What Hernan Valenzuela Suspects – Tennis

Oberweier Oberliga tennis players go to TC Bischweier / Ortenau-Derby in the women’s district league without points.

(tmm / rfu). TC Oberweier’s top league team trusts the tried and tested mix of the team in the match against the still meaningless Bisweier. The still undefeated men’s team from Ettenheim wants to continue their winning streak, and the women in TSG Lahr / Emmendingen have to fight with a few failures.

TC Bischweier – TC BW Oberweier II. After a win and a defeat, the Oberweier league team will play their next away game on Sunday at 11 am – against the still meaningless Bisweifer. “They only lost the first two games 4: 5 and also show quality thanks to the foreign players they fielded,” warns Oberweier’s head coach Oliver Killeweit. Oberweier countered this with his proven mix of squads – consisting of players from the extended circle of the first team, experienced players from the second team and young people. Bastian Bross is not available for private reasons. Adrian Obert, Philipp Bauer, Jean-Luc Gassmann, Paul Gogonea, Tyler Schmidt, David Slavcev and Yannic Fabri are therefore likely to take the bat. “We need a good day to be a bit assured with what we hope will be our second win,” Killeweit hopes.

TC Ettenheim – TC Freiburg-Schnberg III. The still undefeated men’s team from TC Ettenheim wants to continue their winning streak in the first district league on Sunday at 9.30 against the third team from TC Freiburg-Schnberg. But the opponent should not be underestimated. As the first team of TC Schnberg does not yet play in the Badenliga, Badenliga players and the best reserve players in the Badenliga squad are currently playing in the district league. Co-favorite Schallstadt, who only won with difficulty and hardly against Schnberg III, also noticed it recently.

TSG Lahr / Emmendingen II – TC Schnberg II. Two previously undefeated teams meet in the district league on Sunday at 9.30am. The hosts could easily leave Freiburg TC II at the start. Schnberg’s reserves defeated their own third team and volumes just as clearly. TSG coach Hernan Valenzuela has his suspicions about what the visitors are aiming for this season: “In light of the players like Luis Lffler who have been used so far, I assume Schnberg wants promotion. They will come to us in and top-line -up. ” TSG also provides the extended part of the first team match training in the lower league. For them, it’s about staying up early in the league.

TSG Lahr / Emmendingen – TC Schnberg II. Like the TSG men, the women will also receive sporting visitors from Schnberg on Sunday at 9.30. From the hosts’ point of view, it turns out to be particularly difficult for a suitable team to be set up over the weekend. “It’s all a bit shaky this week. We’ve had some illnesses and some of the younger players are not available,” said coach Hernan Valenzuela. The team is not under pressure in the table, even a defeat would not throw the syndicate’s team off the track.

TC BW Oberweier II – TC Ettenheim. The still undefeated women’s team from TC Ettenheim travels to Oberweier for the Ortenau Derby on Sunday at 9.30. The Badenliga reserve of TC BW Oberweier is the clear favorite against the decimated TCE team. Oberweier also has the chance to call up players from the Badenliga team who are still on hold. Before the decisive matches to stay up in the first district league, the team around team leader Lena Kbele hopes for at least a few match points.

TSG TC Seelbach / TC Ettenheim – TTC Waldaus Altluheim. After the hard-fought opening victory, TSG Seelbach / Ettenheim in the men’s 40-year-old class will have their first home game in the Badenliga on Saturday at 14:00. Against TTC Waldhaus-Altluheim, climbers calculate their chances. This would be a big step in the fight for relegation in the third division of the men 40. The team around team leader Holger Drflinger is still struggling with absenteeism and hopes to be able to muster a strong line-up.

TSG TC Ettenheim / TC BW Oberweier – TSG Post Sdstadt / TuS Rppur Karlsruhe. After the surprisingly clear opening victory against Bohlsbach, TSG Ettenheim / Oberweier in the Badenliga in the men’s 50-year-old now TSG Post Sdstadt / Rppurr Karlsruhe are waiting for another home game. This will take place on Saturday at 2 pm at the TC BW Oberweier facility. Against Karlsruher Spielgemeinschaft there are quite a lot of chances to win again. With more points, it would be within reach to stay up in the league for the promoted team.

TSG TC Ettenheim / TC Herbolzheim – TC SW Kehl. TSG Ettenheim / Herbolzheim in men’s class 60 is still waiting for the season’s first victory after two days of play in the Oberliga. On the third day of play against TC SW Kehl, the feeling of performance will probably be difficult to achieve. The visitors are currently at the top of the table and have in French Philippe Normand what is probably the best player in the league in their ranks. That makes it hard for TSG to score. But maybe a good result with more match points won, which would be very important for the chance to stay up in the league.

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