6th parliamentary evening in Berlin, DSSV e. V. – Employers’ Association for German fitness and health facilities, press release

On 18 May 2022, the 6th parliamentary evening took place in the Saarland state representation in Berlin under the motto “fit & healthy in Germany – fitness studies move the country”. The organizers – the employers’ association for German fitness and health facilities (DSSV e. V.), the German University of Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) and BSA Academy – could welcome the esteemed representatives of the Bundestag, research, the winner of the fitness and health sector and the statutory health insurance companies for the joint commitment against the growing lack of exercise and the rapid increase in civilizational diseases.

“Not least because of the corona pandemic, the Germans’ health has drastically deteriorated. We absolutely have to counteract that,” emphasizes Prof. Dr. Thomas Wessinghage, Vice President University Development and Transfer DHfPG and specialist in orthopedics. The goal of the 6th Folketingsaften is for actors from politics, research and the fitness and health sector to work together to make it easier for the population to access regular fitness training, “adds DSSV member Frank Vogelgesang, owner of Motivitas Fitness GmbH.

A successful evening with stimulating discussions and important insights
As part of the event, the following participants exchanged views on the population’s current state of health and interdisciplinary options for action in an expert discussion led by Prof. Wessinghage:

  • Philipp Hartewig, Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Sports Committee and Sports Policy Spokesman for the FDP Parliamentary Group
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Loth, board member of IKK Südwest
  • Birgit Schwarze, chairman of DSSV e. V

In addition, Prof. Dr. Sarah Kobel, Head of Market Research DHfPG and Project Manager, “The Fitmach Campaign: Fit & Healthy in the Saarland” and Its First Results. The stated goal of this model project: the expansion to the entire federal territory. At the subsequent meeting, the attendees used the opportunity for personal exchange. With the newly gained insight from the expert panel and the best practice lecture by Prof. Dr. Sarah Kobel, they discussed how they can jointly make low-threshold offers for regular fitness training available to the public under professional guidance. For only together is it possible to prevent the growing lack of exercise and the diseases of civilization.

“Fitmach campaign” in Saarland – Big things always come from small things
A milestone was set in Saarland because politics, research, statutory health insurance companies and the fitness and health industry are working together for the first time on a project: Saarland Ministry of Health, German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG), Association for Prevention and Health in Saarland ( PuGiS) eV V., Saarland’s statutory health insurance companies, fitness and health facilities and DSSV e. V. as supporters have united in the “Fitmach campaign” to get people in Saarland – and in the future throughout Germany – excited about more exercise.

1,000 test subjects who are not physically active at all, only slightly or irregularly complete an eight-week, individually tailored training program in accordance with the evidence-based training recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) in a local fitness or health study of their choice. With questionnaires completed at different times in the training phase, the fitness professionals document how often the test subjects complete or have completed the training, how their physical and mental condition is, and what motivation drives them to train at the respective time.

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