Has Aston Martin stolen from Red Bull?


Friday in the analysis

The day is coming to an end, the fold is emptied and we say goodbye at this point. Last info of the day: Albon was acquitted of the charge of standing in the way of Sainz in FT2.

So no penalty for the Williams driver and of course we’re back for you tomorrow with a new ticker edition. Here are the main dates on Saturday:

10:30: Team leader PK
13:00: FT3
16:00: Qualification

Finally, the reference to our big video analysis for Friday follows again. Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll talked about the following topics for about an hour:

– Summary of Friday training in Barcelona
– Aston Martin: Has Vettel’s team stolen from Red Bull?
– “Show & Tell”: These are the team updates for Barcelona
– Alonso criticizes FIA race director Wittich and the commissioners
– “Wimp” discussion: Alonso contradicts Sainz
– Vettel criticizes current Formula 1 engines as “exhaust gas”
– Long-term analysis with Kevin Hermann
– DTM tickets Norisring: Sweepstakes for channel members

Have fun with it and see you tomorrow!


Leclerc: The running pace is not right yet

“Our qualifying race does not look so bad,” said the fastest of the day. At the same time, however, we still have to work “on our running pace and on tire control”, according to the Monegasques.

The local hero Sainz ended up in P4 behind the two Mercedes drivers, explaining that FT1 was “positive”, FT2 was a little harder at the time, “because we struggled a bit with the tires and balance,” Sainz said.

So the changes they made to FT2 do not seem to have worked. We will rectify this tomorrow. “I’m sure we’ll find a more comfortable set-up,” the Spaniard said.

In any case, he has not given up on the dream of a home win.

20.48 kl

Williams is just too slow today

Including the Friday drivers, 23 drivers started today. And if you exclude Vips, who made an alternative program for Red Bull, the three Williams drivers actually finished in the last three places.

“We would be very far away if we did not dress it up,” admits Latifi, who stresses that “there is not just one problem” at the moment. “There are a lot of different issues that we need to tackle,” he ponders.

“It felt like I was driving a completely different car,” he shrugs. Even the reserve pilot de Vries was faster today, the Canadian was almost 0.7 seconds behind Albon.

“We are not as fast as we would like to be,” Albon admits. But at least he had his teammate under control today – even though he missed a session.


Pirelli assumes two stops

According to their initial analyzes, the Italians expect two stops on Sunday. “The left front tire was the one used the most,” explains Mario Isola, who sees this as the “limiting factor” for drivers.

He therefore starts from a race with two stops. The “big question” now is which tires to use. Especially since the difference between the three mixtures is “slightly larger than expected”.

The difference between soft and medium on paper is 1.1 seconds, and between soft and hard is as much as 2.4.


live stream

Do not forget: In a little over 30 minutes, Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll will report live on the Formel1.de YouTube channel with the big analysis of Barcelona Friday. There is, of course, a focus on the “green Red Bull”. The following topics are planned:

– Summary of Friday training in Barcelona
– Aston Martin: Has Vettel’s team stolen from Red Bull?
– “Show & Tell”: These are the team updates for Barcelona
– Alonso criticizes FIA race director Wittich and the commissioners
– “Wimp” discussion: Alonso contradicts Sainz
– Vettel criticizes current Formula 1 engines as “exhaust gas”
– Long-term analysis with Kevin Hermann
– DTM tickets Norisring: Sweepstakes for channel members


Schumacher optimistic: Q3 is in

Haas is the only team completely without updates this weekend. Nevertheless, Schumacher emphasizes: “The plan is still to get into Q3. And I think we are on the right track to do that.”

He ended the day in P10, with teammate Magnussen in P12. In any case, it was “the right decision” to forgo a major update in Barcelona for the time being and save money, according to Schumacher.

The big package was to arrive in France.


McLaren: Norris damage can be repaired

A sigh of relief at McLaren: “We can fix it during the night,” Andrea Stella says of the injury Norris suffered when he ran over a curb. As a result, he could only complete six rounds in FT2.

