The Becker myth is no longer enough for tennis clubs in the Achern region

Becker-Hecht: The performance of tennis star Boris Becker from Leimen electrified the masses and they flocked to the clubs in the region. But such characters are currently lacking in German tennis.

Photo: Rüdiger Schrader / dpa

Becker-Hecht, Becker-Faust and brilliant years for German tennis. Now he, Boris Becker, is sitting the preliminary low point in a once glorious career. Six Grand Slam titles, then the youngest Wimbledon winner and as a German electrified the man from the Leimen masses.

And they flocked to the tennis clubs, also inspired by an equally fabulous Steffi Graf. “It was a boom,” Jürgen Hurst recalls. Germany performed on the big stage in world tennis, “and everyone wanted to be a part of it,” said the chairman of the Mittelbaden tennis district.

This is signed by his colleague in District 3 (Ovre Rhin-Breisgau), Edgar Faller, who is also in charge of the clubs in the northern district of Ortenau. But how are they? The fact is, they have to come up with something out of the ordinary.

The Becker boom is over.

This is how Wolfgang Harter, chairman of TC Ottenhöfen, sees it. When it comes to recruiting young talent, the association is dependent on the collaboration with the local primary school. Sports lesson on the tennis court, with a professional coach, should get the kids interested in the white sport.

Offspring are rare

Because young people are, like everywhere else, quite rare, syndicates with other clubs in the youth field are often unavoidable. However, the Ottenhöfeners still have some equity: In other words, Herren40, which plays in the 1st district league.

Edgar Faller, born in Bühl-Neusatz and once a footballer at SV Neusatz am Felsenrain, states that the Becker myth is still alive. In many clubhouses there are still pictures from the heyday, pictures that show Becker as well as Stefanie Graf, Michael Stich or Anke Huber. history (s).

At the moment, Jürgen Hurst also sees it this way, Germany is not exactly a leader in international tennis. Well, there is Alexander Zverev, the individual gold winner at the Olympics in Tokyo and currently number three on the ATP world rankings. There is Angelique Kerber, who is Andrea Petković, also with good performances. But that is also not why people in Baden crowd the clubs in the Achern region.

Increase in membership in Corona time

By the way, when it comes to idols, Wolfgang Harter prefers the Swiss star Roger Federer, “a popular character”, as he says, but not a German.

However, the number of members of the Baden Tennis Association (BTV) is increasing. But that can be explained by the corona pandemic. Like golf, for example, it is possible to practice this sport outdoors, always with the necessary distance, Faller explains. BTV has recently registered a three percent increase in the number of members. In addition, tennis can be played in old age. “We have players who are over 80,” reports Wolfgang Harter.

And what about the offspring now? In U15 there is Julia Stusek in the catchment area of ​​District 3. She comes from Rheinfelden, now plays in Heidelberg and is considered according to Faller as a “hopeful talent”, some experts even see her as the next Anke Huber. You have to work hard, do a lot of things behind it, who still stands for it? It requires parents to drive their children to tournaments. “A Saturday afternoon is quickly gone,” Faller says.

No youth problems at TC Achern

Nevertheless, tennis still has its fans, even among young people. “We do not currently have a problem with young people. Our young people are well positioned and successful,” reports Lisa Koch from TC Rot-Weiss Achern. “In our opinion, the reasons for this are the good training we offer and the opportunity to train and play all year round in the hall,” the press officer continued.

But it requires some work: TC Achern continuously invests in its facility and proves to be innovative. The hall must receive a “wingfield”. Games or training sessions are recorded there via cameras, and the possible “video analysis” can be used to improve stroke technique and game tactics as well as training, says Lisa Koch.

The hall, an unsurpassed advantage. Many clubs do not have one, which of course sets limits in the winter. Jürgen Hurst describes another development: More and more children are not playing enough sports, the clubs are feeling it And what about the future? Edgar Faller refers to TC Wittelbach in the Seelbach district of the same name (near Lahr).

Just over 600 residents, about 200 members. The artificial turf enables training all year round, and everyone who looks at the website will see offers such as outdoor yoga or mental training with beginner courses in tennis. The future of tennis needs good ideas, you have to look to the left and right of the court, says Wolfgang Harter, standing still is the worst thing for a club.

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