Römer fills up for SGE reception – fan seriously injured at the stadium

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Of: Alexander Gottschalk


A wild night lies behind Frankfurt. It was not always peaceful. The team continues to celebrate Thursday. The news sticker.


+++ 15.30: There will be no cup winners in the terminal at Frankfurt Airport, as the club announced on Thursday afternoon (May 19). At 3 pm, the team is supposed to board the plane in Spain, and when they get home, they quickly head towards Römerberg. The procession rolls along Hans-Thoma-Strasse, Schweizer Strasse and Untermain Bridge, among others. For fans, it is advisable to travel by bus or train as there are massive traffic restrictions.

Römerberg was already filled up hours before the scheduled reception. According to the organizers, there were still vacancies around noon. The city of Frankfurt recently posted a map on Twitter showing the entrances to the site. Fans are asked to use these accesses “so everything runs smoothly”. For those who can no longer get a seat directly in front of the town hall, there are also LED walls on Mainkai, on Paulsplatz and on Rossmarkt.

+++ 13:08: An Eintracht Frankfurt fan who fell from the stands during the match appears to have been seriously injured. As the newspaper “Bild” reported on Thursday, the supporter of Frankfurt Ultras is said to have had a broken shin and fibula. According to the report, he was to be taken to Frankfurt on Thursday and operated on there. After the fall of the man and another fan, the Eintracht fan basket temporarily stopped supporting them.

Also in Gießen, a man was injured at a spontaneous party in the city center when a car rolled over his foot. Another man was arrested.

Update from Thursday 19 May at 06.35: Eintracht Frankfurt have made the dream come true for themselves and the fans: Europa League winners. On the night of Thursday (May 19), Frankfurt’s city center became a single party zone. In addition to peaceful procession and cheers, there were also riots after the final victory.

Police reported “collisions and property damage” via Twitter. Among other things, equipment was needed for the large-scale victory celebration.

Later it was especially popular on Berliner Strasse. A large crowd blocked the road there. Some of the parties threw bottles at the emergency services, Frankfurt law enforcement officials reported.

Eintracht Frankfurt: radio car trampled down by partygoers

The state of emergency in Frankfurt is likely to last all day. “It’s a sea of ​​shards,” a police spokesman said Thursday morning (May 19) from dpa.

Among other things, a radio car from the first police station was trampled down by jubilant people after they had climbed onto the roof. On the other hand, many fans celebrated the Eintracht victory loudly and profusely in the streets, but without violence.

The city of Frankfurt expects that around 100,000 partygoers will receive the trophy heroes at Römerberg, which was scheduled for around 7pm in advance. Four inner city car parks have been closed since the morning due to the expected bustle and there are restrictions on tram traffic.

Back home in Frankfurt, Eintracht fans celebrated with smoke bombs and Bengalos. © Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa

Eintracht Frankfurt: Such was the mood until the start of the match

+++ 20.43: Best atmosphere in the arena in Frankfurt. Only one victory in SBU is missing now.

Public viewing in Frankfurt.
Public viewing in Frankfurt. © s.

+++ 19.34: Frankfurt Arena, where a public display takes place today, is slowly filling up.

Public viewing in Frankfurt.
Public viewing in Frankfurt. © s.

+++ 18.42: Around 10,000 Eintracht Frankfurt supporters went to the last stadium in Seville. At the fan march, almost all SGE fans wore white shirts and shirts. Tens of thousands of Adler fans got in the mood for the final against Glasgow Rangers at a fan festival at the Prado de San Sebastian.

+++ 17.41: Ex-Bundesliga player and world champion 2014, Bastian Schweinsteiger, crosses fingers for Eintracht Frankfurt against Glasgow Rangers. “It’s time for this title to come to Germany. Good luck, dear Eintracht! Reward yourself for this strong Europa League season,” he wrote on Twitter.

+++ 16:00: Eintracht is also backed by Rangers rivals Celtic Glasgow. Celtic fans have repeatedly posted SGE logos on Twitter.

+++ 13:23: The German clubs stick together. Some German clubs have already wished Eintracht “much success” for today’s final. Including Hannover 96 and the neighboring club FSV Frankfurt. But Eintracht does not only receive support from Germany. 16-year-old opponents Betis Sevilla also cross their fingers for Eintracht.