“It was a difficult day for me,” admits Norris, who hopes to turn things around tomorrow. He finished the day P14 on the combined timesheets, teammate Ricciardo only P16 – without the update.

“We tried a few different options in both sessions,” he reports, admitting, “Of course we’re not where we want to be on the timesheets.” But the top 10 will be there tomorrow. Let’s see.


Aston Martin with handbrake on

At least that’s what Lance Stroll says, talking about a “positive first day” and explaining: “We approached it a little cautiously today, because understandably we lack a little spare parts.”

The update was definitely “a step in the right direction”. “The car felt good in one go,” he reports. In terms of balance, however, one could certainly take a step forward.

With P8 and P13 in the combined timesheet, things did not go so badly for Aston Martin today. Let’s see if Q3 is possible for both drivers tomorrow.


Pictures of fresh technology

Our photographers have been busy, and as promised, we have once again filled our technology photo series with fresh snapshots. Click through, it’s worth it!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 technology: detailed photos at the Spanish Grand Prix 2022


It does not fit with AlphaTauri yet

P11 and P15 on the combined timesheets for Gasly and Tsunoda. “Today was not our best Friday. It was extremely difficult. We do not seem to get the car where we would like it,” the Frenchman reports.

“Conditions don’t help either,” he shrugs, explaining, “It’s not going to be an easy race for anyone. The car has never liked these super hot temperatures.” You are at least “not too far” away from the top 10.

Teammate Tsunoda is also “not so happy” with the car so far. “We have a lot of work ahead of us tomorrow if we are to aim for Q3 in qualifying,” the Japanese said. “But I think it’s possible,” he says belligerently.


Hamilton “super happy” with P3

We have never seen the record champion so satisfied in the entire season! He rates Friday as “positive” and says he is “super happy with the progress” that Mercedes has made.

“We are not the fastest yet,” he clarified. But you’re on the right track. It was the first time that Mercedes had hardly jumped on straight lines.

“It’s much better,” he reports, explaining that with a little tweaking, you can be even faster tomorrow. We are excited!


Mercedes in front? Wolff is also skeptical

“We were also pretty strong in Miami last Friday and I think if the grip level builds up then we might return to our old weakness,” said the Mercedes team boss, slowing expectations for ‘Sky’ after P2 and P3. .

The jumper could return – as he did recently in Miami. “But solid for a Friday,” he sums up, adding, “I think we could have had a little more engine than Ferrari and Red Bull.”

“But at least we are not as far away as we were before,” Wolff said.


Bottas confirms: It was probably an engine failure

“I could see and smell the smoke,” he says after his defect in FT2, adding: “Before that I heard a sound that did not sound good. We still have not got the car back, so we do not know for sure. “

But he assumes that something has gone on the engine. After all, “I’m sure we can fight back,” he says optimistically. For the car actually looked “pretty good” today.

“Zhou had at least some long runs. I think we can still have a strong weekend,” said Bottas, who had previously finished FT1 in P17. But you only collected data and did not set a fast time.


Vettel: “Definitely not retiring”

The Aston Martin driver is cautiously optimistic, explaining regarding the update on ‘Sky’: “It’s still difficult to compare at the moment because the conditions are not completely transparent. But it’s certainly not a setback.”

“I think we’re good for the first day […] can be quite satisfied “, he sums up and explains:” It was a good day for us because the car is practically new and with so many new parts it was important to get many laps. “

As for the resemblance to Red Bull, he explains, “There are always similarities between the cars.” Right from the start, the opportunity to switch to a different concept was kept open.

You’ve done it now. “We kept the door open because we were not quite ready,” Vettel said.


Verstappen after P5 carefree

Both Ferrari and Mercedes drivers were faster today. Nevertheless, the world champion is relatively relaxed after P5. “It was a little hard to find the right balance in the heat,” he says.

So you “clearly” still have some work to do on a quick lap. “At least the long runs looked decent. I’m happy about that. It’s just about finding a middle ground,” he explains.

He does not sound very worried.


The most important thing for Friday …

… of course we have summarized them again today in our own series of pictures. Take a look when you get the chance. The fastest way to get updated!

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