McFit NRW suddenly wants more money – Consumer Advice Center intervenes

McFit in NRW suddenly demands more money – now consumer advice is interfering

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Trouble for customers of McFit in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Summer is slowly but surely approaching – no wonder many are now heading for it McFit in North Rhine-Westphalia to get in shape on time and to celebrate the holiday with a hardened body. But it is unclear whether customers will pay any price for it.

Especially when there is a price increase, as it currently does McFit in North Rhine-Westphalia has completed – and thus calls himself to the consumer advice on the plan!

McFit in NRW makes customers angry

As the Consumer Center says, many would have done it McFit-The customer has already complained. The reason: The fitness center chain informed the members that the monthly contributions should also be increased for existing contracts.

An allegedly small hint aroused a lot of dissatisfaction. Approval for the price increase from 19.90 euros to 24.90 euros is given when a customer passes the counter at the entrance the next time they visit the gym!


This is McFit:

  • McFit was founded by Rainer Schaller in 1996 and is still the core brand of the RSG Group
  • the very first McFit studio opened in Würzburg
  • 2007 McFit bought competitor “Fit24”
  • The cheap studio chain “High5 Gym” was opened in 2015, and since 2017 “John Reed” as a premium gym and music club
  • 2018 followed the introduction in Italy as “Happy Fit”
  • In 2020, the acquisition of the American chain “Gold’s Gym” followed with 660 studies worldwide
  • the turnover was last at around 314 million euros


Brazen, as the consumer center and many customers are. Carolin Semmler, a lawyer at the NRW Consumer Counseling Center, says of this opaque procedure: “Anyone who goes through the crossroads without knowing what it means to them has, in our opinion, not given effective consent. and may still object to an increase in the contribution. ” Objections to the price increase can be made, for example, via the telephone number provided or the online form on McFit’s website.

McFit in NRW uses “turnstile adjustment” for subsequent price increases

The expert also explains what rights customers have in the event of contract changes and price adjustments. Subsequent changes to the contract are not easily possible. Contracts must in principle be complied with as agreed. This also applies to the agreed price. However, many fitness training contracts contain so-called price regulation clauses in the general trading conditions, which means that they reserve the right to subsequently increase the price.


More news from NRW:


However, many of these clauses are invalid because they do not meet important requirements. A subsequent price change is only possible if both parties to the agreement, ie customer and gym, agree. McFit wishes to obtain this necessary approval through the “Hub Regulation”.

McFit in NRW: Customers can object to the price increase

One thing is for sure: McFit members must meet their payment obligations at the end of the contract period. This can be up to 24 months. If the contract is not terminated in time within a notice period, the contract is normally extended for another year on the same terms. However, if customers object to price increases, the contract simply continues at the agreed price until the contract expires.


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However, despite the announced price increase, customers do not have an extraordinary right of termination. So you have to decide in one way or another: Do you accept the price increase – or do you contradict the new amount again. (mg)

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