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On Sunday at 11 am, the first group matches mark the start of the new season in Austria’s two strongest tennis leagues.

In the men’s and women’s division, ten teams each serve in two groups of five, in the second division nine teams in one group.

The line-up is prominent: Out of the 14 best players in the ÖTV rankings, only Dominic Thiem did not name a club in the top division for men.

For women, the top nine are represented across the board in Bel Étage for the red-white-red team sport.

The two defending champions ATV RE team future Irdning in the men’s category and Linz AG Team OÖ are again part of the game this year.

New title sponsor

The top division has also got a new title sponsor: Diee IMMOunited GmbH under CEO and owner Roland Schmid is now the official main and name sponsor of what will subsequently be known as the IMMOunited Bundesliga. The contract runs for two years.

The new partnership between the Austrian Tennis Federation and IMMOunited adds value for all tennis fans. All center courts in the group matches and the entire Final Four (9 to 11 September) will be broadcast via livestream by a sister company to IMMOunited, RS digital – on ÖTV TV (under, which ÖTV together with Sportpass Medien GmbH launches this weekend of May 22nd.

Thomas Schweda, ÖTV Managing Director Economics, is pleased with the new collaboration: “It is great that we have found an established sponsor in IMMOunited, which is already a big supporter in Austria’s sports world. Together with RS digital, IMMOunited’s sister company, we have also a partner company that guarantees the many broadcasts in the Austrian Tennis Bundesliga. “

ÖTV Vice President and former Davis Cup player Georg Blumauer emphasized the very important role played by the IMMOunited Bundesliga for Austrian tennis: “The Bundesliga is the flagship of many players in Austria and also a source of income for many young people, which should not be underestimated. it also for me: It enabled me to survive in the early years of the sport by being able to play in the league in Austria.In that regard, one of our main interests is to keep making this product better and to continue in making it fit for purpose and the opportunity to create for future players to evolve in this format. “

Top tennis guaranteed

In any case, top tennis is guaranteed in the IMMOunited Bundesliga. ÖTV sports director and Davis Cup captain Jürgen Melzer, who will pick up a bat for Irdning himself on his 41st birthday on Sunday, is also happy about it: “Many teams have invested in their line-ups this year. There will be some damn cool playing days. It shows that the Bundesliga is accepted, especially by the clubs. “

“You have to appreciate that, because it’s not cheap. We as ÖTV have to try to make a great event out of it – especially at the Final Four, because the clubs and players just deserve it. We hope the viewers really get to see this tennis game with so many famous players. “

Marion Maruska, ÖTV Sports Coordinator, Billie Jean King Cup Captain and Junior Administrator, is also very enthusiastic: “This is Austria’s most important team competition and it’s important to compete in it with a fantastic partner like IMMOunited be able. It’s important to me to make Austrian tennis women more visible again. ”

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