The second training session in Barcelona is now live!


FT2: Albon is threatened with trouble

The next incident: Albon stood in the way of Sainz. The stewards will look at this again after the session. Meanwhile, the pilots unpacked the soft tires and Verstappen reduced the best time to 1: 20,006.

This is a bit slower than in FT1. Let’s see how fast it gets. Now it’s a kind of “happy hour”, because at the end of the session, the teams will concentrate on long runs.



Oops! After what’s happening on the track so far has lulled us, Bottas is now parking his Alfa Romeo. He reports on the radio that something has broken. Not good. The virtual security car is coming.

Bottas completed just three innings and that should be the end of his day. He parked the car right next to an emergency exit, so we do not need a red flag.


FT2: Business as usual

FT2 runs – just like FT1 – without major incidents. Norris walked just short of the pitch, but that was it. Exciting: Norris has the upgrade on the car, Ricciardo does not. McLaren is running a comparison test.

Verstappen is in the lead with a 1: 20.932, ridden on medium. We have not even seen the soft tires yet.

17.00 kl

Warning for Alonso

We want to pass this on quickly: the Spaniard received a warning to stop Hamilton in FT1. His first of the current season, so no problem. Here is the reasoning in its entirety:

“Stewards reviewed video evidence and found that the driver of car 14 drove slowly on the race line between turn 12 and turn 13 and unnecessarily obstructed car 44, which required car 44 to dodge action. In accordance with the drivers’ request to Stewards to enforce obstacle under P1 and P2 this season, the stewards issue a reprimand (driving). “

There’s also a warning to Vips that stopped Russell. Logically, it was also his first of the year when he was in the car for the first time this season. Here is the reasoning in its entirety:

“The team leader indicated that the team had given the driver the wrong information after having a software problem. So the driver followed the team’s advice but certainly drove slowly on the race line and forced car 63 to dodge, which prevented unnecessary.”

Here is an overview of all penalty points and warnings this season!


FT2: Open the session sticker now!

Just a few minutes to the second training session, and for you it’s time again to open our session sticker with Norman Fischer at the same time. Only there you get the complete coverage of FT2. Here we limit ourselves to the most important information, pictures and voices.


FT2: switch back

A little note to FT2 right away: All 20 regular drivers are back in the cars there. The Friday drivers were only used in FT1 and have therefore already done their duty.

So it should come as no surprise to us when Perez, Albon and Zhou drive straight into the track and diligently run laps. For of course they have to catch up on the lost time from FT1.

Incidentally, it got even warmer: the air temperature is now almost 31 degrees, the asphalt is just over 45 degrees warm.


Krack: Has been working on the concept since 2021

Second training starts in less than 20 minutes, and we’ll get back to you here in the ticker – of course with today’s topic. In the case of ‘Sky’, Aston Martin’s team manager Krack emphasizes once again that the concept has been underway for the past year.

“Our chassis is designed to be relatively flexible,” he emphasizes. Therefore, “different programs” were tried. That was long before the presentation of the other cars here in February. He understands the skepticism – but this is unfounded.

Aston Martin refuses to copy Red Bull’s allegations

Did Aston Martin copy Red Bulls cars? Team manager Mike Krack denies the allegations.


Ferrari double lead: Red Bull carefree

Helmut Marko is otherwise satisfied purely sportingly – despite Ferrari’s double lead in FT1. “Ferrari has brought a big update,” he recalls of ‘Sky’, explaining that it is “satisfying” to be so close to the Reds.

“I’m assuming the usual duel between Ferrari and Red Bull will return,” said Marko, who sees Red Bull “within a tenth” of Scuderia. So it was going to be another exciting weekend.

About Vips’ last place, he reveals: “[Er] had certain tasks to perform. It was not time. He did it perfectly. The time is not representative. […] In general, we are happy with what he has shown. “


ADAC GT Masters this weekend in Spielberg

The ADAC GT Masters sets the perfect mood for the race in Barcelona this weekend. The German GT Championship holds its races on Saturday and Sunday at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. The start is always at 13.00, so the races do not overlap with Formula 1.

The races are broadcast live on free TV on the Nitro channel. You can find out how the first training session in Austria went today here!


Official statement

At the same time, Red Bull also published an official statement on the subject, stating that they had taken note of the FIA’s judgment “with interest”. Between the lines, however, it is quite clear that one is not yet satisfied.

Here is the brief statement in its entirety:

“Oracle Red Bull Racing has taken note of the FIA’s statement with interest. Although imitation is the biggest form of flattery, any repetition of design would obviously have to comply with the FIA’s rules on ‘Reverse Engineering’. However, any transfer of IP should have taken place would clearly be a breach of the rules and would be a serious concern. “


Aston Martin: Red Bull is still in doubt

According to the FIA, everything is inlaid with the right things. But Red Bull is in doubt about the legality of AMR22. “You must now clarify how this incredible copy came about,” Helmut Marko demands on ‘Sky’.

“Copying is not forbidden,” he knows. “But you also have to take into account that seven people were poached from us and that our chief aerodynamics was pulled to Aston Martin for a disproportionately high fee,” he recalls.

“There are still some facts that we are checking. We will investigate the matter in detail,” he announces, explaining: “It’s not just Dan Fallows. There is evidence that data was downloaded.”

In any case, Marko doubts that Aston Martin copied Red Bull without data. His question: “Can you copy without documents and then get such a detailed copy of our car?”

So things are far from over!


Krack downloads updates

The Aston Martin team boss downplays the importance of the update on ‘Sky’. You are constantly bringing new parts to the car. This upgrade is now clearly recognizable, but the bottom line is that it is only “another step” in development.

He also stresses once again that the concept for the update had been in the drawer for a long time.



At the Red Bull pit wall, all employees had a green Red Bull can in FT1. Coincidence or a deliberate allusion to Aston Martin? At least quite fun!

At 3.00

FT1: Closing time!

And with that, the first session of the day is over. There were no more improvements up front, so the best time goes to Leclerc ahead of Sainz, Verstappen and Russell.

Meanwhile, trouble threatens Vips, who stopped Russell in a scene. An investigation is also underway. In two hours we will continue with FT2. Here is the overview:

training report


Photos: F1: Spanish Grand Prix (Barcelona) 2022, Friday


FT1: Alonso is threatened with trouble

The Spaniard is said to have stopped Hamilton. This will be examined after the session. So Alonso could bring problems with the stewards again. He’s had enough of that …

Meanwhile, the last few minutes are already running. Is there another attack at the best time?


FT1: test

Not only Williams is in FT1 with FloViz color. For the teams, it is about verifying that the new parts resonated as expected. Meanwhile, Leclerc turned the best time down to 1: 19,828.

Ferrari double lead ahead of Verstappen at the moment. Behind are Russell, Alonso and Hamilton. Mercedes can not keep up in the top 3 at the moment. But let’s wait and see.

As a reminder, Russell set the fastest time in Miami on Friday, but was in no-man’s land on Saturday. Maybe it’s the other way around this time …

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