+++ 11.37: Preparations are underway – and not only in the Eintracht team, but also in the city of Frankfurt. The Eintracht flag has already been hung on the Römer and preparations are already being made ready for possible celebrations.

Eintracht Frankfurt ready for final: President “wants to drink from this shitty cup”

+++ 10.46: From Antwerp via Seville and Barcelona back to Seville: FR was part of Eintracht’s exciting Europa League journey. It was not only hot on the pitch but also outside. This includes experiences with Belgian hooligans or the home game in Spain. These are the most exciting stories that did not take place on the field, and the tips for the final.

Eintracht Frankfurt fans face an oversized trophy in Seville.  The trophy is meant to be won today.
Eintracht Frankfurt fans face an oversized trophy in Seville. The trophy is meant to be won today. © Daniel Gonzalez Acuna / dpa

+++ 10.26: Eintracht President Peter Fischer I really want to win the trophy. He made that clear again at an evening event on Tuesday (May 17). Fischer has a very special reason why Eintracht should win the trophy. “I want to drink from this damn cup tomorrow, I want it. You’re not here to drink and eat for free – what we’re doing here is doping.” He classified the value of a cup victory in his own way: “Winning the Europa Cup is a thousand times better than sex. Because these trophies are damn, damn rare.”

+++ 9.32: For days, fans of Eintracht Frankfurt have started their journey against Sevilla to the final of the Europa League in a number of different ways. Even today, several followers are on their way to Andalusia, as here at Frankfurt Airport – of course in white!

Eintracht fans on their way to Seville check in at Frankfurt Airport.
Eintracht fans on their way to Seville check in at Frankfurt Airport. © Thomas J Schmidt

Update from Wednesday 18 May at 7:00: At Römerberg in Frankfurt, preparations are already underway for Eintracht to win in Sevilla. Should SGE win the Europa League final against Glasgow Rangers, a big party is planned for the next day (Thursday) in the middle of the city. A number of tram lines would be canceled and access routes such as Mainkai would be closed to car traffic. According to a report by Hessenschau, the city made it clear: “Anyone who is not a football fan and does not want to celebrate with Eintracht is advised to avoid the center of Frankfurt on this day as a precaution.”

Eintracht Frankfurt in the final of the Europa League – city in state of emergency

First report from Tuesday 17 May: Frankfurt / Sevilla – The match is on its way for Eintracht Frankfurt. On Wednesday (May 18), they meet the Glasgow Rangers in the Europa League final in Seville. For Eintracht, it is an opportunity to win their first international title in more than four decades.

The party at Römerberg after Eintracht's last final victory in the DFB Cup in 2018.
The party at Römerberg after Eintracht’s last final victory in the DFB Cup in 2018. © Boris Roessler / dpa

The euphoria in the environment is enormous for both finalists. “These are two traditional clubs that bring a lot of fans to the city,” said Eintracht goalkeeper Kevin Trapp. Around 130,000 fans are expected in Seville: 80,000 from Scotland and 50,000 from Frankfurt. One of them even got on the bike and fulfilled a promise he made ahead of the second game against West Ham. And a big buzz of fans is also expected in Frankfurt. The public viewing of the Eintracht Stadium has long been sold out. Therefore, there should be other smaller public screenings for 5,000 to 6,000 SGE fans in front of the arena.

Eintracht Frankfurt want to crown the sensational Europa League season

Eintracht has a sensational season in Europe and is still undefeated. Eintracht Frankfurt were not afraid of big names like FC Barcelona. With these achievements, the Frankfurters have gained a lot of respect and reputation in Europe. However, a victory in the final would crown the international season. In addition to winning the Europa League title, SGE would also be confident in the group stage of the Champions League. Qualifying for the “premier class” would flush between 20 and 25 million euros into the SBU coffers.

Eintracht Frankfurt
After winning the cup final in 2018, Römer was in a state of emergency. It could look like Thursday. © Jan Hübner / Ulrich / Imago Images

The big parties, just in case, are already planned and prepared. Thursday (May 19) there is a large reception at Römer. The trophy and the team that had previously signed Frankfurt’s Golden Book would be presented on the Römerbalkonen. Up to 200,000 fans are expected for a possible victory celebration at Römer. (jo / smr)

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