The day after the Europa League triumph in the LIVE ticker

Mega party after mega triumph: Eintracht Frankfurt returns home today to celebrate winning the Europa League title with thousands of fans. All information about the giant cup party is brand new on in the LIVE ticker.

The full Eintracht program is available at! We show the festivities on the Frankfurter Römer today from 18.00 at this point in the livestream. The stream opens at the top of the video window.

+++ 12:23 pm .: Does the mega party fall through?

“Only the weather could beat Eintracht,” RTL colleagues said Thursday morning. What sounds humorous has a serious background. Ironically, when the Eintracht heroes land in Frankfurt in the late afternoon, a violent thunderstorm could break over the Main metropolis.

“” meteorologist Carlo Pfaff said: “Even in the evening, some weather models expect a series of thunderstorms to pass over Frankfurt at the most inappropriate time. Heavy rain and gusts, possibly also hail, must be expected temporarily. with the weather on the Frankfurt side and the thunderstorms passing Frankfurt, is unfortunately more than doubtful. “

>> All further information can be found here

+++ 12:13 pm .: The club and the city ask fans: No arrival by car +++

According to the current status, up to 200,000 Eintracht fans are expected in the city to celebrate the victory in the Europa League with the SGE team in the late afternoon and evening.

Both the city of Frankfurt and the club encourage you not to travel by private car. “Fans should please use local public transport to get there,” it says in an official letter.

+++ 12:04: National coach Flick nobles Kevin Trapp +++

Of course, the German national coach Hansi Flick also joined the long line of successful. He spoke of a “fantastic success” and above all congratulated his coaching colleague Oliver Glasner on his triumph.

He also ennobled national goalkeeper Kevin Trapp: “I am especially pleased with Kevin Trapp, who made a significant contribution to winning the title.”

+++ 11:56: Congratulations from the Minister +++

With the Federal Sports Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) said Eintracht Frankfurt “wrote a great football history” by winning the Europa League.

The historic triumph is a great success for the whole of German sport, explained the Hessian SPD state chairman in Berlin. “We have seen true masters.”

Eintracht crowned their impressive way in the Europa League with a cardiac arrest final, praised Faeser, who is a big Eintracht fan. With heart, attitude and passion, the team has played its way to the top of European football – supported by big fans. “This final will remain unforgettable, and so did the furious victory against FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou.”

+++ 11:48: operation after the tribune crash +++

In addition to the unforgettable jubilation scenes from the Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán in Seville, there was also a moment of shock in the stands. An Eintracht supporter fell from the stands and was injured, presumably during the festivities after Rafael Borré equalized to make it 1-1.

According to “Hessenschau”, the SGE banner received first aid inside the stadium and was then carried away on a stretcher. According to “Bild”, he must have broken his tibia and fibula and will have surgery in Frankfurt on Thursday.

+++ 11:42: Millions of rain to Eintracht Frankfurt +++

The triumph in the Europa League also benefits Eintracht Frankfurt financially. A total of 60 million euros will be collected thanks to the triumph in Seville. How this madness sum is composed can be read here.

+++ 11:20: Borré becomes the Frankfurt European Cup icon +++

One of the great Eintracht heroes is Rafael Borré. The striker had his childhood problems at SGE and scored only once for his colors in the first nine Europa League matches.

The enchantment was broken with his dream goal against FC Barcelona at Camp Nou before Borré shot Eintracht in the final with his winning goal in the semi-final second match against West Ham United.

With his equalizer in regular time and the crucial fifth penalty kick in a shoot-out, the Colombian finally shot up and became an SGE legend.

Rafael Borre kisses the Europa League trophy

+++ 10:57: Frankfurter Römer already fills +++

Frankfurt’s Europa Cup heroes are expected at the earliest at Frankfurt’s Rathausplatz in nine hours. The first SGE fans are already gathered here to secure the best seats for the subsequent mega party. This should be an unforgettable day at Römer.

+++ 10:48: The city of Frankfurt is warm for its heroes +++

Most recently, when the Eintracht heroes land back in the Main metropolis in the late afternoon, there will be a complete state of emergency in Frankfurt. Hours in advance, the city of Frankfurt is preparing to welcome its Europa Cup winners.

+++ 10:25: Press reviews of the EL adventure +++

“Magnificent, gigantic, galactic” – the superlatives based on the tale of Seville found no end in European newspapers. Here are the various press releases following Eintracht Frankfurt’s victory over Rangers FC.

+++ 10:05: In bed with the pot +++

It is not yet known which Frankfurt star took the winning trophy to bed. What is known: In the early hours of the morning, she was still in the safe hands of celebrating Timothy Chandler. By the way: The picture was posted by Goncalo Paciencia at 6:41 in the morning. Did he even close his eyes until then ?!

