Qualification in Barcelona – Schumacher celebrates historic result! Vettel debacle

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Mick Schumacher celebrates his best qualifying result in Barcelona in Formula 1. Charles Leclerc secures pole position. The ticker to read.

  • Formula 1: Qualification for the Spanish Grand Prix, Saturday at
  • Charles Leclerc vs. Max Verstappen and takes the pole position.
  • With a little luck, Mick Schumacher will finish in tenth place and celebrate his best qualifying result. The ticket for the starting point hunt in Barcelona to read.

Update from 21 May at 17.25: With tenth place, Mick Schumacher gets his best qualifying result in his Formula 1 career. In Italy he was already number ten, but in the sprint race. “Surprised that we had a really good qualification. Without driving this morning, there was uncertainty. Q3 in qualifying is very nice, “said Schumacher on Sky. The 23-year-old Haas driver can look forward to the first points in tomorrow’s race.” Qualification counts here. Hopefully we can get off to a good start tomorrow and stay in that position. Of course, if things go ahead, it would be great. ”

Formula 1: qualification in Barcelona – the end result

1 Charles Leclerc 2 Max Verstappen 3 Carlos Sainz 4George Russell
5 Sergio Perez 6 Lewis-Hamilton 7 Valtteri Bottas 8Kevin Magnussen
9 Daniel Ricciardo 10 Mick Schumacher 11 Lando Norris 12 Esteban Oçon
13 Yuki Tsunoda 14 Pierre Gasly 15 Guanyuzhou 16Sebastian Vettel
17 Fernando Alonso 18 Lance Stroll 19 Alexander Albon 20 Nicholas Latifi

Q3: Charles Leclerc occupies pole position in Ferrari ahead of Max Verstappen. Mick Schumacher has no chance in Q3, but with tenth place he celebrates his best result in the qualification in Formula 1.

Mick Schumacher achieves the best qualifying result in his Formula 1 career in Barcelona. © Andy Hone / Imago

Q3: Leclerc puts in a great turn and takes the lead by over three tenths. Max Verstappen can still counter, but he has problems with power.

Q3: Now Charles Leclerc will be out on the field for the first time in Q3.

Q3: Max Verstappen takes the lead, Carlos Sainz is already three and a half tenths behind, followed by Sergio Perez.

Q3: Mick Schumacher opens the final round of qualifying, which is still almost ten minutes on the clock.

Formula 1: qualification in Barcelona – result after Q2

11 Lando Norris
12 Esteban Oçon
13 Yuki Tsunoda
14 Pierre Gasly
15 Guanyuzhou

Q2: Lando Norris, Esteban Ocon, Yuki Tsunoda, Pierre Gasly and Guanyu Zhou have been eliminated in Q2.

Q2: Mick Schumacher in luck. The Haas driver benefits from a mistake from Lando Norris, who was probably off the track and therefore is downgraded. Max Verstappen is fastest in Q2.

Formula 1: Mick Schumacher enjoys a penalty against Lando Norris and slips into Q3.
Mick Schumacher benefits from a penalty on Lando Norris and slips into Q3. © Image

Q2: Mick Schumacher shakes for Q3 in ninth place.

Q2: Sebastian Vettel narrowly missed into Q2 with 77 thousandths. “I struggled with balance and had overprices. It was very difficult, it was not fast enough. I do not know why we made such a mistake, “Vettel said on the Sky microphone.” We still have a chance tomorrow, it’s going to be a tire fight. But today I’m down. “After his turn, Vettel complained to his team on the pit radio when he was told the result:” You have to make fun. “

Q2: It continues with the second round of qualifying. The remaining 15 drivers have just under ten minutes to qualify for the top 10.

Formula 1: qualification in Barcelona – result after Q1

16Sebastian Vettel
17 Fernando Alonso
18 Lance Stroll
19 Alexander Albon
20 Nicholas Latifi

Formula 1: Qualification in Barcelona NOW in the live ticker – Vettel experiences Aston Martin debacle

Q1: Mick Schumacher comes in eleventh place in Q2. Aston Martin is experiencing a debacle: Sebastian Vettel is retiring in P16, as is teammate Lance Stroll in P18. In addition, Fernando Alonso surprisingly fails at the first obstacle. The departure of the two Williams drivers Alexander Albon and Nicholas Latifi was expected. Charles Leclerc set the fastest time.

Formula 1: Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel was eliminated in the qualifiers in Barcelona after Q1.
Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel was eliminated in the qualifiers in Barcelona after Q1. © Image

Q1: The bug, understeer with Mick! Schumi junior moves up to eighth place, but many other riders still come. Is it enough?

Q1: Mick Schumacher enters his final crucial inning. He is currently only in 19th place, which would mean the end. We tremble with you!

Q1: Only four minutes left of the first qualifying session. Latifi, Mick Schumacher, Gasly, Stroll and Albon would currently be eliminated.

Q1: Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz of Ferrari have taken the lead ahead of Max Verstappen of Red Bull and Goerge Russell and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes. Mick Schumacher’s first failure failed, Sebastian Vettel is 14.

Formula 1: qualification in Barcelona NOW in live ticker – crash in pit prevented

Q1: There was almost a bang – in the box. Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll wants to drive away and almost drives into the passing Lando Norris in McLaren. “He almost crashed me,” Norris cursed on the pit radio.

Q1: Sergio Perez of Red Bull is the first top rider to set the first top time on the tarmac.

