There is no contact pressure on the moon!

( – Sebastian Vettel rules out another career as a Formula 1 politician On the question of whether he could imagine becoming a politician in his life after Formula 1 after his highly acclaimed appearance on the British domestic political talk show ‘Question Time ‘, the 34-year-old laughs only and clarifies: “No.”

Sebastian Vettel has no plans to start another career as a politician



Not so long ago, Vettel called for doubling the cylinders in Formula 1 engines and putting the batteries where they belong, namely in the remote control. The change to one that deals with environmental protection and sustainability has been implemented at a furious pace in the last one to two years.

There was not a key moment, Vettel explains. He is often asked why the issue of climate and environmental protection is so important to him – a question he can only wrinkle his nose at: “It is important not only for me but for all of us. And I do not understand how to “It can be important. How can you ignore it?”

Vettel: Climate change affects everyone, whether they like it or not!

“I understand that some people are less worried about it, but we can no longer afford the luxury of not worrying about it,” says Vettel, admitting that he himself had to deal with the matter first to understand it correctly: “There was a time when all this was not as clear to me as it is today.”

“But once you understand the problem, when you become a father at the same time, you think more about the future. Today’s boys and their children, who will follow after a day, will no longer have the luxury of no longer dealing with it. Up with their life. will be affected whether they like it or not. “

Vettel recently attracted attention with a T-shirt in Miami, a city that according to forecasts could be one of the hardest hit by climate change: “Miami 2060 – First Grand Prix under water” stood on it. Only after the race weekend did it become known that he also met with scientists, engineers and soil culture researchers in Miami.

Because humanity must act now, Vettel appeals: “Each of us has a responsibility to think about what we can contribute. We can not run away from it unless we want to race the moon one day. It would be, but I do ‘I do not think it’s that exciting because there is not much downforce on the moon! “

Concern for young people with an uncertain future

But Vettel is not only concerned about climate and environmental protection. During his trip to London last week, he visited not only the BBC TV studio, but also a prison for young men and a school. He experienced meetings that left a lasting impression.

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Red Bull accuses Aston Martin of data theft!

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“What I learned from that is that I was very, very lucky when I was growing up,” Vettel says. “I was surrounded by love. My parents had time for me and took care of me.” At school in Waterloo he heard and saw very different fates, and that in one of the richest cities in the world.

“But as soon as you leave the main streets, just a block or two, you come across children whose path has been mapped. They do not have the same opportunities as I had then. At some point, they end up in a dead end and can not get out there which is shocking, because in a city like London there are so many options and so much money. “

“We have to act, we have to do something. And if we can raise such issues, then it’s a small contribution. If we succeed in helping a few of these children, then it’s already a “Ideally, some of these children will have a better life than they had on paper,” he says.

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