Helmut Marko suspects data theft by Aston Martin

(Motorsport-Total.com) – That the “green Red Bull”, which Aston Martin presented in Barcelona as the in-house B version of the AMR22, was designed completely legally, Red Bull’s motorsport consultant Helmut Marko can not believe it. the best will in the world to introduce. The similarities between the two cars are just too striking, especially in the area around the side pods, which is the focus this year.

Sebastian Vettel drives a “green Red Bull” from Barcelona


Red Bull took the matter with defiant humor last Friday. During the first free training session in Barcelona, ​​team manager Christian Horner, star designer Adrian Newey & Co. placed green Red Bull cans at the command post as a drink. A flash with the fence post.

Because the FIA’s assessment that Aston Martin had happened to develop exactly the same design, independent of Red Bull in a separate design process launched months ago, hardly anyone in Red Bull believes – although Marko told ‘Sky’ clarifies : “Copying is not prohibited.”

Marko rages over Aston Martin: “Incredible copy”

But: “You must now clarify how this incredible copy came about. You must take into account that seven people were poached from us and that our chief aerodynamics specialist was drawn to Aston Martin for a disproportionately high fee. There are still some facts. Like we are investigating. We will investigate further. “

“Incredible copy”: Red Bull with accusations against Aston Martin updates

Dr Helmut Marko believes that there is a connection between the departure of several engineers from Red Bull to Aston Martin and the similarity between the two cars.

What Marko is all about: Dan Fallows, a longtime aerodynamicist and designer at Red Bull, was poached by Aston Martin in June 2021. On April 2, he started his new job as technical director. In hindsight, Marko finds the high fee that Aston Martin used to creep the engineer suspiciously.

“The sums spent here are incomprehensible. Also in connection with the ‘cost ceiling’. If an aerodynamicist suddenly earns so much more, then how should it proceed overall?”, Asks the Austrian.

And Marko goes even further with his claims when he says, “There is evidence that data was downloaded.” In fact, it would be illegal for the charge to be substantiated. “Copying is not strictly forbidden. But can one copy without documents and then get such a detailed copy of our car?”

Official statement from Red Bull

Marko is known for his good tones. But even the official Red Bull statement on the subject suggests that the FIA’s decision not to pursue the issue further will not simply be accepted.

According to the Milton Keynes team, the FIA ​​statement was read “with great interest”. Although imitation is generally flattering, Red Bull stresses that the rules of so-called “reverse engineering” must be observed: “If intellectual property has been transferred, it would clearly be a breach of the rules.”

This is not the first time the Aston Martin team has been accused of illegally copying from another team. As early as 2020, the racing team, then still under the name Racing Point, was accused of copying the Mercedes. The FIA ​​found Racing Point guilty. Penalty: 15 championship points deducted and a fine of 400,000 euros.

Glock: Marko is not talking nonsense

‘Sky’ expert Timo Glock is convinced: “I think we will deal with it a little longer as clearly and distinctly as Helmut Marko addresses it. There is certainly something in what he says, otherwise he would not say it directly. “

“It was not without reason that the Red Bull people stood in front of the pit yesterday, looked at it and sometimes shook their heads. These are really topics that are about the details: How do I arrange the radiator? What do I have for Is there a idea behind it? What do you get in the end, aerodynamically, if I build the car like this? “

“I think there can still be some unrest at Aston Martin,” Glock suspects, saying, “The point is this: the development of these cars with this new concept started much earlier, the first ideas. So we know Dan Fallows what the Red Bull journey has been and the ideas that have been pursued. “

“Of course he took them with him. They are in his head and he takes them with him. What may have been played on one memory stick or another in the background? No idea. We’ll find out at some point,” he says. Glock.

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