Aston Martin defends itself against Red Bull’s accusations


It depends on the subfloor

This is explained by Alpine technical director Pat Fry. Background: In the past, the wing was one of the focal points when developing cars. But with the current cars, much more time can be gained via the undercarriage.

Fry explains that a new wing is much more expensive – which plays an important role, especially when you think about the budget ceiling. With the undercarriage, on the other hand, you can find a relatively high level of performance for less money.

“You can currently find ten times as much undercarriage [Performance]”, says Fry.


Interruption time!

And that was it with today’s PK. In less than 90 minutes, the cars are back on the track, then the FT3 is ready. Before that, a quick reference to our technology photo series, which we have filled with new snapshots.

Photo gallery: Formula 1 technology: detailed photos at the Spanish Grand Prix 2022


Guard: Red Bull keeps his feet still once

The Red Bull man confirms that the team accepts the FIA’s verdict so far. But: The case will be investigated further internally. And if you find something there, you will of course contact the FIA ​​again.

That means: If Red Bull can prove that data has actually been stolen, the topic will of course be taken up again. Until then, the FIA’s verdict will be accepted for the time being.


Red Bull: Wants to protect intellectual property

Wache stresses that Red Bull are not so worried about Aston Martin copying their own car. However, one must ensure that the intellectual property of the racing team is secured.

Of course, you can not forbid employees who leave the team to take knowledge with them to a new employer. Of course, you must not take data or the like with you.

And that’s what Red Bull is all about.


Guard: “Green Red Bull” flatters

“I was quite surprised,” laughs Wache when asked about his reaction to the new Aston Martin. At the same time, it is also a confirmation that your own concept is obviously not that wrong.

“For us, the main aspect was that it happened within the rules,” he points out. After the FIA ​​sees no problem, they will now check for themselves that there has been no “leakage” internally.


Mercedes: Miami as a Warning Story

The second part starts with Elliott, who is asked about the good Mercedes result yesterday. It was a “good move,” he says contentedly. However, he recalls that Friday in Miami was already good.

There it went a step back last Saturday. Asked if Mercedes still believes in the 2022 World Cup, he confidently replies: “Of course! Otherwise we would not have been here.” Clear message.


Green expects no further investigation

The next question is whether he thinks the question is now closed to the FIA. “We assume it’s the end,” he clarifies. But there would be no problem with further investigations.

One would be “more than happy” to clarify any open questions with the FIA. So far, they have been “completely open and honest” and have cooperated with the World Association in every respect.

That was it with the first PK part.


Green ‘disappointed’ by Red Bull

Aston Martin’s technical director is again being asked about Red Bull’s open criticism. Yesterday, several officials were publicly very critical of Aston Martin.

He was “disappointed” by it, Green said. He reminds us once again that the FIA ​​checked everything and found no discrepancies. So no understanding that Red Bull is now so passionate about the subject.


How do others view it?

What do Robson and Mekies say about the “green Red Bull”? The Ferrari man remembers that he “does not know any details” and that it is therefore “difficult” to say anything on the subject.

In principle, however, the subject is always “tricky”, as we already experienced a few years ago. He means the 2020 season where Racing Point copied the Mercedes.

Robson recalls that being inspired by other ideas is part of Formula 1. So no criticism of Aston Martin.


Mekies: Auto fits better with Leclerc

Ferrari is also about comparing teammates. Leclerc has Sainz completely under control and leads 5-0 in the internal duel both in qualifying and in the race. Why is Sainz having such a hard time?

Mekies first emphasizes that Sainz did not have such a bad start with three podium places. However, it is a fact that the new car does not suit him as well as the Leclerc. So you have to give him some time.


Robson: Why does Latifi not work?

At Williams, newcomer Albon is the significantly faster driver this year. Where does it come from? Robson explains that Albon came into the team with a clear mind and just wanted to be as fast as possible.

Latifi, on the other hand, has been involved for a long time and therefore may be thinking too much about certain things, which then slow him down. With the Canadian, it just has not “clicked” with the new car.

At least he praises Albon’s attitude, which he attests to having a “great future”.


Green: Still too early to draw a conclusion

Aston Martin’s technical director opens PK, but the first question is still relatively “grateful”. Moderator Tom Clarkson just wants to know how the new update worked.

He explains that after only two hours on the field on Friday, it is still too early to draw conclusions. But you have the impression that you now have significantly more options than before when it comes to setup.

The questions are getting even more awkward …


Curfew broken

Not surprisingly, McLaren and Ferrari had to break the curfew to swap chassis. Williams’ mechanics were also in the car that night. So all three teams had to use a joker.

There is no penalty because all teams have drawn their first of two allowed jokers of this type. For the sake of completeness, we mention it anyway. And with the full focus on PK!


The most important thing for Friday …

… we have also summarized them again in a separate series of images. The fastest way to get updated quickly before PK!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2022 Spain: The most important thing on Friday


The “green Red Bull” …

… was of course also a big topic in yesterday’s analysis of Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll on YouTube channel. The following items were on the agenda:

– Summary of Friday training in Barcelona
– Aston Martin: Has Vettel’s team stolen from Red Bull?
– “Show & Tell”: These are the team updates for Barcelona
– Alonso criticizes FIA race director Wittich and the commissioners
– “Wimp” discussion: Alonso contradicts Sainz
– Vettel criticizes current Formula 1 engines as “exhaust gas”
– Long-term analysis with Kevin Hermann
– DTM tickets Norisring: Sweepstakes for channel members

As usual, the two will get back to you in the evening with an analysis. We will, as usual, announce the exact start time during the day.


PK with Andrew Green

The “green Red Bull” was the big topic on the fold yesterday. Appropriately, Aston Martin’s technical director Andrew Green will sit on team manager PK today. It must be exciting! Here is an overview of the most important dates of the day:

10:30: Team leader PK
13:00: FT3
16:00: Qualification

And we expect the following guests immediately for PK, which starts in less than half an hour:

Andrew Green (Aston Martin)
Laurent Mekies (Ferrari)
Dave RobsonWilliams

Jody Egginton (AlphaTauri)
Mike Elliot (Mercedes)
Pierre Wache (Red Bull)

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