more than 0.3 seconds slower than his teammate in Q3 today. He was much closer to that this year. “We tried something different with the setup,” he says of his last Q3 round.

“It felt a little weird so I did not have a good time,” he reports, adding, “I had the impression I was having problems all weekend. I was not feeling well.”

“We tried a few things and the pace was there. But I did not manage to get this round together today,” said Perez, for whom P5 “is not an ideal result”.

His hope is now the “good” running pace.


Albon: The result is not representative

The Williams drivers occupied the last two seats today. Albon explains that he had “intercourse” in his last attempt. “It’s frustrating because the car and the tires did,” he says angrily.

“So I’m disappointed we did not get a more representative result,” Albon said. Teammate Latifi was again almost 0.3 seconds slower and talking about a “difficult” qualification.

“We still lack pace and a lot in the fast corners,” the Canadian said. So Williams will once again have to catch up tomorrow in the race …

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