Heiligengeistfeld becomes Active City Arena

May 19, 2022 – Sebastian Tegtmeyer

Between June 23 and July 10, Heiligengeistfeld will be transformed into Active City Arena. Instead of the cathedral tours, there is beach volleyball, basketball, aerial badminton and many other sports to try and experience every day.

With the multifunctional Active City Arena, Heiligengeistfeld will be the central meeting place for Hamburg’s sports fans between 23 June and 10 July 2022. In addition to the international beach volleyball event “King of the Court” (23 to 26 June), which celebrated its glorious German premiere last year at Hamburg’s Rothenbaum, German Beach Tour (June 30 to July 3) and ING Hamburg 3×3 Challenger in 3×3 basketball (July 8/9) at Hamburg Station. Other events in aerial badminton (4th / 5th of July) and table tennis (10th of July) will also take place. In addition, Active City Arena is available for three days for mass and leisure sports.

Sports Senator Andy Grote: “We look forward to 18 days of exciting sports highlights in a row at Heiligengeistfeld. With Active City Arena we really get the pulse up this summer and present some of the most popular and innovative sports events in a whole new format In the Heart of We will light a firework of sports in the city and make it visible and tangible to all residents of Hamburg In addition to the big stars in beach volleyball and 3×3 basketball, we look forward to an extremely attractive sports program that arouses enthusiasm for sports and exercise. “

“King of the Court” attracts beach volleyball celebrities to Hamburg

It all starts on June 23 with the beach volleyball event “King of the Court”, which was loudly celebrated last year at Rothenbaum, where five duos instead of two are active at the same time and play against each other in a timed elimination race. . From a German perspective, the starting field for the event is already top class: Isabel Schneider and Sandra Itlinger, the winners of the “King of the Court” finals in Doha in January, are participating. German champions Chantal Laboreur and Sarah Schultz will also compete, as will German top players Kira Walkenhorst and Clemens Wickler, whose partners will be announced soon. Among the men, twins David and Bennet Poniewaz are fighting for victory.

Other top events in beach volleyball and 3×3 basketball

There will be even more beach volleyball from June 30, when the German Beach Tour makes a stop at Active City Arena. In the highest tournament series in Germany, the best German beach volleyball professionals compete against each other in twelve teams and compete for the title and prize money totaling 20,000 euros (10,000 euros per gender).

The framework in Active City Arena changes on 8 and 9 July: At ING Hamburg FIBA ​​3×3 Challenger 2022, the best 3×3 basketball teams in the world will fight for important tour points. The highly dynamic three-on-three variant of basketball, which has been Olympic since 2020, is currently very trendy and has been an integral part of Hamburg’s event calendar for years.

New trend sports to discover and try

On July 4 and 5, AirBadminton, a new outdoor trend sport, is also on the program in Active City Arena, where the best players in the world will play in Hamburg. A special highlight will be the new AirBadminton team relay event. There will also be singles and doubles competitions.

As a conclusion to the event program, the residents of Hamburg can look forward to a special day dedicated to table tennis on 10 July. At the round-robin tournaments “King of the Court”, Hamburg’s table tennis kings and queens are sought after at the table. The ensuing evening event combines world-class and table tennis shows. The highlight of the evening will be the show match between the top Swedish table tennis player Kristian Karlsson, reigning double world champion, Champions League winner and German team champion, and Anton Källberg, also Champions League winner and German team champion. The high-class evening is rounded off with a spectacular support program, including Paralympic table tennis.

But not only professionals and top athletes open in the Active City Arena. From the 27th to the 29th of June, the arena belongs to all the inhabitants of Hamburg. While Hamburg’s school children are offered a completely different form of physical education in the morning, Hamburg’s sports clubs present their diverse and attractive club offerings in the afternoon. If you want to discover other new outdoor sports for yourself, you might get a taste for the demonstrations of sports like beach volleyball, beach rugby and beach handball in the evening. These days there is free admission. All residents of Hamburg are invited to get an idea of ​​Active City Arena and to become active.

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(Source: Department of Home Affairs and Sports)

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