Hertha BSC against HSV in the relegation: it looks gloomy – sport

If this Hertha BSC game had a face, it was Niklas Starks. It was a very sad face. And there was good reason for this grief when the midfielder appeared in the mixed zone at the Berlin Olympic Stadium on Thursday night. On the one hand, there was his personal pain in saying goodbye, for Stark had just played his last home game for Hertha on Thursday night. After seven not exactly uneventful years, he leaves the club.

What Stark, 27, was eager to avoid was being pulled down and leaving a shattered capital club in the wake of him. Only: On Thursday, it not only looked like this scenario could soon emerge. Rather, it seemed as if this worst case could hardly be averted from Hertha’s point of view. And the best indication of this was the Berlin Stark, who after the 0-1 defeat against Hamburger SV repeatedly read that it “was not over yet” and that they would “knock everything out” in the second match.

But his face said: Lord, what have we fabricated today? And how in the world was it going to get better for Monday, when we have to play in Hamburg’s Volkspark? sniff. sniff. Stark tried very hard not to just start crying. But the tears had been shed in his eyes for a long time.

Magath’s provocative analysis fits into tonight’s motto

Should Hertha BSC soon be relegated to the second division, players, staff and supporters of the capital club, which has always been a bit gray, will have the same images in their heads. You will not see the many difficulties of the season, the constant hunt for the Hertha players’ ball, not all the passing errors and high balls to nowhere. You’ll see Hamburg midfielder Ludovit Reis play one-two in the 57th minute, run straight into the vertical, start crossing – and then fly the ball in a high arc over Hertha goalkeeper Oliver Christensen. inner post, inside. 1-0 to HSV.

Sad Berliner: Niklas Stark says goodbye to Hertha fans with a home defeat.

(Photo: Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters)

It was a “lucky goal”, said Hertha coach Felix Magath subsequently, who kindly congratulated his former club on a “lucky victory”. However, Magath’s provocative analysis also fitted in well with tonight’s motto, for the 75,500 spectators at the stadium and the millions on the connected units saw a real contrast. It was the opposite of what one would traditionally expect in such a relegation duel. HSV, the 2nd division team, played as the favorites, especially in the second half, although Magath before the match had said that the favorites are always the 1st division team. As the match progressed, HSV increasingly dared to come up with combinations and attacks like the ones midfielder Reis carried out to possibly make the decisive goal.

And HSV, who preferred to play football instead of participating in Magath’s mind games, could even refer to the statistics with a laugh afterwards. Because he was better in all areas, he ran more than Hertha, he shot almost twice as often on goal, he won significantly more duels. Well, HSV has already played several bad passes. But that was only because he just played a lot, a lot more passes. In the light of these figures, Tim Walter, the Hamburg coach, could rightly claim that his team had “done many things right” and provided a “mature performance”. It could not be overlooked: HSV has developed into a real coaching team that knows all sorts of things that this coach taught them over the course of a season. And the players believe in those things and have great pleasure in doing them on the field. HSV is the exact opposite of Hertha.

It was not as if Walter’s combined football was the tool of total dominance. But in football, a plan is usually better than no plan. On Thursday, Hertha again played purely preventative football, and it is not even coach Magath’s fault that can only put out the biggest fires in the job as a firefighter. “You can’t bake players,” Magath said, “there are players who are strong in a one-on-one match. There are players who are not strong in a one-on-one match.” But, Magath added, looking at the players who were not quite as good at one-on-one, “I can not blame them for that”. And with that, the Hertha coach had already formulated an accusation – the question was only to whom.

The money is gone, but not the hope, Magath says at least

What’s certain is that it creaks and crunches as soon as Hertha starts to move, and it does not appear that Magath has found the right lubricating oil for his team during his two-month tenure. On the contrary, the relationship between the players and their own supporters has also developed a few breaking lines – and on Thursday the cracks became visible to everyone again: Instead of thanking the fans in the east basket for their support, the Hertha team disappeared with them last whistle in the locker room. “I do not understand that now,” Magath said when he found out. He looked, for once, sincerely disbelieving.

It is a general problem with this Hertha team that one does not quite know who to trust in pressured situations such as relegation. And that names can not hide that they are unimaginative and harmless. The Berliners have a few players with an acceptable future (Christensen, Serdar, Mittelstädt) and many more players who have an acceptable past behind them (Pekarik, Plattenhardt, Belfodil, Jovetic). They hardly have any players present, even though 374 million euros flowed into the coffers from investor Lars Windhorst. The money is gone, but the hope is not. At least that’s what Magath claims.

It is now his “homework”, the Hertha coach said, to raise the disappointed players, talk to them, process the defeat together. Deadline is Monday night at. 20.30 – especially for midfielder Niklas Stark, the time should be really tight until then.

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