Eintracht Frankfurt – where to go with all the coal?

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Of: Ingo Durstewitz


Eintracht Frankfurt is benefiting enormously financially from the Europa Cup victory, but will continue to do business sensibly.

Frankfurt – Anyone who now, after Sevilla’s great victory in the European Cup, thinks that Eintracht Frankfurt will go on a big shopping trip with the Champions League qualifier behind them and let it tear to pieces in the transfer market, is on the wrong track. All those responsible, even in the intoxication of success and even the greatest tribune of the people, are stepping on the brakes with full force. Even someone like Peter Fischer, who was Eintracht’s emotional lighthouse around the finale and ignited a veritable fireworks display, is wary of this topic. “We do not want to tear down all the loans and just buy one just because we qualified for the Champions League,” said the 66-year-old. “We do not make hara-kiri.”

Supervisor Philip Holzer, who celebrated the triumphant exuberance and enthusiasm and was carried away by his emotions, also prefers to be cautious as a former investment banker. “We want to grow slowly, step by step,” said the influential official, a master of numbers. “And we always want to take people with us.” It’s not just important to him.

Markus Krösche from Eintracht Frankfurt: “We must work smart and upstream”

And sporting director Markus Krösche does not want to change his transfer strategy fundamentally, even though he actually has the greatest interest in having so much money available to set up the team in such a way that it can master the huge challenges. “Of course, this is a financial income that is extremely good for us after two years with Corona,” the 41-year-old said. “It will help us tremendously in the future. But we have to work wisely and upstream.” The pandemic just burned for 70 million euros, and the extra revenue from the international competitions comes at just the right time.

What most of you already knew is now official: Filip Kostic is simply the best © Imago Images

But there will be no superstars at any lunar prices. The team that has to prove itself in the Bundesliga and the best class should be strengthened with a sense of proportion. Nothing should be done that the club will later regret. There are probably examples of clubs that, if successful, have turned the payroll spiral upwards to be competitive. So much so that they could hardly fulfill their obligations if they did not succeed. It plays with fire and can get a club in serious trouble. Success, as they say, is where the biggest mistakes are made. And there are enough officials, including old driver Heribert Bruchhagen, who warn against rash action. Such a one-time participation in first-class class also carries dangers.

It would definitely be wrong to break up the team structure, including the salary structure, now. She has defined herself through inner unity and a strong team spirit – envy debates or star players with a similar salary could torpedo this spirit. Those responsible know this only too well.

In return, the victory march through Europe with the coronation of Wednesday’s Eintracht put in a different light. It is no longer a medium-sized Bundesliga club that answers and asks if there could be interest in a commitment, but the reigning Europa Cup winner and soon-to-be Champions League contestant. It’s sexy. No question. Peter Fischer also concedes. “It’s a little easier with acquisitions when you can say you do not know if you are playing against Liverpool or Real Madrid, but maybe you are ready for it. It sounds better than Greuther Fürth,” said the chairman. Despite all the understatement and restraint, Eintracht will of course be able to land one or the other player, which would not have been possible without the final victory.

Especially since Eintracht has made huge terrain economically. The Europa League has brought in more than 30 million euros, the Supercup final brings in at least 3.5 million, and in the national TV money table, the club has almost all the competitors’ attacks on the last day (2: 2 in Mainz). can still fend off, so that almost five million euros will also flow into this. The costs associated with the games and the not insignificant bonuses to the players must of course be deducted.

And: Real money can be made in the Champions League. The initial fee alone amounts to almost 16 million euros, which is 2.8 million for a win, for a qualification for the round of 16, almost ten million euros would fall due. There are also bonus payouts from the so-called market pool. Due to the coefficient regulation, of course, Eintracht would not shell out as much as Champions League regulars, but all in all, it’s a huge sentence in difficult times. Especially since viewer income is added. To clarify: In the last season only Bayern reached the knockout stage of the Champions League, but Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and VfL Wolfsburg also earned well: BVB came to 62.9 million, Leipzig to 45.5 million and VfL to 36.5. The differences can be seen in the performance-related bonuses (wins) and the club coefficient rankings, in this sector Wolfsburg (6.8 million) fell much less than Dortmund (26.2).

Axel Hellmann from Eintracht Frankfurt: “Champions League will demand a lot of us”

Eintracht will also use their income to strengthen equity, which has dwindled in recent years and needs to be increased through further capital measures. But of course she will strengthen her squad, maybe even pay a transfer fee, which would not have been possible before. The club must be prepared to “invest more,” says board spokesman Axel Hellmann. “The Champions League will demand a lot of us. But we will not abandon the basic philosophy. “

And maybe one or another player who would otherwise have gone will be left behind, such as Filip Kostic, who was named “Europa League Player of the Season” by Uefa on Friday. Great honor for the 29-year-old, who set up seven goals and almost single-handedly killed FC Barcelona. A well-deserved award. Just like that for Ansgar Knauff, who was named best young player. A few months ago, word came that the high-flying was still playing in the third division. (Ingo Durstewitz)

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