“Do you have any more rooms for tonight, thank you, thank you, thank you?”

Joel Corry in an interview with DJ Mag Germany

Your year has been incredibly busy so far. You just came from the US, have been to Australia, Miami and the Netherlands for 24 hours. That’s pretty crazy, right?

Joel Corry: Honestly, it was the best time of my life! Australia was completely crazy because all the corona restrictions that had just been lifted. So they just got back in the clubs and the Aussies are wild! From there, we headed straight to Miami Music Week. Unreal … genuine. During the week, I played so many different DJ sets and hung out with David Guetta. I had a really good time in Miami. Then we went across America and then to Amsterdam. It was just WOW – the biggest audience I ever have the DJ for: 40,000 people!

I always find it exciting to hear crazy travel stories. What has happened to you in the world in the last few weeks? Definitely some …

Joel Corry: Yes (laughs). So in Australia I had this incredible hotel suite! I also recorded a kind of MTV Cribs video there, you might have seen it on YouTube: The toilet … you could talk to the toilet … well, you could say “toilet, lift the seat” and the seat actually cracked the lift. It was like some crazy technology from the future (laughs). I mean … who needs it?

In Miami … oh my god, yes. This was a bit of a nightmare in Miami: we had just arrived from Australia, a 36 hour stopover in Qatar. So in total we were on the move for 36 hours and then we arrive in Miami totally exhausted and had to go for passport control, which took 3 hours. And when we finally got to the hotel – I think it was like … at. 1 or 2 – and something had gone wrong with the room reservation. So I could not check in. Problem: Miami was fully booked for Music Week and I thought, “Oh my god, this is the worst way to start a journey ever”. After waiting 3 hours at the airport, the hotel is not booked properly … I really called all the hotels in Miami: “Do you still have rooms for tonight, thank you, thank you, thank you?” I must have called 10 different hotels and finally there was a hotel that had one room and I remember I dragged all my luggage across the city once. It was so crazy (laughs).

Joel Corry: And whatever was fun when I’m in the US, I always like to try the local food. We were in Philadelphia for a concert and I really wanted to try a Philadelphia Cheese Steak – so I mentioned it in passing. My tour manager must have told the promoter about it, and when I got to the club in the evening there were three big cheese steaks waiting for me: “Gunner, what’s up? Yes, I wanted one, but I can not eat it until I hang up!” – I did not want to be rude either, so I made these big things crazy (laughs) I must say it was absolutely delicious, but during my DJ set … ey I was so full (laughs).

And in the club, everyone must have wondered if you gained weight (laughs)?

Joel Corry: But Joel Corry let go! (laughs)

How do you really remember all these places you visit? Do you have a travel diary or something?

Joel Corry: I’m incredibly happy to see all of these places. So when I visit a new country or a new city that I have not been to, I like to go out and see everything. Even though I am totally tired and exhausted from the trip. I just think it’s a shame just to sit in the hotel room. I know many DJs like to hang out in the hotel room, order room service and relax all day until the concert, but I always say, “No, I’m going out, I need to see the city.” This is how I always remember these places because I take a few pictures and selfies everywhere that I send to my sister or friends. So I have a little memory of every place I visit …

Is there a country you have not been to yet that you really want to travel to?

Joel Corry: Brazil. I always get so many messages from fans in Brazil on Insta who always ask, “When are you coming? We need you here! When are you coming?” I’ve never been there, but I know it’s a great place. Other DJs also say that the parties there are just amazing. So clearly Brazil.

Cool. You just told the story of the 36 hour flight and stop here and there. How do you usually pass the time at the airport?

Joel Corry: I like being at the airport because that’s when I can be really productive: I work on my music and think about my DJ sets, download new music. I always use this time because it’s like free time. It really is. There is always WiFi on the plane, although it is sometimes very slow (laughs). I never get on a plane and watch movies or drink. I am always with my head in my laptop and productive.

So it’s basically your office hours?

Joel Corry: Yes, it really is. All the other time you travel from hotel to hotel or from one club to another. There is almost no other office time when you are on the go. Your office hours are literally at the airport and on the plane.

And you NEVER watch a movie or Netflix or anything? I only ask because I know you’re a huge Breaking Bad fan. Have you heard that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are back … confirmed for the final season of Better Call Saul!

Joel Corry: Yeah … of course I’ve seen it all before, and I’m very, very excited to see it. I mean “Breaking Bad” – I’ve seen it so many times that it really never gets boring. It’s definitely the best series ever.

