Werder Bremen: Rise Party! The fans did so much damage!

Bremen – They could not resist a little joke at Bremen’s city cleaning department. “We have not yet found the gate that was carried through the city in individual parts,” company spokeswoman Antje von Horn explains with a wink when asked by DeichStube. Otherwise, the promotion celebration of SV Werder Bremen left many traces on the streets of the city. The fans produced huge mountains of rubbish which had to be disposed of during the night and also on Monday. And the big cleanup continues.

“The amount of glass and plastic cups collected is very high, more than at any other party so far,” says van Horn. “Even the private ‘securities collectors’ could not collect all the deposits.” How much Waste eventually came together on the Osterdeich, in the district and in the city center is not yet safe. “We are still determining the exact quantities,” says the city’s cleaning department. On Monday afternoon, Schlachte and Sielwall were reportedly cleaned again, and then the numerous employees who sometimes walked but also used sweepers returned to the side streets. It becomes more problematic afterwards increase of SV Werder Bremen while cleaning the green areas on the streets. This will “take a few more days,” van Horn announces.

Another green that came to the center was the one at Wohninvest Weserstadion. After the match, many had fans that Lawn on board and provided spectacular photos. According to police, however, more than 20 people were injured in the square storm, thankfully not particularly bad. Still regrets Werder Bremen to a large extent, as media director Christoph Pieper emphasizes. Overall, however, he draws a positive conclusion for the events in the arena: “Our security concept went well and the fans generally behaved well,” he explained when asked by DeichStube.

Werder Bremen ascent: No major damage after storming the pitch – part of the lawn should still give way

It was nothing serious property damage given, next to removed door Only a few shady billboards were later missing in front of the eastern curve. A criminal prosecution is planned Werder Bremen but not. Otherwise, all LED boards are intact and Sportcast GmbH, which is responsible for the TV broadcast, did not report defective cameras or stolen external microphones. These had disappeared in large numbers during the storm of Schalke.

The lawn itself probably got off relatively easily – although some fans tore a piece off and took it with them as a souvenir. Wanted the natural part of the hybrid terrain Werder Bremen but switch them anyway in the summer, as is currently the case on the training ground. And although artificial fibers have now also suffered, it is not assumed that the Bremen team will have a bigger one Damage has occurred, resulting in significant additional costs. Werder boss Klaus Filbry recently told Radio Bremen that it costs more than 500,000 euros to buy a hybrid lawn.

Werder Bremen promotion party: police with 200 forces in action – relatively few injuries

In the stadium environment, it had police, who were deployed with a total of more than 200 forces, were meanwhile, according to their own statements, involved in all sorts of crimes. “Various advertisements were recorded about the game, such as Chaosrobbery and violation of the Explosives Act, “said a spokeswoman.” There is no definitive figure. “At the Sielwall junction, where increase of SV Werder Bremen were celebrated, bottles had been thrown at police officers, some suspects had been found, it reads.

Bremen tram AG was also off ascension feast busy. The transport company announced that the trains were disconnected from the power supply in parts of the district on Sunday evening for safety reasons, because some people climbed at traffic lights and came dangerously close to the overhead lines. damage However, no damage was done and the trams themselves remained intact inside and out. (mbu)

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