Vettel’s “new” Aston Martin is causing problems!


The FIA ​​acquits Aston Martin

We’re going away from training for a moment because the FIA ​​has just issued an opinion on Aston Martin’s “green Red Bull”. It reveals that an investigation was launched after it was found that AMR22 was very similar to RB18.

In this investigation, both teams had fully cooperated with the FIA ​​and the result was ultimately an acquittal. Aston Martin did not violate Article 17.3 of the technical regulations, which prohibit so-called “reverse engineering”.

The full statement is available here:

“The FIA ​​performed a routine legality check prior to the event of the planned aerodynamic upgrade of the Aston Martin team to the 2022 FIA Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix. During this process, it became clear that a number of features on the Aston Martin resembled another competitor.”

“The FIA ​​therefore launched an investigation to verify compliance with Article 17.3 of the Technical Regulations, and in particular the topic of ‘Reverse Engineering’ and potential illegal IP transmission.”

“Both teams cooperated fully with the FIA ​​in this investigation and provided all relevant information. The investigation, which involved CAD checks and a detailed analysis of the development process adopted by Aston Martin, confirmed that no offense had been committed and therefore the FIA ​​believes that Aston Martin’s aerodynamic upgrades are compatible. “

“Article 17.3 specifically defines and prohibits ‘Reverse Engineering’, ie the digital process of converting photographs (or other data) to CAD models, and prohibits IP transfer between teams, but this article also allows image design to be influenced by competitors, as has always been the case in Formula 1. “

“In the analysis we performed, we confirmed that the processes that Aston Martin followed were in line with the requirements of this article.”


Aston Martin claims innocence

By the way: Aston Martin emphasizes that the new concept was not stolen from Red Bull. In fact, it had been in the pipeline for many months.

A statement that seems credible, for Mercedes has also developed two concepts for this year. At the first test in Barcelona, ​​the W13 still had side pods.

By the second test in Bahrain, these had disappeared. At Aston Martin, it apparently just took a little longer to complete the second concept.


Q1: Problems with Vettel?

Three drivers have not yet set a time: Vettel, Bottas and Magnussen. Although there is no problem with the Alfa Romeo, and Bottas has already driven six laps, the other two drivers are right now in the pits.

Vettel has only driven two laps, Magnussen only one. It still looks like a problem. In front, Verstappen has reduced the best time to 1: 21.876.

At this moment, both Vettel and Magnussen are coming back! Let’s cross our fingers that everything fits now.


FT1: Also Williams in red

Did Williams exaggerate that and change the paint of FW44 based on Albon’s hair? Of course not, the car is just smeared with FloViz paint. Williams has, among other things, a new rear wing this weekend.

The purpose of the color is to make the airflow in this area of ​​the car visible. We know this from the test runs in the winter. Verstappen is at the top after the first minutes with a 1: 22.394.


FT1: It gets filled right away

Vettel is the first driver out on the track, but a long line is forming right behind him. Sure, because especially the teams with updates want to collect as much data as possible here.

All 20 pilots are already on the slopes! About the times: In the winter, Hamilton was the fastest man here in the test with a 1: 19.138. It should be a lot faster this weekend.

Because the cars are much more mature now than they were then.


FT1: Open the session sticker now!

It’s starting with FT1 and you know the game: Here at this point there is only the most important information, pictures and voices for the next 60 minutes. You can get the complete coverage in our session sticker.

Stefan Ehlen is currently on holiday, so Norman Fischer has to take care of him this weekend (and next). Let’s see how the Friday drivers feel right now!



It does not look like rain on the weekend – but after a similar bad heat as in Miami. About a quarter of an hour before the start of FT1, the air temperature is almost 29 degrees, the asphalt even glows with just over 44 degrees!

As in previous years in Spain, Pirelli unpacked the weekend’s three toughest tire mixes. Our weather forecast for the whole weekend can be found here!


Green Red Bull

In the past, people always joked about the “pink Mercedes” – today about the “green Red Bull”. Although “joking” may be the wrong word, because you hear that many in the fold are not happy about the great similarity between AMR22 and RB18.

Background: In recent months, several Red Bull employees have switched to Aston Martin – above all Dan Fallows. That is why there is now speculation as to whether the B version of the AMR22 has such strong Red Bull influences …


With these updates, Mercedes wants to catch up

Everyone is talking about the new Mercedes updates in Barcelona. But even in Miami, the Silver Arrows recently brought new parts with them. In this video, we take a look at the technology upgrades that Mercedes introduced at the Miami GP.

With these updates, Mercedes wants to catch up

We take a look at the latest technical upgrades introduced by Mercedes at the Miami Grand Prix. More Formula 1 videos


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12:34 p.m.

Mercedes updates

The silver arrows include a new undercarriage this weekend. We’ve known that since yesterday. Here is another direct comparison between the old and the new specification:


Russell: It’s not that fast

It’s about the Mercedes updates again this weekend. Russell explains that you can not expect to be in front of them right away. “Rome was not built in a day,” he dampens expectations.

You must first recognize and understand the problems with the current concept and then try to solve them with upgrades. But it is not so easy, because apart from the races you have almost no time on the racetrack.

Instead, this weekend is all about confirming the direction you are currently heading. But he does not expect to be directly windy on Sunday.

12.15 kl

Hamilton: It’s always heated on the radio

The Briton clashed with his team on the radio in Miami. He explains that this always sounds worse than it really is. Because in the cockpit, the emotions would simply boil up.

These heated discussions are just a sign that everyone is “passionate” about the matter. But that certainly does not mean that there is a problem between him and the team.

Discussions are much calmer with each other outside the cockpit.

12:11 p.m.

Russell: Then the updates do not help either …

The Mercedes driver talks about the upgrades this weekend. He explains that one should always see everything relatively. If, for example, Mercedes had to find half a second, but Ferrari too, then you would be in the same position as before.

You do not drive against the stopwatch, but against other teams. The statistic that he has finished all races in 2022 in the top 5 is “meaningless” to him. In the end, the only thing that matters is who is in front.

And it’s not Mercedes at the moment.

12:07 p.m.

Sainz confirms: wants to win!

The Spaniard emphasizes what we heard from him yesterday: He will win his home race on Sunday. He would already be happy to stand on the podium in front of his fans.

But the big goal, of course, is victory. Personally, I’m afraid he’s putting too much pressure on himself. But let’s wait and see, maybe he needs it too.

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