+++ 09:58: SGE celebrates itself as “Europe’s best team” +++

As the winner of the Europa League, you can celebrate yourself enthusiastically as “Europe’s best team”! From 2022/2023, they can finally prove how strong Eintracht is internationally for the first time in the Champions League.

+++ 9:48: Congratulations from political celebrities +++

Hesse’s Prime Minister Volker Bouffier and State President Boris Rhein (both CDUs) congratulated Eintracht Frankfurt on their victory in the Europa League.

“Eintracht Frankfurt is a real galleon figure. We are very proud of this achievement,” said Bouffier, who was in Sevilla for the final and had fingers for Eintracht.

“Before every match, fans sing the song ‘In the heart of Europe’. Our country and the city of Frankfurt think and live in European terms. Therefore, it is something very special for us to win a European title,” the head of government stressed on Thursday.

“What the team and club have achieved internationally over the course of the season can only be described as excellent,” said State President Rhein. “The many thousands of Eintracht fans, the city of Frankfurt and the whole state of Hesse cheered last night and were rewarded with the victory they deserved. Simply a great achievement, respect!”

+++ 9:28: 50,000 Eintracht fans celebrate at the stadium with +++

Not only the tens of thousands of Eintracht followers who traveled with us made the night in Seville an unforgettable experience. Those who stayed home also provided a unique SBU party.

50,000 (!) People came to the big public viewing in and in front of Deutsche Bank Park on Wednesday night to cross their fingers for unity. An equally fabulous party in white also took place here, at Eintracht’s home stadium.

+++ 9:15: Glazes get wet here +++

After the last victory against Glasgow Rangers, Frankfurt’s joy knows no bounds. The obligatory press conference by coach Oliver Glasner will also turn into a party. Click here for the video!

+++ 8:51: DFL CEO congratulates Eintracht +++

The German Football League (DFL) congratulated Frankfurt on winning the Europa League. “What a great evening, what a great success!” said DFL CEO Donata Hopfen. During the Europa Cup season, Eintracht coach Oliver Glasner and his team inspired not only Eintracht fans, but many people far beyond that.

“Frankfurt, driven by the excellent support of their fans, made advertisements for the Bundesliga in the best sense of the word,” Hopfen said after winning the 5-4 penalty shootout over Glasgow Rangers.

+++ 8:40: The schedule for the return to Frankfurt +++

On Thursday morning, the SGE heroes get at least an hour of well-deserved sleep before going home again in the afternoon. The special plane is scheduled to take off for Frankfurt on Thursday at 2.40pm. After arrival, it should go directly in the direction of Frankfurt Römer. According to initial estimates, 200,000 party-crazy Eintracht fans are expected in the Main metropolis.

The club itself has already provided its supporters with important information.

+++ 8:34: So long did the Eintracht heroes in Seville celebrate +++

What a warm night in Spain! After the penalty shootout thriller against Rangers from Glasgow, there was no stopping the Eintracht heroes. Until after 04.00, Frankfurter is said to have celebrated closed in the disco Antique Theatro in Seville. The last party participants are said to have lasted until kl. 05.30.

Incidentally, party leaders Timothy Chandler, Martin Hinteregger and Sebastian Rode must have said goodbye to bed last.

+++ 8:14: Frankfurt’s last adventure in the video +++

The gripping 120 minutes on the pitch in Seville, the dramatic penalty shootout, the bubbling cup party: We have summed up the best scenes from the Andalusian night here in the video.

+++ 7:43: Eintracht Frankfurt for the first time in the Champions League +++

A pleasant side effect of the Europa League triumph: For the first time in the club’s history, Eintracht Frankfurt starts in the Champions League. In the group draw, the Hessians in the pool are one as EL winners, just like the German record champions FC Bayern Munich and the Spanish champions Real Madrid.

Eintracht fans must then enter the following dates into their calendars: 6./7. September, 13/14 September and 4./5. October in Henseri. 11./12. October, 25/26. October and 1/2. November in the second half. With third place in the Premier League, the Hessians could go back to the Europa League. Or does SGE also create sensation in the Champions League?

+++ 7:23: Peaceful celebrations and ugly pictures in Frankfurt +++

After the final victory, there were several clashes between celebrating football fans and the police in the center of Frankfurt on Thursday night. “It’s a sea of ​​shards,” a police spokesman said this morning.

Among other things, a radio car from the first police station was damaged by jubilant people after they had climbed onto the roof. Some partygoers also threw bottles at emergency services, as Frankfurt police wrote on Twitter.

On the other hand, many fans celebrated the Eintracht victory loudly and profusely in the streets, but without violence.

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