Mercedes has not yet depreciated WM


Mercedes has not yet depreciated WM

Russell is currently 45 points behind championship leader Leclerc among the drivers, while Mercedes is 62 points behind Ferrari among the designers. Toto Wolff therefore emphasizes that the World Cup “was not written off at all”.

“We have only had the fifth race behind us, you can not write off anything, it can swing in our direction again. And we are not dramatically behind in terms of points,” he explains to ‘’.

In fact, Mercedes could mathematically lead both world championships again after the next two races in Barcelona and Monaco. Of course, that is not particularly realistic.

Let’s see what this weekend’s update brings.


Steiner: Not all races need to be like Miami

The race two weeks ago took the show to a new level in Formula 1. There have probably never been as many stars in the fold as there. Still, Steiner does not believe that every race should now copy the organizers’ concept.

“We now have so many different events,” Steiner explains. All Grands Prix used to be very similar. This is no longer the case today, and viewers can choose which type of event they like best.

For example, many “hardcore fans” would like to come to Spain just to see the cars on the track. So not all races need to be like Miami.

Photo gallery: Miami: impression of a motorsport photographer


Steiner: Talked to Schumacher about the crash

As already announced, one or another round of media is taking place in Barcelona. Among other things, our colleagues on site have already spoken with Günther Steiner. Among other things, he also talked about Mick Schumacher’s crash in Miami.

“We talked about it,” the team manager reports. This is perfectly normal after a race. Schumacher is currently in a learning process because this year it is “harder” to drive further up the field and no longer to the end.

It was a “good weekend” for Schumacher until the accident. That’s why they want to tick off the topic now and concentrate on Spain and leave Miami.


“home jersey”

Alpine was already equipped with special shirts in Miami. For the Alonso home game in Barcelona, ​​you now have special outfits with you again. For fans, it will be quite expensive in the long run if you want them all …

Let’s see if Alonso’s jersey brings him luckier this time than it did in Miami. The Spaniard missed the points for the fourth time in a row. The last time it happened to him was at McLaren at the end of the 2018 season.


More race leaders in the future?

Previously, there was only one race director for the entire season, in 2022 Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas will share the job. And if FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has his will, the pool of race directors should be significantly expanded in the future.

In that context, he has now proposed training rallyco drivers as race leaders. “You learn and use it in other racing series, in the WEC and in circuit and endurance races,” he explains.

At some point, they should also be leading races in Formula 1. Ben Sulayem’s full statements are here!


Albon’s hair …

… has recently been a major topic in connection with his top 10 rankings. Williams actually took the opportunity to set up a small barber shop over the weekend as a gag next to the hospitality!

I’m not sure if the offer to have your hair dyed is only for Williams employees, or if everyone in the fold has the option. If I was in Barcelona, ​​I would definitely be there 😉

12:56 p.m.

Mercedes: Barcelona a step forward?

“In Friday’s practice, the car showed signs of its true potential,” team manager Toto Wolff looks back on Miami, explaining that the weekend “provided answers and indications as to which direction we should go.”

“Since we [in Barcelona] already driving in winter tests, albeit with a car that has evolved a lot since then, this is a good place to correlate the information we have about the current car, “said Wolff.

“We are therefore confident that we will take another step forward,” he says optimistically. But one should probably not expect miracles – even though Barcelona has always been a Mercedes track in recent years.

12:39 p.m.

Monster update for McLaren?

Several teams are bringing updates to Barcelona this weekend. We already know that. However, there are still many open questions. The most important thing, of course, is: How much do the new parts actually give?

As for McLaren, colleague Lawrence Barretto now reports that the update to MCL36 is rumored to bring half a second. That would be pretty awesome! Let’s wait.

Among other things, we are of course also looking forward to the update for Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin. On the other hand, we already know from Haas that there will be no new parts for Mick Schumacher in Barcelona.

12:21 p.m.

ADAC GT Masters this weekend in Spielberg

The ADAC GT Masters sets the perfect mood for the race in Barcelona this weekend. The German GT Championship holds its races on Saturday and Sunday at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. The start is always at 13.00, so the races do not overlap with Formula 1.

The races are broadcast live on free TV on the Nitro channel. We have gathered all the information here!

12:01 p.m.

The last home victory in Formula 1 …

… was meanwhile more than eight months ago, by the way. In early September 2021, Max Verstappen won at his home GP in Zandvoort. Since then, neither a driver nor a team has been able to win their home race.

Incidentally, there have been two home victories in the history of the Spanish Grand Prix: Fernando Alonso triumphed in Barcelona in 2006 and 2013. He is also the only Spaniard to have ever stood on the podium at the home GP.

Alonso did that seven times in Barcelona. Will Sainz be the second Spaniard after his big idol this weekend? You can also find more exciting statistics in our large database!


Speaking of Sainz …

The Spaniard has not yet won a Formula 1 race, but he is in first place in another respect. For with 589.5 championship points in his career, Sainz is the driver with the most points without a victory in Formula 1 history.

He is also slowly putting “pressure” on in another category: With 13 podium finishes, Nick Heidfeld is still the runner with the most top 3 results without a win. Sainz is now up to nine after his Miami podium.

In his opinion, it should certainly be time to completely remove themselves from these lists. A little consolation perhaps: the riders in our photo series also had to wait quite a long time for their first victory …

Photo gallery: Top 10: Race to the first Formula 1 victory


Sainz gives the victory as a goal

Hopefully the Spaniard does not put too much pressure on himself. Before his home race, he explains: “The goal, like all other race weekends, is to get the most out of the car and try to win the Grand Prix.”

“The fact that it’s my home race makes it even more special,” admits the Spaniard, who has struggled this season. Also recently in Miami, he had another violent departure in training.

All that remains is to wish him a cold head and not overdo it at his home run. As a reminder: the Spaniard has never won in 145 Formula 1 starts.


Offspring in Perez’s house

Congratulations to Sergio Perez! The Mexican has revealed that he has become a father for the third time after the race in Miami. His wife Carola recently gave birth to their son Emilio.

“It would be great to welcome him to this world with a great result,” said the Red Bull driver. We cross our fingers! Because in Spain, Perez has never been on the podium …


Kubica runs FT1

Nyck de Vries (Williams) will not be the only Friday driver in the field tomorrow! Robert Kubica is also celebrating his first assignment this year. He takes over Alfa Romeo from the regular driver Guanyu Zhou in FT1.

The Pole was already in the C42 during the Barcelona test in the winter. But because the new Alfa Romeo had to contend with major reliability issues, it only managed nine laps.

And also at Red Bull we see a new face in the car on Friday. Jüri Vips will pilot Perez’s RB18 in FT1.

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