Best TV Series Today: When’s It Happening? The highlights of the series in an instant

Which series are shown on TV today? Find out with our series recommendations for this Friday. Watch series with Jakob Seeböck, Wanja Mues, Hans Werner Meyer or Chloé Jouannet and enjoy the pleasant moment.

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Today, Friday, you are looking for series with a star cast in Free TV? From 18.00, great personalities such as Jakob Seeböck, Chloé Jouannet, Wanja Mues and Hans Werner Meyer are waiting on TV. Sit back and enjoy a crime series or a comedy series. These are our series recommendations:

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Crime series: “Soko Kitzbühel” with Jakob Seeböck and Julia Cencig (18.00 on ZDF)

Paul Aflinger found his wife Bernadette shot and killed in their weekend home. Next to her body, investigators discover a note with a disturbing message. Preliminary investigations lead to a vampire sect that has recently been up for grabs. When it turns out that someone must have lived in the attic of the house unnoticed for weeks, things get complicated.

This crime series by Rainer Hackstock with Jakob Seeböck as Lukas Roither, Julia Cencig as Nina Pokorny, Andrea L’Arronge as Countess Schönberg, Heinz Marecek as Hannes Kofler, Ferry Oellinger as Kroisleitner and Veronika Polly as Dr. Stefanie Löcker promises entertainment for 60 minutes.

Crime series: “A Case for Two” with Wanja Mues and Antoine Monot jr. (20:15 on ZDF)

Juliana Schultheiss is found stabbed to death in the sewer: at her husband Paul’s workplace. Benni Hornberg and Leo Oswald take on the case to prove Paul’s innocence. Leo tries to find out more about the dead woman undercover in the gym where Juliana last worked out. She dreamed of a future with owner Sven Bensheim. She wanted to divorce Paul. But he would not let his wife go. Juliana’s divorce lawyer Hagen Küppers also confirmed this to Benni. But Paul’s colleagues – Vera and Dennis – give the accused an alibi.

This crime series by Simon Ostermann with Wanja Mues as Leo Oswald, Antoine Monot jr. as Benni Hornberg, Bettina Zimmermann as Claudia Strauss, Charles Booz Jakob as Paul Schultheiss, Betine Langehein as Juliane Schultheiss and Patrycia Ziolkowska as Vera Simonek promise 60 minutes of entertainment.

Crime series: “Last Trace Berlin” with Hans Werner Meyer and Jasmin Tabatabai (21:15 on ZDF)

A dream has come true for Ilona Kovács with the training to become a veterinary assistant. Therefore, it does not suit her at all that she disappears from practice before her first surgery.

This crime series by Bettina Braun with Hans Werner Meyer as Oliver Radek, Jasmin Tabatabai as Mina Amiri, Josephin Busch as Lucy Elbe, Aleksandar Radenkovic as Alexander von Tal, Romina Küper as Ilona Kovács and David Hürten as Paul Blank promises entertainment for 45 minutes.

Comedy series: “Derby Girl” with Chloé Jouannet and Sophie-Marie Larrouy (12:30 on ZDFneo)

Lola Bouvier’s glittering career in figure skating comes to an all-too-early end as she fails to control her temper after losing and seriously injuring her rival. Ten years later, she still lives with her father and sits frustrated at the checkout in a sports shop. She accidentally finds out the existence of roller derby and decides to become the best roller derby player ever.

With Chloé Jouannet as Lola Bouvier, Sophie-Marie Larrouy as Mother Blocker, Suzanne De Baecque as Absinthe Ni Touche, Salomé Diénis Meulien as MJ, Olivier Mag as Denis Bouvier and Sophie De Fürst as Jennifer Martin, this Nikola Lange comedy series promises to last . 20 minutes of entertainment.

If you are looking for other exciting films, series or current sports broadcasts in the TV program, you will find them in our section TV news numerous TV recommendations.

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