Spranger arouses irritation with a statement about the new Hertha Stadium

Location next to the Olympic station

Spranger arouses irritation with a statement about the new Hertha Stadium

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The location of a new Hertha station is fixed, there is no longer a need for discussion – with this statement, Berlin’s sports senator Spranger aroused astonishment on Thursday. Politicians from both the governing coalition and the opposition see many unanswered questions.

Berlin interior and sports senator Iris Spranger (SPD) has provoked skeptical reactions with her statement that nothing stands in the way of building a new Hertha Stadium at Maifeld in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

“There are still a lot of unanswered questions for us,” says Claudia Engelmann, sports policy spokeswoman for the Liberal Party in the House of Representatives. There are still many aspects to be discussed here, such as the requirements for monument protection, environmental protection, traffic development or financing.

“We have a location and will continue to stick to it,” Spranger explained Thursday on rbb24 Inforadio. One is “in preparation” and in conversations with everyone involved. “Hertha will also get a new stadium there, there is no discussion about that now.”

The Greens’ sports expert, Klara Schedlich, reacted quite cautiously to this statement: the location at Maifeld would be checked – but no more.

FDP sees a contradiction in the lack of announcement from the association

The sports policy spokesman for the FDP’s parliamentary group, Stefan Förster, was also annoyed by the senator’s statements – after all, Hertha has not yet taken a position on the plan to build a new stadium on the grounds behind the Olympic Stadium. . “No decision from a general meeting, no decision from a board, no statement from the board on this subject – therefore I am surprised that the sports senator goes on bravely without even knowing: Does Hertha want this less capacity And is it still a project at all, to be subdued? “

Here, however, Spranger disagrees and explains that Hertha has agreed to build a stadium for 45,000 instead of the previously planned 55,000 spectators. Representatives of the club would be heard on June 10 in the Sports Committee of the House of Representatives.

Plans met mixed echoes

Plans envisage a new building on the outskirts of Maifeld, a sports grass area near the Olympic Stadium. However, there is currently still a riding club on the site. This had recently been surprised by the plans.

Also the city council for sports in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Heike Schmitt-Schmelz (SPD), was skeptical. She was “not convinced” of the sports senator’s proposal. “Because I do not understand how the problems we had at Maifeld and Rominter Allee were wiped out,” Schmitt-Schmelz told rbb.

The district office had previously refused to build a stadium in the Olympic park. The new plans will be reviewed. The noise pollution, which is affecting the Olympic Stadium and the forest scene, is particularly difficult, Schmitt-Schmelz said. You should now talk to the locals about this.

Broadcast: rbb24 Inforadio, 19 May 2022, at 17.55

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