Q1: The asphalt temperature in Barcelona is 48 degrees. Incredibly hot rises. The outdoor temperature is 34 degrees.

Q1: Qualification starts. The five slowest drivers are eliminated in the first lap.

Update from 21 May at 16:00: “The electronic brake system activated the brakes and rubbed them, and at one point the thing caught fire. It was a programming error,” Haas team manager Günther Steiner said of Mick Schumacher’s burning cars during training. all. But that should be fine. I am convinced that we have two cars in Q3 today. ”

Update from 21 May at 15:53: In a few minutes, the Formula 1 qualification will start in Barcelona. Mick Schumacher had to stop training early and was only able to complete four laps. His brake on the Haas burst into flames and a crew member even fell into the pit. Hopefully things are going better in the battle for the starting places. .

The favorite for pole position is world championship leader Charles Leclerc in the reinforced Ferrari. But Max Verstappen in Red Bull and surprisingly also Lewis Hamilton and George Russel in the Mercedes hope.

Formula 1: qualification in Barcelona in live ticker – Mick Schumachers Haas burner

Update from 21 May at 14.30: Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen also fought a close duel before qualifying for Formula 1 in Spain, but Mercedes looks set to gradually return to the top tier. Ferrari World Championship leader Leclerc won the third free practice session in Barcelona with 1: 19,772 minutes, Red Bull world champion Verstappen was only 72 thousandths behind on his fastest lap.

On Saturday afternoon, however, the Mercedes duo was only two-tenths of a second from the top: the young George Russell finished third again a little faster than record-breaking world champion Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes, so far clearly the third force, wants to turn things around with some updates in Barcelona.

Formula 1: Mick Schumachers Haas burner – pit crew member falls

For Mick Schumacher, the session ended before it had really begun: at temperatures of 32 degrees, the Haas driver drove into the pit with burning brakes, the fire had to be extinguished, work on the car could not be completed at the end of the exercise.

When Schumacher arrived in front of the pits, a member of the pit crew fell, but the man was apparently unharmed. Immediately before the qualification (16:00 / Sky), the missed session was a setback for Schumacher.

Formula 1: Mick Schumacher's brakes broke fire during training in Barcelona and had to be switched off.
Mick Schumacher’s brake broke on fire during Barcelona training and had to be switched off. © Florent Gooden / Imago

Sebastian Vettel only finished training in twelfth place, so the completely revised Aston Martin did not bring any real improvement in the start. The car is still in focus this weekend: Due to the great resemblance to the RB18, Vettel’s team was offensively accused of data theft by Red Bull. However, the FIA ​​closed an investigation and acquitted Aston Martin of the suspicion.

Formula 1: Qualification in Barcelona in the live ticker – copying claims against the Vettel team

Barcelona – Formula 1 continues this weekend with the Spanish Grand Prix. Before the race on Sunday, there is qualification on the program in Barcelona (Saturday at 16, here in the live ticker). Mercedes is suddenly back in the mix for the front seats, and Aston Martin around Sebastian Vettel is to be charged with data theft.

Formula 1: Qualification in Barcelona in the live ticker – Mercedes attack Ferrari and Red Bull

As every year, the teams had built several new parts on their cars before the Spanish Grand Prix (Sunday at 15.00 / Sky), after five races in the season, the time for the updates had come. Ferrari obviously did not fail anything, and the start was also not cause for concern for world champion Max Verstappen and Red Bull: Three tenths of a second behind Charles Leclerc on a Friday is not very meaningful.

Between rivals, however, Mercedes caused a stir. “We’ll see at the weekend if we’re on the right track,” Lewis Hamilton said before training. At the end of the day, seats two and three were up to George Russell and the record-breaking world champion. Russell was just over a tenth of a second behind. It was a remarkably good day for the Silver Arrows, who have largely been a third strength so far.

Verstappen finished the training session in fifth place. The Dutchman has won three of the season’s five races so far, most recently two in a row. But as he also had to retire twice with technical problems, Leclerc still clearly leads the lead (104 to 85 points).

Formula 1: Qualification in Barcelona in the live ticker – copying claims against the Vettel team

Sebastian Vettel took an encouraging eighth place finish in the retreaded Aston Martin. However, the side pods on the green car are very reminiscent of Red Bull, and that sparked debate. Verstappen’s team even accused Aston Martin of data theft.

Sebastian Vettel and his Aston Martin team have been charged with data theft by Red Bull in Formula 1.
Sebastian Vettel and his Aston Martin team have been charged with data theft by Red Bull. © Carl Bingham / Imago

“You now have to clarify how this incredible copy came about,” Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko told Sky: “You have to take into account that seven people were poached from us and that our chief aerodynamics paid a disproportionate high fee for Aston Martin was deducted. “

Formula 1: qualification in Barcelona in live ticker – Red Bull suspects data theft from Aston Martin

In addition, there is even “evidence that data was downloaded,” Marko said, indicating that the former employees took Red Bull’s intellectual property with them to the competition. However, the World Automobile Association has already completed an investigation and certified Aston Martin for not violating any rules. However, the topic does not seem to be over yet.

Friday was also a good start for Mick Schumacher with a tenth place finish. Unlike competitors, their Haas racing team does not use new parts on the car in Spain. Follow the qualifier in Barcelona on Saturday at 4pm here in the live ticker. (ck / page)

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