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Munich (ots)

This guy is as strong as a buck: Bonner marched through 3-0 against Hamburg in the quarter-final series because the PJC formula for success scored 108 points in the series: Parker Jackson-Cartwright turned the match around 4 minutes before the end almost single – by hand. “It was not the highlight yet, the finals are still going on,” it almost sounds like a threat from PJC. The opponent is live on MagentaSport on Saturday 28 May from 20.15, FC Bayern, who won 85:80 in overtime in Chemnitz. The recovered Djedovic had “ice in his hands” in the final stages, his threes paving the way for victory: “We keep going. We have to keep going.” For a German, the second EuroLeague victory on Saturday could come true: Tibor Pleiss is fighting for the European crown with defending champion Anadolu Efes Istanbul against Real Madrid. The final can be seen for free on MagentaSport on Saturday from 18.45.

Below are the main playoff votes from BBL round 3 plus clips – if used, please name the source MagentaSport. The final of Europe’s basketball crown (from 18.45) and the match for third place (from 15.45) is available free of charge on Saturday at MagentaSport. The semifinals open on Friday 27 May at 18.45 with ALBA Berlin against MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg.

NINERS Chemnitz – FC Bayern München 80:85 OT – Serie: 0: 3

Insane 2nd half: Chemnitz turns a deficit of 8 points at the break and pushes FC Bayern to the brink of defeat in overtime. A super season for Chemnitz after their playoff debut. Munich meets Bonn in the semifinals next week.

FCB coach Andrea Trinchieri was just relieved: “Congratulations to Chemnitz for a fantastic season. A tough opponent. We had to do everything we could to win here. We wanted to finish the streak in 3 games so the players can recover.” Question: are there now 3 days off for their players – Trinchieri joked: “Are you their lawyer? They only get 2 days off!”

Nihad Djedovic delivered the “big points” in the final phase, he scored 10 points in total, but also cleaned up well under the basket: “Winning here in this arena is unique. We ended up with more ice cream in our hands. But the fight could end differently. We continue. We must move on. “

Chemnitz coach Rodrigo Pastore: “We had good chances in the end to decide the match for us. In the end, it was the details. “His season record:” This club has a great future in BBL. There is a lot of work on and off the field to make it even better. Regardless of players and coaches. I have had many good days as a coach, especially this match today. “

The injured Malte Ziegenhagen said an emotional goodbye after 6 years in Chemnitz, the spectators celebrated him: “The fans have always carried me here. They were the reason I would never leave. I’m so proud to have been allowed to lead NINERS as captain for so long and also helped write a little history. I do not want to. leave Chemnitz, my family is here. Who knows if anything else will come. “

Hamburg Towers – Telekom Baskets Bonn 88:95 – Serie: 0: 3

Bonners marches through evenly, throwing 108 points in 3 games: Parker Jackson-Cartwright – abbreviated PJC. The guy just could not be stopped by the burgers. He used the last quarter about 4:30 minutes before the end to emphasize his excellent role. “It was not the highlight yet, the finals are still going on,” it almost sounds like a threat when PJC says such a thing. The reasons for the twisted game: “We have returned to our basics, to our game idea.” This is how he explains his performance: “I get my confidence from my teammates, the coaches, the fans. Then I can play the way I want to play. Then I am uninhibited and can hopefully play successfully.”

Bonn coach Tuomas Iisalo: “It was a great attacking game. The character of this team is something special. I am happy and proud that I can train this team and that the season is still going on … Finally we needed another kickstart from Parker. But we have also clearly improved our defense, which creates transition situations – I think that was a problem for Hamburg. “

Iisalo about the semifinal opponent: “It does not matter to us. We have already written a success story by getting in the top four. We have the opportunity to beat anyone in such a series.”

Calles leaves the future open for Hamburg, Hollatz will wait until the summer

Hamburg coach Pedro Calles: “We worked extremely hard in the 40 minutes. Even before that in this series. I can not really blame my players … It was a tough season, not an easy one. On the field, off the field. This season it gets to happen makes the team better and makes me better. “

What Calles will do is not yet clear: “I’m going home to my wife and my amazing children. I’m going for a walk and enjoying the summer … I do not know yet. I respect the Hamburg fans, my players, I do not think about my future. I has even just decided to leave Hamburg. “

Hamburg’s Justus Hollatz on a lost 3rd quarter final, which Hamburg dominated for a long time: “Bonn hit very hard shots in the fourth quarter. We didn’t hit any more, had a couple too many turnovers. Bonn made good use of it, caught up with our lead and won the match.”

Hollatz on Jackson Cartwright: “He just plays at a very, very high level. All his three-pointers hit in the final phase. Against such a good player, we sometimes did well, and sometimes we didn’t.”

Hollatz on his future: “I do not know yet. I focused on the playoffs. I’ll decide that this summer. ” His record: “In fact, we can pat ourselves on the back.”

After the end of Per Günther’s career at ratiopharm Ulm, here are 2 more clips.

Link: Per Günther – his last basket:

Per Günther’s farewell:

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