The WhatsApp tool “360 ° Coach” supports employees in caring for members

Gyms often lack time, or human resources are depleted to respond quickly to important situations. Contact members who have not been to the facility for a long time, generate referrals or promote courses and nutrition programs. Until now, these points have required a huge amount of staff. A newly developed and automated WhatsApp tool can remedy this and exempt employees from retention.

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The most important facts in brief:

  • Automated customer retention tool “360 ° Coach” via WhatsApp saves resources for the employees of the gym.
  • For each workout can points and rewards collected to increase motivation.
  • Using the tool, members can Make appointments 24/7 and with Coaches communicate. The study can Newsletter sending, feedback obtain or Examination perform.
  • After 21 days absence becomes an automated Training reminder sent.
  • Information such as opening hours, course schedule, contacts and events can be displayed.
  • The application can associated with other software will.

Here we go! Background and detailed information:

For the past two years, Enjoy Fitness has been thinking intensively about how to Automated support for members can and those responsible have chosen a system based on WhatsApp API decided. The goal was to create “fitness studio-typical” Remove weaknesses in Member Support.

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The application need members to motivate for training and makes the workout fun. In the search for a solution, this was finally created under Sebastian Riehle’s pen automated customer loyalty tool “360 ° Coach”.

It provides the opportunity Automated support for club members via WhatsAppan app that almost everyone uses on their smartphone every day. Any check-in with a club card, via NFC or via QR code rewarded. members collect at each visit Loyalty points and can use it to work towards a medal every month.

The points can be exchanged independently for loyalty bonuses, just like at the supermarket checkout or with other customer loyalty systems. To motivation increases playfullyto keep coming to the training and not even think about quitting.

It’s all connected with gamification elements. From a certain number of points the member receives one Bronze, silver or gold medal. This motivates the members to continue. For example, they get one with enough points free protein shake or a personal training session.

Automatic training reminder

Moreover, it should motivate membersit already no longer for training was in the gym. In the past, lists were made for this purpose, which an employee called more or less successfully. This is no longer the case with the WhatsApp tool. That recognizes automaticallyhow long someone has been away, and sending notice after 21 days absenceand remembers the coaches’ support.

In addition, members can directly Book an appointment, chat or call the studio. If this offer is rejected by the member, it will be further observed whether it training behavior changed. If not, this will be forwarded to the supervisor.

Currently Message opening speed more than 98 percent. Answers like “Thank you for reminding me to train” often come back.

Information is always available

In addition, can WhatsApp newsletter sent, feedback obtained and Examination performed. This tells the team how the members are doing. If they want to tell others how much they like the studio, they can also use the tool directly Reviews on Google and Facebook leave behind.

Memories for various events is also possible, for example that you training plan again to adjust would go, or you special offers how the EMS training will be presented. Opening hours, courses or contacts is stored in the tool and can be retrieved at any time.

All processes are largely automated, including one Onboarding in accordance with GDPR. Everyone wants that legal framework for Germany, the EU and WhatsApp complied with. Although technically very complex, all this relieves the operators of too much work.

For all regular providers can interface made, e.g. B. To offer members information on nutrition or to Use check-in from the study software. Work is also still underway on the idea of ​​supporting individual sequences with videos.

Widely connected

In future, the tool can also be used with active contract extension for memberships closed after March 1, 2022.

All systems, one online interface have, what about Email marketing tools or CRM systems can be connected. so can Google Sheets is used to collect questions from members for whom an automatic answer will be written. Likewise is one Link to videos and blog articles possible.

The system can with Answers to frequently asked questions to be fed and responded For this independently in the future. The team not only get with it more timetake care of more complex issues personally to take care of it takes staff actively de ofte less popular work in customer communication and saved countless hours each month.

This includes contacting members, which has not been in the facility for a long time was, the invitation to “Customer Referral” programs or that To make attractive offers for an upcoming contract extension.

The system asks automatically after feedbackwarns team about issues and leads only enthusiastic members to public reviews on Google.

Also loads it for social media channels, Facebook groups or email newsletters.

More features and content can be added. When training buddy the application could remember which individual settings for users have made on the various exercise machines and which training tips they have received from the system.

Thus, the “360 ° Coach” appears as valuable all-round companion for studio operators and club members equally.

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