Mental challenge for Sophia Thiel: Fitness influencer talks openly about eating habits

For years, Sophia Thiel conveyed the image of a fitness influencer: perfect looks, well-trained body and iron discipline. But in reality it looked very different, she developed mental problems and eating disorders. Since last year, she has presented her new self and values ​​a balanced life. But she does not appear to be spared relapse.

Sophia Thiel compensates for problems: “I have to eat now somehow”

In her latest YouTube video, Sophia Thiel talks openly about the issues, which continues to plague her when it comes to food. Old patterns of behavior reappear, especially in unusual psychological situations, such as after the death of her longtime friend Verena Sam. “It completely threw me off,” the influencer admits.

Sophia Thiel wanted to compensate for this fateful blow with food. “Because these obvious feelings overwhelmed me, from confusion, sadness, anger, I thought to myself, ‘I need to eat something now.'” These emotions also affect her sports behavior, as she explains. She has no motivation to train and the “destructive thoughts” overwhelm her.

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Did Sophia Thiel have a relapse?

But now the fitness queen can better handle such moments. “A relapse, it didn’t feel like that to me directly. It was more of a mental challenge for me.” She has learned that she needs to take more care of herself in these situations. Therefore, she also has regular “pimmeldage”. “A day where you really only have the whole day to yourself, and then you ‘pimple’ a bit. You can also call it ‘rotten days’.”

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Sophia Thiel reveals: “I have a difficult phase”

A few weeks ago, Sophia Thiel showed in her Instagram story itself from a vulnerable side. “Maybe one or the other has noticed that I post more sporadically,” she said in a clip she posted in April. “It’s because I’m in a very difficult phase at the moment. I want to be transparent and honest with you,” Sophia Thiel explained to her fans. “I have some days where it goes great. Then there are days where it does not go well at all.” She also spoke of “extreme mood swings” and a return to “old, dysfunctional behaviors”. This also affects their eating habits.

Relapse into old behavior: Sophia Thiel seeks help from a therapist

But instead of literally eating away at their grief and problems, Sophia Thiel learned from her past mistakes and sought help well in advance. “I just got out of my therapist and I’m feeling a little better.” She does not expect any sympathy from her followers, which she emphasized. “It’s all not going to be a howling story, I do not want to justify anything. I just want to tell you that there are not only good experiences. […] That’s a bit much for me right now. “

The fitness influencer wanted to “stabilize” herself before she threw herself back into her work. Meanwhile, she seems to have caught herself and is busy posting videos again. In early March, she even gave an honest insight into how her body has changed, sharing a before and after picture.

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