New BMW DTM favorite at the Lausitzring

( – Is the new BMW M4 GT3 favorite at the German season premiere at the DTM at the Lausitzring, where the steep turn 1 is also to be driven this weekend? If you believe in competition, then definitely. “It felt in Portimao as if they were 30 km / h faster than everyone else on straight trips,” says T3 Lamborghini driver Nicki Thiim.

Philipp Eng tests Schubert-BMW in the steep Lausitzring curve


“I expect them to be really strong. But that does not matter: let’s start with a positive attitude and kick a little in the ass,” says the Danish GT specialist in his incomparable flipped shape.

And even Rosberg-Audi driver Nico Müller, who won the second race in Portimao, has the BMW fully on the bill despite the switch from M6 to M4 due to the track characteristics.

Müller: First sector as a disadvantage of the compact Audi

“There are very long passages with full throttle,” says the Swiss. “We know that certain cars have a little more power, which will definitely pay off on this track. And then there are cars that are very stable in the fast turns – and there is definitely a high-speed corner there,” he points out. ultra-fast Turn 1 that goes almost full.

Both apply to the M4 GT3, whose wheelbase is even longer than its predecessor, and which, like a particularly large car, generates more aerodynamic downforce than, for example, an Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo II.

Photos: DTM at Lausitzring 2022, Thursday

“I do not think we get our strength in the passage between the last corner and the second corner. And that is the biggest part of the track,” says Müller, who despite the Evo package, which allows a wider working window, did not imagine in the best car . “I expect a bigger challenge than in the Portimao weekend, but I hope we still have a chance for a good result.”

The Audi Work driver does not only have the people of Munich on the bill. “I agree with Nicki that BMW wants to be very strong. But I think Mercedes can be very strong too. And Ferrari is always strong.”

BMW M4 GT3: Why length is an advantage

It should come as no surprise that Müller mentions the brand with the star, because Mercedes-AMG is also a fairly large car compared to Porsche, Audi or Lamborghini – and is 4.75 meters long. For comparison: the BMW measures 5.02 meters, the Audi 4.48 meters. This has aerodynamic benefits that pay off in fast turns.

Moreover, the M4 GT3 actually had a higher top speed than the competitors in Portimao, just like in the pre-season tests. In some cases it was eight km / h. This is because AVL, which is responsible for the Balance of Performance, had to give the car a little more steam on the right side because it lost time in the turns.

The BMW warehouse is also confident for the Lausitzring weekend. “The Lausitz ring will be good for us, just like tracks like the Spa,” Schubert-BMW driver Sheldon van der Linde confirms in an interview with ‘’ that fast-paced racing tracks are not only for the predecessor, but also for M4 GT3 should lie.

BMW driver van der Linde: Also weaknesses by 2021 solved?

The South African had hoped for victory last year as well, but then had to struggle with tire wear on the rear axle after pole and a few kilometers in the lead. A problem that should be less acute this year – at least that is the hope. “The car is just more consistent on a long run now and is much better for tire wear, it’s much gentler on the rear tires.”

DTM Lausitzring 2021: Banked curve action in race 1

During Saturday’s race on the new Lausitzring layout, the steep curve found its first victim – in the end there was a surprising victory! More DTM videos

The large degradation on the rear axle was always “a problem” with the M6 ​​GT3, while the new M4 GT3 is “very stable” in this respect, says van der Linde. “It’s the biggest improvement for the driver. And you can drive every lap very consistently, drive a clean line, get the brake points – and know exactly what to expect from the car. That’s the most important thing in a car.”

The M4 GT3 behaves “better in all conditions, but especially in races,” says the BMW factory driver. “This is where the step from the M6 ​​is the biggest.”

What does he say about top speed superiority? “A car like ours achieves its lap times a little differently,” van der Linde clarifies. “And in BoP racing, you have to balance it all to get the same lap time. Personally, I think we always need a little more top speed than an Audi or a Mercedes.”

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