Let’s talk about music and what you’re working on right now. For example, did you spend time with Tiësto in Las Vegas recently – is something coming soon …?

Joel Corry: I love Tiësto – what a sweet guy. We went out to eat in Vegas, yes, and there was definitely a connection to it. We also talked about working together. So a collaboration, it’s something I really want, and so does he. When we have the right song, I’m sure it’s going to happen. What a legend. I have so much respect for him.

Just to bring up a German DJ – could you imagine working with Topic?

Joel Corry: Yes, definitely. Topic and I are friends. I have him in Miami, we text on social media from time to time and have bumped into each other a few times. I’m a fan of him, so it’s definitely something I would be interested in. When the real song comes … let’s see what happens …

Can you talk more specifically about it when you meet in Germany this summer – for example at PAROOKAVILLE! Who are you currently working with?

Joel Corry: Well, I was in the studio recently with Queen of Dance Music – Becky Hill. But I can not reveal more at the moment (laughs).

I’m curious, thanks for the tip. I assume you are ready, fit and well trained for the summer of 2022. As always. What kind of music do you like to listen to in the gym?

Joel Corry: I actually often listen to music that I work on. When you are in the studio, you are always very focused on the music. You do not think of anything else. Sometimes it’s really good to concentrate on something completely different. Maybe you drive and just let the music play on the page. Or you’re just at the gym and exercising. I then suddenly notice completely different things if I do not think specifically about them. Sometimes I also make notes in the gym about what I want to change about the songs when I’m back in the studio. It may sound a little crazy, but it’s very useful. When I train, something just happens in my head. Everything is burning. I feel like I am thinking on a whole different level when I train.

What about your summer shows !? Let’s review a few: Your stay in Ibiza starts on June 8 at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. What awaits us there?

Joel Corry: First of all, Ibiza is my absolute favorite place to DJ. Ibiza is the dance music metropolis. The biggest DJs in the world spin here. It is an iconic place with so much history. It is an honor for me to have a stay there, it is truly a dream. I want to DJ there every Wednesday and it’s going to be a great party. Especially now that nothing worked for two years due to all the Corona restrictions and the pandemic. I’m thinking right now that after two years of restrictions, Ibiza will be bigger and better than it has ever been. I think this might even be the best summer ever in Ibiza …

Also on your tour schedule is Tomorrowland, and I have to admit that when I read the line-up, it’s always a bit like that … oh damn, I think I need glasses …

Joel Corry: Yes. I know what you mean. It’s like, EVERYONE just DJs there. I play two weekends and I think it’s every DJs dream when it comes to festivals. The first weekend I play on the main stage! If you had told me five years ago or even two years ago that I was going to play on the main stage in Tomorrowland, I would have said “You’re crazy!”, Because it’s just too harsh. It will be an incredible weekend – and it will also be my first Tomorrowland.

A weekend on the main stage and then the third weekend you also DJ on Lost Frequency & Friends Stage. If you had the opportunity to book your own Joel Corry & Friends scene right now … who would play?

Joel Corry: Definitely my husband David Guetta. I would also ask Tiesto. That would give us two legends in the game. Who else could perform there? Definitely Carl Cox because he’s one of my favorite techno DJs.

And now, of course, there is another very, very bold festival that we need to talk about: PAROOKAVILLE in Germany … will also be your first time, right?

Joel Corry: Yes … I’m really looking forward to it! This will be the first time I really DJ in front of a German audience and I can not wait. I know it’s one of the biggest festivals in Germany and I’m DJs on the main stage. What an honor! I’ve also seen a few videos from the last couple of years – it looks sooo good … I promise I’ll come up with a cool, very special set for you!

Share! Have you heard a bit about PAROOKAVILLE from other DJs? It’s like a real city – there is a church where you can marry your best friend. There is a pool, a prison where you can get tattoos and there is also a PAROOKA police who patrol and are happy to hand out shots …

Joel Corry: Wow, okay … then I have to get a tattoo, I have to get married, and I have to get drunk with the police. Is that what you want to tell me? (laughs)

If there was a plan …

Joel Corry: I doubt my management will like it (laughs).

Well, you still have 2 months to clean up this with them. You can start right now – because that was already our interview! Thanks!

Joel Corry: Thank you. Can’t wait to see you in person in PAROOKAVILLE. This is going to be great. See you there!

Photo credit: Joel Corry

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